Should George Zimmerman be charged with a federal civil rights violation?

  • If He Has Violated Civil Rights Law ...

    Then he SHOULD be charged. A criminal case is not the same thing. Neither is a Civil case, i.E. Wrongful Death.

    I don't know if Zimmerman is a racist. Just because his prom date was Black doesn't prove anything to me ... A lot can happen to people & how they think in 11 years! Perhaps Zimmerman's father had an issue with Blacks & George rebelled with his prom date? That doesn't mean that George dated the girl for the right reasons; does it? There were robberies in the area. Seeing a Black kid, in a hoodie, Zimmerman without valid reason categorized him as "a punk". Or should I say profiled? Why? Was it Trayvon's clothing? Or was it the color of his skin? We know, through records that a George Zimmerman assaulted a cop in Orange County, FL, a few years ago. We also know that this George Zimmerman's uncle is a cop in Orange County. Convenient? When people break the law & manage to wiggle out of it, they often continue the same bad habits that landed them in trouble.

    In America, we have certain freedoms. That should include walking down the street. Nobody in my Neighborhood Watch has ever followed me, or anyone else. If you see something suspicious, you call 9-11. Then, you let the police do their job.

    The death of Trayvon Martin reminds me a lot of the murder of Emmett Till. Both were Black. Both were teens. One whistled, supposedly at a White woman, but he wasn't guilty of a crime. The other was walking down the street, but he wasn't guilty of breaking any law. Yet, both ended up dead. Till's murder was judged by an all-White jury. Likewise, not 1 Black jurist sat on the Martin case. In both cases, the defendants were acquitted. Justice seem to abandon both of these kids. Why?


  • He exceeded the level of defense by going from punches to a gun to murder!

    Under criminal law you are not to succeed to a higher level in the act even when you are trying to defend yourself. I don't know who was really telling the truth but legally when you are defending yourself in your home then yes you have the right to protect yourself, but Zimmerman did not go back to his car no he pursued Trayvon, like he was on a mission! Instead of punching back (with no bruises to his hands), it's like he thought I feel like killing tonight! That is exactly what he did with no action of even blocking himself if he was being beat on!

  • Greorge profile this kid and followed him the committed a crime by grabbing this 17 year old child

    George played sicurity guard and left his vehicle to detain trayvon them grabbed the young man and would not let him go because in George mind he was detaining him until the police got there that black kid was the one who broke into in blonde friend house and he was not going to get away, so key words detained and prersuded tryvon and when thing trurned bad murdered that kid , all the fool had to do was let the kid go . When
    george grabbed the young man he was in fear of his life and tryed to run because hid di not know what the creep wanted

  • Restless Soul of Innocent Teenager Trayvon Martin Awaiting for Real Justice

    Killer Zimmerman acquittal will open the door for more killings in future if he is not charged with a federal civil rights violation, or if he is not punished. The acquittal is a twisted justice and should be corrected by the civil rights violation. Trayvon Martin can not speak for himself anymore, we need to speak out for his innocence and unjustified sudden death. Here are three supporting points: confusing instructions given to the jurors, unclear law of Stand Your Ground, and unclear closing argument of the prosecutor.
    First, the jurors made their verdict without understanding the law. They interpreted Stand Your Ground as "not guilty for not intending to kill", but the law means guilty with any hatred to kill. Zimmerman killed Trayvon with hatred in his heart before, during, and after his killing.
    Secondly, the law Stand Your Ground needs to modify as to clearly state conditions of the killer's Ground.
    Thirdly, the prosecutor's closing argument does not give a clear path of the law and the evidence for the jurors to follow. On the contrary, the defense team does a very good job for Zimmerman's story, although there is no solid base to support it.
    In conclusion, Zimmerman's acquittal is the result of the twisted law and it should be corrected through civil rights solution by the Justice Department. No matter the rate of the "Yes" or "No" for this survey, Justice needs to be served for not only the innocent Teenager Trayvon but for all colored teenagers' safety in the future.

  • He is guilty.

    I am a mother of four sons and if someone was to kill one of them then that person has to be held accountable. We can not bring a loved one back from the dead so why should George walk free? It's not right. Who picked the jury? Where is the justice for Trayvon's mom?

