• Yes, he must be monitored.

    Zimmerman murdered an innocent person in cold blood. There was no reason for him to shoot that kid. Travoyn didn't threaten Zimmerman at all, especially not in a way that justified deadly use of force. He must be monitored and rehabilitated before being released so he doesn't kill again.

  • He killed an innocent child because he was black and was wearing a hoodie

    This man killed a child because he "looked suspicious." This man almost got the death penalty, now we are only giving him a couple of years in jail. I think that this man needs to be monitored at all times because again he killed a kid because he was wearing a hoodie, Treyvon was walking home with some Skittles (SKITTLES!) and he died.

  • No, George Zimmerman should not be monitored by GPS.

    He should be treated just like any other person being accused of the same crime. This statement does not mean that I believe his innocence, as he has not been in trial yet. The only reason why they are going to such extreme's is because of the national attention the situation received. Had this not been known throughout America, this would not have been something that would be instituted in the first place. Above and beyond that, there is no reason to believe that he would flee the country, as there was when everything first happened. He no longer has money and is currently trying to raise more funds to pay his lawyers.

  • No.

    First, there is a shadow of doubt due to the fact that he may have been defending himself. Also, if we allow the government to track people for that reason, they will justify tracking us for any other reason they deem necessary. I may not agree with how things went down that day, but GPS tracking is an Orwellian nightmare.

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