Should genocide denial laws in the United States be as strong as those in Germany?

  • Yes they should.

    If I am understanding this correctly than yes genocide denial laws in the US should be as strong as they are in other countries. This is something that needs to recognized as soon as it is happening. Genocide is a terrible thing and needs to be prevented right away to keep people safe.

  • No, genocide denial laws should not be the same in the USA like it is in Germany.

    I do not believe that the United States should enforce the same type of genocide denial laws that they do in the country of Germany. While the United States of America may have been a part of some horrible acts in the past, people should have the right to comment on them in any way without being punished.

  • We have different concerns.

    No, genocide denial laws in the United States should not be as strong as those in Germany, because we have different interests and values. We do not have the concerns with extremism against Jews that they have in Germany. We also have more of a dedication to free speech in our country, so being able to say what you think is more important.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe genocide denial laws in the United States should be as strong as those in Germany. Germany obviously has a part that has generated those strict laws, not the United States. Genocide denial is not a big problem in the United States. Yes, we have some people who have carry these beliefs but many people just laugh at them here.

  • Genocide denial is a first amendment issue.

    The first amendment allows pretty much anyone to say pretty much anything. There are some limitations, but not many. If a person is free to believe in creationism, then they are free to believe that those millions of Jews died of natural causes. You are free to be as smart or as ignorant as you want to be in America. That is your right.

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