• He has some opinions worth testing.

    Yes, I do think Geraldo Rivera should run for office. He has strong opinions and principles which many people seem to agree with, has an obvious vision of how he thinks things could be improved, and he can be quite persuasive. I think he should run and see if people will actually vote for him.

  • Yes, I think Geraldo Rivera should run for political office.

    Geraldo Rivera has always done respectable reporting on a variety of topics and his name is a household name nationwide, If he desired to run for public office he would attract lots of attention and if he managed to win perhaps he could use that attention to make some positive changes.

  • Just a telecaster

    Geraldo Rivera has always been an entertainer, first and foremost, and just because he in an opinionated pundit doesn't even necessarily make him a journalist. This is a man, after all, who owes his success to a complete failure of a television program (The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault) - is that who you trust to run for office?

  • An entertainer not politician

    People aren't qualified to be politicians purely because they have political beliefs and they are on TV or are high profile - although qualified people could be on TV, being on TV is not enough. Rivera is also around 70, so he is a bit too old for office, especially major office.

  • We have enough celebrities in office

    No, I do not believe that Geraldo Rivera should run for any political office. We have enough washed up celebrities attempted to gain access to office because it is popular to do so or they are trying regain the attention of the public. It is pathetic and if they are not qualified they should not be allowed to run for anything.

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