Should George W. Bush have commuted Lewis Libby's prison sentence following the Valerie Plame affair?

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  • He endangered lives

    It is kind of a double standard, but what else do you expect from the Bush administration. At that time,we were highly engaged in two wars, and leaking information like that can make our troops jobs that much harder, by putting their lives in more danger. They definitely broke the trust of the media's source though.

  • No, I do not think it should have been commuted.

    I think that it was a mistake to commute Lewis Libby's prison sentence. I think that George W. Bush should have realized the severity of what Lewis Libby had done when he leaked the documents. I think that the punishment for such acts should be sever. That is why I thought it was a mistake.

  • Presidents should only commute sentences when they believe the person is innocent

    Scooter Libby was convicted of a crime because he broke the law. He walked free because of the people he knew. This is the perfect example of cronyism above justice. Dick Cheney believes that the White House should be able to be completely secretive about its actions. He doesn't believe in transparency for the American people. George Bush, in fact, did not want to pardon Scooter Libby. He was pressured to do so by his vice president. Towards the end of his presidency, Bush and Cheney didn't get along anymore. In some ways, I think Bush felt like Cheney helped to ruin his presidency (which he certainly did in my view). Their relationship was so strained that I think Bush gave in to the pressure as a way pacify to Cheney and make it through the rest of their professional connection with as little strife as possible. I don't believe it had anything to do with a sober reflection on the facts of the case.

  • It would have damaged him politically.

    No, George W. Bush should not have commuted Lewis Libby's prison sentence following the Valerie Plame affair, because the media and the democrats would have never let him hear the end of it. Scooter Libby had to be the fall guy for the retaliation against Valerie Plame and her husband. Not condoning her husband's activities, but Bush reacted poorly.

  • Let it stay

    No, I do not think that he should of done anything to this man's sentence in prison. The man messed up big time, and he knows this, and he should have to spend some time in prison to learn his lesson to make sure that he does not do it again.

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