• Genetic testing is very beneficial.

    Genetic testing can make us better. If we make this a thing that everyone does, we will all be better. We can modify our bodies and change what is wrong. Now I'm not saying for everyone to erase their flaws, but to erase issues with their bodies. With genetic testing you can fix any problems or diseases you may have or that may be hereditary.

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  • It Improves Health Care.

    If everyone gets tested, then you know what you are genetically predisposed to. Genetics even have a hand in addiction! If you carry the gene for MS or another genetic disease, health practitioners could potentially notice its symptoms before your body is horribly damaged. As long as there is no genetic discrimination, I don't see how the testing has any negatives.

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  • It saves lives

    Genetic testing allows people to find out what underlying genetic conditions they may have and will allow them to make the necessary lifestyle changes or take the treatments to help earlier which gives them a better chance of survival. Discrimination laws can be put in place to combat the difficulties the people who find out that they may have a genetic disorder encounter after a screening

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  • I say yes to cloning

    It will help us understand the human body more and will gives an idea on how to cure certain genetic disorders and diseases. Plus genetic testing can give us a map for our DNA, it'll give us this better understanding of our bodies and we can help reverse the causes of killing diseases such as cancer, alzheimers, and depression.

  • It's My DNA

    If I want to know my DNA that should be my choice. The FDA should keep out of it. If it wants it should require the products to have a label saying the product only displays a person's estimated chances and comparison to the average population. If people don't understand that that's their problem, it shouldn't be my problem.

    If for instance it said I had a higher risk of Alzheimer's I'd structure my diet accordingly to try to avoid it.

  • Genetic testing provides preventive care benefits

    We could screen everyone for everything, or we could allow people to make their own decisions. Genetic testing would enable people to figure out what they are genetically predisposed to, and have screening for those targeted illnesses, this could be the future of healthcare. Genetic testing should be allowed, maybe even required, with an option to opt out.

  • Its messing with the nature of God

    Having genetic screening would be offense to you, your family and in fact God. God decides what he wants everyone to be like or look like and the fact that you are disagreeing with gods decision is just bad. No one should do genetic screening because you should love your child for who it turns out to be (without genetic screening).

  • Madison Ramsey/NO CLONING

    This makes me so mad because why do we really need to clone? You hear stories about mothers cloning their children. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want my child to be perfect. I would except my children for who they are and what they look like, and I'm only in the sixth grade! If you people that are so sick think that cloning is okay, your wrong with the Lord!

  • Hell na fam

    Why are we trying to mess with the laws of nature, before we had medicine the weak would always die out, and although that sounds very harsh that is mother natures way of elimanating the weaker genes, protecting the species as a whole, humans would soon die out if we aloud weak genes to reproduce, therefor we should abolish genetic testing

  • Governments and corporations already control too much

    This is a slippery slope and will lead to genetic screening, so employers and insurance companies may choose to not employ or increase premiums for people with a “higher” risk of diseases or predisposed to undesirable traits such as schizophrenia or morbid obesity. Imagine being an employer and having the option to genetically test future employees, one can screen for undesirable traits, and select for traits such as a hard work ethic and loyalty. Already we can determine whether someone is predisposed to a condition, in the future who knows what else could happen/ Hypothetically, this will then lead to those who are genetically viable and those who are not and those who are not will be discriminated against. Just like racism and bigotry, one is not discriminating based on any factual evidence, rather instead choosing to make judgements about people that are not based on any interaction with them.

  • Think about it

    Genetic testing is also another way of saying genetic screening. What does that mean? Fundamentally to test your genetics, either if it was for a job, or if you wanted to make a family and wasn't sure what your genetics are and wanted to know. So it does have its benefits, saying, "hey, do I know what the outcome of my kid is going to be like, what his life is going to be like?" Genetic testing can help you know what genes you can pass on. But the discrimination risk would be incredible, of course it wouldn't happen at once but slowly. People would then have created eugenics meaning a superior race of sorts. Ordinary people wouldn't have access to jobs at that high level. Only if you have the correct genes can you have the best jobs. You will also be look down upon from the genetically superior. People would be so raciest at one point or another it would be normal if you have the empathy, and intelligence to think this scenario out. My personal option is this should be a private choice to get your self screened so YOU know what you can do, and can aspire to push your limits more that you can imagine.

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  • Its Affecting all of society and Nature of God

    If you ask your self this question ,being perfect and not knowing who your child will really be and what their purpose is ,instead of changing there purpose ,don't make the decision to change who they really are don't do genetic testing because other wise your interfering with gods creation .And plus we don't want clones we want life ,were all special in our owen way

  • In the movie GATTACA it provided another reason for discrimination.

    Discrimination will a be a factor in genetic screening because i need 38 more words to post this so i can increase the percentage for no and only 22 more words to go till i can do it so yeah vote for no. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

  • I don't disagree with genetic testing, but it will eventually lead to eugenics/genocide.

    To some extent this already happens. People find out that their child isn't the sex they want, or has a some sort of disorder so they abort. Advancements in genetic testing to lead to a point where you abort just because your child may not be smart or attractive enough.

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