• Donald Trump: Should he be banned from the country of Germany?

    Donald Trump is a complete nutcase. His policy decisions make zero sense whatsoever. And he has no idea what he is doing. The Republican Party should get away from him and his ridiculous ideas as quickly as possible. Considering Germany bans terrorists from entering the country, they should also ban Trump.

  • Teaching him a lesson

    Donald Trump needs to learn a lesson on respect. This should be a jumping off point for many following sanctions, bans, etc. He has just gone on to show that he is a terrible human being with no respect, sense of racism, or sense of decency. Maybe to get out of the ban he will use his small loan of one million dollars

  • Germany denies Trump visitation

    Germany is a sovereign country that makes its own decisions. Therefore, the leaders can deny visitation to whomever they wish. He is a divisive figure, and Germany may not want to attract the attention or seem like they are supporting his views. Secondly, Trump is not president nor does he have any official governmental capacity. Therefore, denying him entry is not an insult to the United States leaders or people.

  • Donald Trum needs to learn a lesson about respect

    The petition to ban Trump was launched after he issued a series of controversial and disrespectful comments about Muslims. Aside from Germany, the UK is also considering a ban on the US presidential candidate. I believe that if this happened, Donald Trump and other people with the same mindset would learn an important lesson: that they cannot get away with saying whatever they want, and that they need to respect others, whether they like them or not.

  • All hail lord trump

    One day he gave me a small loan of a million dollars and i told him "DUDE U R THE BEST I WILL FEEL U ONE DAY" and then we went to the park to buy some blunts and we both got small loans of a million dollars, we are best friends!!!

  • No they shouldn't

    Why would they? This is silly. Basically, they disagree with something he believes or says and he should be banned? He's not a threat to Germany or the German people. It's fine to disagree, but this is silly to outright ban someone who you don't agree with. It would make sense if this were for national defense reasons.

  • No but I understand their decision

    I believe everyone should have freedom of speech including Donald Trump. That being said I can see where Germany is coming from. They lived for years under a dictatorship from someone who Trump reminds them of. I disagree with Germany's decision but I also respect that it has the sovereign right to make this decision.

  • "I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    I believe it was Voltaire, quoted by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    If Germans as a people say, “We will not allow anyone in this country who says things we do not like to hear,” then freedom of expression is dead in Germany. That attitude of “only those we agree with may speak” is a dangerous one which could lead Germany down a dark road.

  • No, Germany should not ban Donald Trump

    This would be Germany taking a side in American politics in an absolutely unacceptable manner (Donald Trump is as legitimate a candidate as Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton), and I would hope that a country which did this would find itself being kicked out of NATO and the EU.

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