• Zimmerman should be charged

    Yes he should be charged for Trayvon Martins murder. The reason why I say that is because he tried to say that Trayvon tried to attack him which wasn't even true. That young man really begged for his life before he was shot. He didn't deserve to die. He was screaming for help, he was pleading not to be shot, but his life ended up being taken. Zimmerman said that he thought Trayvon was around his age, WRONG! Zimmerman knew that Trayvon was a young teen. The police told him that there was no need for him to follow Trayvon because that was their job, but he did it anyway. Zimmerman killed that young man because he had a Arizona Tea and a pack of skittles which is not harmful to anyone. So yes I highly agree that Zimmerman should be charged because Trayvon didn't deserve his life to be taken and justice must served!

  • Yes, the family involved should have legal recourse.

    George Zimmerman has seemed to be tried in the court of public opinion, but not in a legal setting. There is so much speculation about what happened that night and an equal amount of racial bias. The family of the young man that died has a right to have the concrete evidence put before a jury and a decision made. If someone accidentally kills a person in an altercation, wouldn't we all want a full understanding of what happened and a decision about that person's responsibility for the death he caused? It goes both ways, George Zimmerman should want a legal decision himself.

  • What was Trayvon's crime

    Zimmerman called 911 every time he saw someone he did not recognize in his neighborhood, he did the same thing in the Martin case. I would like to know what Trayvon was doing like everyone else he called the cops on...If Zimmerman's life was in danger as he claimed, the cops would have took him to the hospital for observation regardless of a refusal by him. The injuries he claimed to have put him in fear for his life but watching him on the police cameras; he appeared to be just fine with minor injuries. Every case I have every known and watched on TV, if injuries were involved, they were plastered all over the screen. Zimmerman goes to family doctor and all of a sudden pictures emerge. Please, he killed that kid probably trying to detain him for nothing.

  • Chasing is not standing ones ground.

    After Zimmerman had contacted the proper authorities, he then left the safety of his vehicle to pursue a person he believed to be dangerous. It is clear he was not standing ground but was gaining ground. Ir is not clear how the fight went down, but it was Zimmerman's actions that could have avoided this in the first place.

    If a man jumps in a lion cage at the zoo and a lion starts mauling him is it fair for the man to claim self defense?

  • Yes, Zimmerman should be charged.

    George Zimmerman killed a young man. Regardless of whether Trayvon Martin was acting suspiciously, which is debatable, the fact remains that Martin is dead because of Zimmerman. The minor injuries Zimmerman may have sustained due to his alleged struggle with Martin are in no way to be compared with the heart and devastation Trayvon Martin's parents and family feel due to their son's murder.

  • Targeted and Murdered

    Mr. Zimmerman targeted, Followed and shot Trayvon Martin. He was asked not to follow Trayvon, But did anyway. So that in itself makes him guilty. The man needs to be in prison for taking a life. Being a night watch is exactly that. Not targeting and shooting someone. This has nothing to do with race. This is a simple case

  • Yes, for murder

    How can you hunt someone down like a predator and then kill them claiming it was self defense? Hunters make no such claim when they kill a deer! He, Zimmerman went African American hunting that night and he kill one. This Bull#@$% is remarkably like Hitler and his persecution of the Jews. It's happening all over the place, even the police are doing it, perhaps they are setting a bad example by killing innocence people, especially African Americans. I feel that people of color needs to be put on the endangered list!! A 19 year old African America women had a car accident in Dearborn Michigan, went to a neighbor's house for help and was shot in the head, I use to always tell young women if someone is following them and they feel threatened to run to a house and ask for help, I sure have to change this advice. It appears that you might be safer on the street? This sort of thing can backfire too! That could have been a white woman who needed help, and could not get it? It appears that America has become a land of lawless murderers. Some are saying "Stand your Ground", but I think we will do well to watch our backs!

  • He's guilty period

    He seems to be a violent man. The man thinks he is above the law. How many crimes does he need to commit before the police take him seriously. Why are they using kid gloves with this guy. I hope the jury now feels guilty about letting this dangerous man free.

  • Stay in car = Trayvon Martin lives

    It's really that simple. If Zimmerman stayed in his car that night Trayvon, who had every right to walk at night, would still be alive. We will never know who started the fight, and thus I can't truly say who was standing his ground. But clearly Trayvon would be a live today had Zimmerman called the police and let them handle it.

