• Instigator of the fight.

    If George Zimmerman never got out of his car, Trayvon Martin would still be alive. It is as simple as A, B, C. A, GZ stays in his car, B, TM never has to defend himself, C, GZ doesn't have to kill TM. TM had the right to defend himself from GZ. IMHO, TM was murdered.

  • I think George's verdict should be guilty.

    I think he should be guilty. Trayvon wasn't doing anything wrong. He was simply walking with a pop and skittles. Also he was just talking to his gf on the phone and his gf heard gunshots on the phone and always heard a scream and I'm pretty sure it was trayvon screaming cause George had a gun. The cops or the watch whoever he called said to stay away from travyon and not approach him but he did and didn't listen.

  • Just had enough

    There should be no argument, debate or even a court hearing. Its pretty simple and basic to understand. A kid is walking. Man in the car is feeling scared even though he is in his car and can just remain in the car. Somehow he gets out of his car and shoots the kid...Kills him and then its still deemed self defence. Its absolutely ridiculous and this whole world is twisted if people dont realise how wrong this is. Zimmerman is now a known killer and he is glorified by people. We live on a planet where murderers are glorified. You will regret it. Trust me.

  • History repeats itself

    He is a violent, awful person. He has had many instances where he has a retraining order against him, many many brushes with the law. Yes he is guilty and shouldn't he walking our streets threating more people, flashing guns. He should be jailed and the key thrown away forever.

  • Should have just stayed in the car

    The dispatcher asked Zimmerman "WHERE" did he go not follow him to see. The correct answer wold have been, " he went out of my line of sight, if the dispatcher wanted him to find out more they would have said get out and follow, but this man made a bad judgment call which cost someone their life. He is guilty of Manslaughter. Look up the definition for manslaughter if you don't no what it mean and the time it carries. Neighborhood watch simply means WATCH not investigating, not following people and getting yourself in a situation where you had to shot on unarmed teen.

  • Bad Judgment Call...

    I think he should be guilty, not of murder of the first degree, nor of second degree murder but of Criminally Negligent Manslaughter. Zimmerman gave his stand your ground right up the minute he decided it was better to disobey the dispatchers order to stay in the car. He had no business following anyone, if a thief notices someone following them they would try and escape, if a regular person is on their way home and notices someone following they would find out why they are being followed. If i am being followed by a strange individual i would confront them as to why they are following me. No one knows the exact words that were exchanged when the two meet. But in the end there was one unarmed teen dead, and a grown man who wants to believe he is a cop so bad he shoot an unarmed teenager. He made a bad judgment call when he decided to get out of the car, that call cost a young man his life. And the six jurors of all white women just goes to show you how cruel and unjust the system could be. This trial and verdict just made it okay for anyone to sit in their car in their neighborhood, get out follow a child, confront them, and shot if the child does what is only expected of them when approached and followed by a stranger.

  • Racist white women

    He took the the young man's life because he had a handgun and was white, Trayvon Martin was unarmed and black. I hope all of the wealthy black basketball players, football stars, rich rappers, famous black actors and singers, come to realize exactly what white women see them as until they can have their babies and take their wealth. Wake up rich black men you are still a black "N word" they simply want your wealth and fame! Can't you remember when black men were hung about white women, now they just take your money.

  • Zimmerman is guilty

    George Zimmerman profiled and followed a black teenager who did nothing suspicious: disregarded police instructions, pursued him with a deadly weapon: when the teen fought back, he killed him. I am deeply ashamed of this verdict. By the way, I am a white Southerner but I will defend the South no more.

  • George Zimmerman is guilty guilty

    George Zimmerman has told his side of the incident and only his side has been told and it is all pure fabrication. The state made a great point showing the cement utility covers on the grass and pointing out the sprinkler system also located on the grass which made much more sense as to where the cuts and bumps on the back of GZ's head came from. What was told happened that night is so unbelievable it is sickening. GZ's cuts are from Trayvon and Zimmeron rolling around on the grass. Trayvon in no way bashed Zimmernan's head over and over again. I feel certain Zimmerman already had his gun in his pocket before making contact with Trayvon. That's why too the first safety was off, Zimmerman was prepared to pull the gun on Trayvon. Zimmerman should have asked can I help you I'm neighborhood watch and have not seen you around before. Or is that too much like right?

  • Mr. George Zimmerman never should have left his vehicle period!

    Two points; 1> Lets just say Trayvon was a dangerous criminal and armed. George put himself in danger by getting out of the vehicle. Never leave your vehicle in a dangerous situation. George says they always get away. Why not take a picture of Trayvon. Then wait for the police.
    2> This was just a juvenile walking if George had stayed in the vehicle(the smart and just plain common sense thing to do) NONE of this would have happened. It does not matter who is on the 911 call. It is just that simple case closed.

  • Hi halayna (debating my sister)

    Just because George had a gun does not mean it was him who did the crime. There was gashes on the back of his head from Travon slamming it to the ground. Plus there were more wounds than the gun wounds. There were various bruises on his corpse. Thisis important evidence because it pretty much proves they were fighting before Zimmermen fired the gun. Think about it what armed criminal will attempt to beat up its victim before he shot it from behind and decrease the chance of being caught. The left wing media took these two facts out because the left wing media would do anything to defend African Americans. Here is my last piece of evidence. On the news it showed a picture of Travon smoking weed. Think about it you would think that someone who smokes weed would tend to get into trouble versus a neighborhood watch. Last but not least Zimmerman had a African American friend so he was NOT racist.

