• The "No" section has it all wrong

    German is by far one of the most prevalent languages in the world, especially in Europe. Learning German is not only pushed as being very beneficial to one's success in business, but it is also a way to increase one's overall language pool. Learning German may seem useless to those who have failed to do any form of research on why it is beneficial, but to those people, go do some research please; you'll learn something new.

  • Where should I start...

    German is one of the most prevalent languages in Europe. Even countries as far as Spain from Germany have decent German language influence; allowing children to learn this amazing language would give them far more options in the real world, as many major companies are located in Germany. Not at least giving children the opportunity to learn German would severely reduce their options outside of the United States.

  • I Don''t Know Where to Start...

    German is one of the most prevalent languages in Europe... France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many of their neighboring nations all speak German. Learning this language in schools would give students an excellent opportunity to travel to Europe for new opportunities. Not giving students at least an option to learn this amazing language would be terrible, as they have very little opportunity in the E.U.

  • Yes, German and other languages should be more commonly taught.

    Yes, German should be taught in more schools than it is today, as should all languages. Language instruction in general should be more widely available at younger ages, and more languages than Spanish and French should be made available; German should be one of these, but also Swahili, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, and other lingua franca languages.

  • German should be taught in more schools

    Germany should be taught in more schools to young kids. The country is the dominant economy in Europe, which makes it important to understand and speak for international commerce. In today's world, business is frequently done across borders. Anyone learning the language will have a distinct advantage in the global marketplace.

  • It's great to learn German, but it's not one of the most prevalent languages used in business and travel.

    There are certainly reasons why learning German is beneficial, but there's really no need to expand the teaching of German in high school.
    If a student only learns one foreign language in his or her lifetime, they should learn one of the more commonly used languages in business and travel, being Spanish or Chinese.

  • No, it's not necessary.

    German should be available to those who want to learn it in school, but it definitely doesn't need to be mandatory in most places. Languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Chinese are more commonly spoken and more useful. There is no reason to make German a more commonly taught language in schools.

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