  • I've followed this very close

    and in my personal opinion he should not be charged with the murder. The police the first night questioned him, took him to the hospital to be treated for head trauma, and released him. They have an ear witness that knows martain say that they heard his scream as the young man reached for his weapon. He did what any human in flight or fight would have done, he reacted the only way he could. George Zimmerman was imprisoned because he was said to be a racist who did it on purpose. The media is the only reason he is in jail now, and they were releasing miss information. Go take a look at Martin just before he died not the little kid they show on the news he was pushing 200 pounds of pure muscle slamming this mans head in the ground.

  • In this case, he was only doing his job.

    George Zimmerman should not be charged in this situation. He was a neighborhood watch and was engaging in protecting the community. He saw a young man acting suspiciously around the homes and he confronted him. A fight ensued which ended with Zimmerman shooting him. Zimmerman had shot in an act of self defense. There is nothing wrong with the actions on Zimmermans end.

  • No

    He should only be charged if the attorneys office think that he should be. The police and the DA need to decide if they have a case. If they do then they should prosecute to the fullest extent. If they do not then they should leave the guy alone until they do.

  • No, it was Trayvon who tried to kill Zimmerman.

    Trayvon Martin is just a retard, Zimerman walked out to see what was happening and Trayvon tried to kill him, then Zimmerman shot him. Trayvon sucks sucks sucks suck sucks suck sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks hi hi hi hi hi

  • George Zimmerman is not a psychic.

    By reading my title, you must think I'm insane. But, I'm also right. I've heard a lot of "Oh, there were just skittles and tea in Martin's bag! This was racially motivated." As a Canadian who is NOT affected by this in any way, I want to set some things clear. It's dark outside and there's a backpack. How do you know what's in it? It could be a gun, or food, or anything. How do you know what's in it? You open it and check, of course! How do you open and check when it's being worn by someone in a hoodie (more on that later) in an area where there have been recent b&e's? You can't. You could, of course, assume that it's something innocent and carry on with your night. Or, you could assume that it is related to the b&e's. I, personally, don't believe that George Zimmerman would've thought much of a backpack if there was no reason to think about it. I honestly think, and this is just speculation on my behalf, that he was doing his job. Trying his best to protect his neighbourhood, which went horribly wrong. IF Trayvon Martin was the burglar, and he was apprehended thanks to Zimmerman, he'd be a hero. It was the lack of knowledge and the need to protect that caused him to act.
    Onto the hoodie. I wear hoodies sometimes, when it's cold. They're warm and cozy. Now, I'm not saying they're good or bad, but I will say this: with the hood up, it's very easy to hide your face. If you can't see the face, you can't see the skin colour, either.
    Finally, on the offence, I see a lot of pictures of Trayvon Martin as a cute, sweet young teenager. That adorable child is the one you'd want to mow your lawn or babysit your kids or whatever. He grew up into someone much more muscular, leaner and stronger. This wasn't one sided, with George Zimmerman rushing over and killing Martin. Zimmerman is 5 feet 8 inches, Martin was 6 feet 1 inch. Martin, in more recent photos, looks incredibly buff. Do you think he'd sit there and let some "creepy ass cracker", a short one, too, beat him up? No! Not a chance. And yes, I said cracker, which was the only racially motivated thing said.
    I understand the other's point of view. I understand that there was a death that could've been prevented. However, what's done is done. Zimmerman, due to the outrage and pressure from media and people, could have very easily charged. But, the prosecution really screwed it up. I don't think Zimmerman is evil or guilty, and he's been acquitted as of a few days. Double jeopardy states he is free to go. So stop the rioting, stop the protests, and start working with legislations to make sure this doesn't happen again!

  • Innocent - From All Charges

    He was found innocent and other legal actions can still be brought up. As his lawyer stated, nothing with stand now that it was declared self-defense and just like that, everyone should go home and go on with their lives. The evidence shows he's innocent and thus he was. Peace.

  • He should not be charged!

    George Zimmerman should not be charged with first-degree murder. He killed that young man because he was using self-defense. He was protecting his color as well as his life! If you think he should be, you are obviously black. Now, if it was the other way around, a black killing a white, he probably wouldn't go to jail because our country is just about black. When did America, home of the "Free" become a black and Hispanic country? I'm not saying that this country should be all white. All are welcome, but if you live in this country, you should at least treat all other races how they would treat you. Going back to Zimmerman, he is obviously not guilty. He was called,"Yo, waz up you stupid honkie." Now, you think that is necessary? If he didn't say that, none of this would happen. My God, are you people so misguided! George Zimmerman is NOT guility!

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