  • If necessary, yes

    Do you really want this lunatic who wanted to play policeman wandering around?
    If you hold with Zimmerman being a racist, then you must think he finds it acceptable to follow and shoot unarmed black teenagers.
    If you don't, and Saint Zimmerman is racially colourblind, then he would be just as happy to follow and shoot any unarmed teenager he felt like, leaving a beautiful rainbow coalition of corpses in his wake.

    If nothing happens there's nothing to stop people using non-violent and lawful means to make his life a misery, not that that would make up for the years he felt he had the right to take off someone else's life.

  • If it wasn't murder . . .

    Then it was most certainly either manslaughter or negligence. I'm not going to get into any speculations on his personality and whether or not he's racist, but I will say that the police specifically told him not to engage and he still did. Everything that had transpired would have never happened if he simply did what he was told to do. Some people say Trayvon Martin attacked the guy. Well, given that the guy was on some kind of volunteer patrol, I'm incredibly doubtful he was wearing a uniform. Tell me, a guy approaches you at night time and he's not wearing a uniform. Would you seriously trust him? Wouldn't that just be a bit suspicious? This guy certainly isn't in a place to assume he wasn't looking suspicious, when all Trayvon Martin had to do to look it was wear a hoodie. Something which I wear on a daily basis.

  • Definition of "suspicion": Causing one to have the idea or impression that something or someone is of questionable, dishonest, or dangerous character or condition.

    Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated the moment George Zimmerman picked up the phone and called for law enforcement. At no time did he observe Martin attempting to break into a home or vehicle, or cause bodily harm to anyone. His definition of "suspicious" was that Trayvon was "walking around and looking about". Even though he stated that Trayvon "looks like he's on drugs or something", he gave no indication of what the behavior was that caused him to make that judgement. Zimmerman's history of calls to the police include a suspicious persons report of a black child that he estimated was 7-9 years old, and numerous calls to the police because neighbors had left their garage doors open. He is an unstable individual that was on a mission. Since everyone wants to focus on what happened at the intersection where the confrontation occurred and say that the verdict of the trial was indicative of his need for self-defense, than a civil rights investigation will hopefully focus on the unnecessary events that led up to the confrontation, and Trayvon Martin's civil right to stand up and defend himself.

  • He instigated a situation that he could not control

    Hypothetical situation:
    You have some kids on a playground. One kid is minding his own business and walking in one direction. Another does not like the kid and decides to follow kid1, the whole time calling kid1 names. Kid1 tries to run away but is followed by kid2. In order to stop this unwarranted and unfair treatment, kid1 decides to turn around and fight off kid2 who is obviously looking for a fight. Kid1 shoves kid2 to the ground and to make sure he is no longer messed with, proceeds to kick kid2. Kid2 retaliates by getting up and smashing a rock against kid1s head. (Just reminded myself of Enders Game)

    Zimmerman was intentionally instigating a situation that he should have never been able to. He chased an innocent boy with deadly force after being told by police that he shouldn't be there. He was completely wrong for doing all of that. He was still in the wrong up until the point that Treyvon defended himself from a would be attacker with deadly force. The fact that he got away with defying police and killing someone who was defending themselves should be enough to charge him with something. (He just so happens to fall within a legal crack between manslaughter and murder). Also, he was probably advised and trained not to say anything race based. Doesn't mean he wasn't racist.

  • George Zimmerman Got Off With Murder

    Zimmerman got off with murder by killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin when he went after this
    poor black young man with a gun after a dispatcher told him not to follow Trayvon. This is not self defense because we do not know who was screaming for help. It must have been Trayvon who was unarmed when Zimmerman shot him. Trayvon's civil rights were violated because of his socio-economic background and race.
    Velma Steele

  • No evidence provided

    George took a black women to the prom, mentored black men, is a minority himself, only mentioned Trayvons race when asked, and frankly, their is no indication. The so called civil rights leaders are using this as an excuse to gain money, and a lot of democrats are further politisising it in order to use it in the mid-term elections. This case has never been about race. The FBI investigated and found it was not about race.

