• Playing god and food allergies

    When you genetically modify an organism you are playing "god" because you are messing with a organism's genes. People cant always adapt to certain organisms like taking a tomato and putting an arctic fish's gene, people that don't eat arctic fish regularly,might not know they have an allergy to that fish. Why wouldn't you label something that can cause an allergic reaction, we do it if the product has peanuts or soy or dairy. Labeling does't necessary market it as bad

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  • What happens if There is a health problem in the Family?

    What then? I have a friend who is allergic to GMO and she has a hard time in knowing what to eat and what not to eat. The ingredients don't exactly tell the truth. We need to know so that her and other people who have health and food problems can eat better and not have to suffer unnecessary (some times it is necessary to make these trips) trips to the hospital and have to suffer through needles and medication. Please it has to stop. If not now then when?

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  • GMO labeling please.

    We should be able to know what we are placing into our bodies so we can make the most educated decisions possible. Who ever is making the purchase can then decide and/or question if it affects them and their lifestyle or not. Non GMO is what "food" use to be. We have ingredient labels (or chemical and substance labels in some cases), MSDS availability etc, why should this be any different? If everyone and I mean everyone at a food producing company were to be asked if they would want to know what food they are placing into their body is all about, what would they say? That is kind of rhetorical, but I'm sure you see where I am coming from.

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  • As for religions and vegans and vegetarians

    Just like anybody else they have the right to know, and also have strict restrictions on what they can eat. Say that a gene from an animal is used in a certain food, these areas should have the right to know what is in there food, for what they believe.

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  • Should genetically modified foods have mandatory labeling?

    Absolutely YES, YES and YES. I have the right to know what is in my food . I should know it has it been altered, changed modified, chemicals added or anything that is not natural. I have the right to know about food items I purchase. Our government should be protecting we the people. Why would big companies spend millions fighting this labeling? It smells of something rotten to me.

  • You poor uneducated fools.

    You do realize that GMO's are really no different from any other plant, right? You people are talking about scientists not knowing what they're doing and just mixing up a concoction of genes, well your totally wrong. The whole process is very complex and very thought through and I'm not going to explain it all you can go and google how it's done online. Not only that but it has to pass certain qualification and food safety tests in order to make it on the shelves. If there was something wrong with it, they'd know. Also, I feel like people often have this weird misconception that because the food has altered DNA, it will some how alter theirs if they eat it. In which case, go google how the digestion system works people (all matter gets broken down into monomers of itself including nucleotides of DNA). Additionally, as someone mentioned above, GMO's reduce use the use of farmers using pesticides! Not only is that better for us but it's better for the environment. Also, without genetic modification, we wouldn't have some of the plants we have now. AKA - canola. To end with, all you people must eat which means there is a high chance you have probably contently eaten a GMO without knowing it and feel fine after. The reasons you people have health problems isn't because of your intake in GMOs it's your intake in fat, salt and sugar. Now go do some research before you post anymore comments.

  • No this is why.

    i Dont believe there should because if you were to go on the internet which i know not everyone has internet, but almost everywhere you go now there is internet; you have cafes, libraries and much more places to get on the internet and search which foods are gmo and which aren't.
    If we were to label our foods no other would it cause an epidemic and the prices of food will sky rocket, yes we all have the right to know what we digest but if you really concerned about it youd go research it.About 70-83% of foods you intake now are GMOs

  • Whats the difference?

    Hmos actually help the farmers in a lot of ways. They put on less chemicals and many people have complained about that before and now its actually helping and all we still do is complain. Whats the difference if a plant crosses with another plant in the wild? Its the same thing is it not???? Think about that for a minute.

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  • Would mandatory GMO labeling give consumers enough information to make an educated choice?

    No, labeling is limited in is ability to completely inform the consumer. I'm not an advocate for GM foods. I support continued extensive research on the safety of GM foods. However I don't think forcing companies to label their food that contains GMO is the best solution. A better solution would be to encourage and promote that consumer do their own research and implement the pros and cons into the education system so that our children learn to make informed decisions and not take things at face value.

  • GMO Labeling is costly and unnecessary

    GMO Labeling is costly. It would cost taxpayers $2.30 annuaklly. Even the people who shop at organic stores like Natural Grocers. People can look all of this on their smart phones. It doesn't take a genius to tell if something has GMO in it. Let's stop and let consumers read the existing label.

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