  • Not Guilty Verdict

    Although all evidence is not out based on the facts surrounding this tragic case, this should be a not guilty verdict. GZ was getting the stink beat out of him and feared for his life during this altercation. I hate he shot this teenager, he did this out of fear of bodily harm or death. I wish Travon would have continued walking verses going back to check GZ out. Even the non emergency asked GZ where he went, only after time did he instruct GZ not to follow. It was too late GZ was already trying to find out where he went per instructed when this teen in the attack mode jumped GZ. NO WINNERS HERE! This verdict should be not guilty.

  • Why would someone who defended his life against a thug who tried to murder him be found guilty?

    Zimmerman will walk. That's a guarantee. An all female jury can strongly relate to being victimized by aggressive, drug addicted thugs like Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman did his duty and took a criminal off the streets of America, forever. He stood his ground, protected his neighborhood, and ultimately defended his life. Not only should he be found not guilty, he should be awarded a medal of honor.

  • Trayvon was the aggresor

    Since receiving a large amount of crime near the gated community, they did ask someone to patrol the front of the neighborhood. George Zimmerman volunteered to do it. Trayvon Martin, who was currently suspended from school for fighting and drugs, was walking back from the store with tea and skittles which was reported can be used to create some sort of drug. George Zimmerman was doing his job and notified the police of Trayvon trespassing into the gated community. Trayvon Martin waited 4 minutes and then brutally assaulted George Zimmerman, as Trayvon broke his nose, punched him in the jaw, and slammed his head into the concrete. George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense. How is this not self-defense? If you had a gun in your pocket and your skull is being smashed into the concrete, would you save yourself too? Trayvon was a horrible child that constantly was suspended from school and in trouble with the police, Zimmerman had a clean record. George Zimmerman was in the right, and you jerks out there mad him look like the bad guy and ruined his life to where he has to change his identity. Thank God for the US justice system for letting an innocent man walk the streets.

  • Have To Prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

    The prosecutors in this case had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon. While there is testimony to support that conclusion, the defense also offered testimony and evidence that directly contradicted the prosecutions theory, therefore the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon.

  • Defense testimony rang true, the prosecution's false

    It seemed to me that the prosecution's only case was to play racial politics and call Zimmerman a "liar" loudly and often. It didn't work for me. The forensic pathologist who testified for the defense was a nationally-recognized expert and his testimony was authoritative and conclusive. The state medical examiner who testified for the prosecution seemed incompetent and self-conscious about the validity of his "updated" findings. How can one ignore the testimony of John Good, who saw Martin "ground and pound" Zimmerman right in front of his eyes? He also claimed to have heard Zimmerman yell "help." The physical evidence shows that Zimmerman was on his back, his busted nose and "cuts" in the back of his head do testify to a self-defense claim. Officer Smith testified that Zimmerman told him that he kept calling for "help," but "no one would help me." In what I thought was an unethical move by the judge to bail out the prosecution, Det. Serino's statement that based on the evidence he believed that Zimmerman was telling the truth, was thrown out as "opinion." I hope the jury remembers it. Another witness who taught a "self-defense" course stated that he thought Zimmerman was "soft" and was the kind to avoid a physical confrontation. That is not what we are finding--particularly in evidence the judge refused to allow aired--in regard to Martin, who apparently "enjoyed" fighting and liked to see "blood." And I could go on and on. Not guilty, based on self-defense. Any other verdict would be based on vengeance and if by the jury, fear of retribution by the mob trying to find scapegoats to "explain away" social pathologies within their own community.

  • Why didn't Trayvon go home when he had the chance?

    The most compelling fact, I believe, is that GZ never tried to confront Trayvon. It was Trayvon that confronted GZ with a punch to the nose. Trayvon had 4 minutes (based on testimony & demonstrated in the defense's closing argument) where he was running away from where GZ was. 4 minutes is a long time to get away if you're scared of someone following you. However, Trayvon wound up right back where GZ was. I definitely believe Trayvon was the aggressor & GZ was defending himself.

  • Following Someone is Not Against the Law

    Zimmerman, as part of the watch group, had a right to follow someone who appeared to be "hanging out" that he did not know. He was on his cell phone with the non-emergency number of the police dept. Following Martin when the operator told him not to follow. He complied and stopped and headed back to his vehicle. It was at that time he ran into Martin and the altercation began.

    The Prosecution has not proved that Zimmerman was the aggressor or that he was not in fear for his life so in my opinion they have not only not proved 2nd degree murder but they also haven't proved manslaughter.

  • Too Much Reasonable Doubt

    To be found guilty of murder 2, the evidence must be beyond a reasonable doubt. That is how our justice system works. From the evidence I have seen in this case, especially with the injuries that Zimmerman sustained showing he was having the tar beat out of him, proving self defense, the only possible verdict in this case can be "not guilty."

  • Zimmerman was getting beaten badly. It's self defense.

    All of Zimmerman's injuries must have been sustained before he shot Martin. Zimmerman was clearly getting beaten before he fired his weapon. It's self defense. Although Zimmerman's behavior was creepy, it's not a crime to follow someone. If someone were following me, I wouldn't turn and start beating them, I would run. Trayvon made a tragic decision to engage Zimmerman and beat him severely. Zimmerman was therefore within his right to shoot.

    Is it plausible that Zimmerman deliberately goaded Martin into beating him, then took that beating with the intention of killing him so it would look like self defense? No. Trayvon chose to resolve the situation by beating the crap out of someone instead of running away.

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