  • He is Innocent

    He fought in self defense, the guy he killed was attacking him, Trayvon Martin attacked him first. The black people were being racist in this case. It was no murder it was self defense. They are just using this case to take away our guns. Obama just wants to steal our weapons so he can start a police state

  • No civil rights violation by Zimmerman

    Martin was an active fighter, associated with stolen property, frequent drug user, and had liver damage consistent with the use of a homemade drug called lean. There was no "ice tea", but there was skittles and watermelon juice cocktail, ingredients for lean. His movements could have reflected this drug or his desire to acquire it from a neighbor's house. A slim Jim was found after his death behind bushes that some said were not there. Zimmerman screamed for help over and over and over before he finally shot to save his life. Martin likes his victims to bleed enough before he stops beating them.

  • Seriously People ... Stop being SHEEP!


    Where was the civil rights protest for this one?! Anyone jumping on the bandwagon for this cause is clearly just following the IGNORANT masses. Please review all of the facts prior to jumping in blindly. All these protests, resources, man hours and energy could be used for a REAL cause; protest about minimum wage, protest to give back America to Americans, protest to have fair health care, protest for something that holds some TRUTH and Meaning.

  • Georgie had a right to waltz the streets serving justice.

    What Kind of man would ring the police before killing someone in cold blood?

    If Treyvon's death can be blamed on anyone...Blame Hollywood...It's their fault for building up the vigilante within us all.

    Truthfully we all want to stop the bad guy and be a hero...George Zimmerman joined the neighbourhood watch with the intend to serve up justice to punks.

    Neighbourhood watch may be a very boring task...So who wouldn't jump the gun (pun) if they saw a suspicious man sneaking around?

    Factor in the fact that George didn't need to go follow treyvon, but he still ha the human right to be on the street....The rest (the brawl which lead to a broken nose and a fatality) just happened.

    A clash of good will and appropriate but unnecessary action...Ends in an accident.

    Wouldn't blame a guy for trying to do a good thing

  • No because he did not violate Martin's civil rights.

    GZ was well within his rights to report a suspicious person in his neighborhood. It would not have mattered what race the person was. If he was suspicious of him he has the right to call it in. It is also well within GZ rights to follow someone. If I walk down a sidewalk behind you am I violating your civil rights. NO! So it will be a waste of the governments time and a waste of tax payer dollars if this is pursued. As for shooting and killing Martin he was well within his rights to do so under Florida's stand your ground law.

  • George Zimmerman Rights

    We as Americans have a right to protect ourselves if our lives are in danger. We do NOT have to ask for an ID from the attacker to see if they are of legal age before we take action to protect our own life. This means ANY RACE, GENDER OR AGE that maybe a threat to our own life. Zimmerman only did what he had to do to save his own life.

  • George Zimmerman Exonerated!

    Mr. Zimmerman was an actual tenant of the neighborhood. Trayvon was a guest of a tenant and a stranger to boot. Mr. Zimmerman saw erratic behavior on the part of Trayvon (moving between houses). George had a right to carry his pistol and protect his neighborhood. Had Trayvon gone straight to his dad's girlfriends house...He would have been very safe. Instead, he made a bad choice and circled back to confront the "creep a$$ cracker" and attack him. Zimmerman had the legal right to use deadly force, protecting himself and his property. Marijuana may have been a factor in Trayvon's distorted thinking.

    Some of marijuana's side effects are:
    •Problems with memory and learning
    •Distorted perception
    •Difficulty with thinking and problem solving
    •Loss of coordination
    •Increased heart rate
    •Anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks

  • Self defense is always valid.

    The government would have to prove that Zimmerman was motivated by overwhelming race hatred, but there is not the slightest evidence he had any race hatred. Once Zimmerman was blindsided by a sneak attack, knocked down, and pummeled he had a right to defend himself. There is no possibility that a civil rights case would succeed and every lawyer knows that. Administration talk is just posturing.

  • All people are suspect

    There was many prior incidents of crime in the area. Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch. It was late and he saw a 6 foot individual acting suspicious. His basis that it was late, prior break ins, according to Zimmerman the young man was acting under the influence. There is no evidence of race anywhere.

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Patricia.Green says2013-07-19T17:47:47.007
I'm on the fence until it's been investigated. If there is evidence then yes, he should be charged. However, if there is no evidence or proof then no. This whole case has been mishandled and there will be no justice for either Zimmerman or Trayvon.