• They already have and it is a good thing

    In Germany you already can be arrested, lose your job, and lose child custody for speaking your mind on certain issues. This is a good thing. A truly free society must not stand for dissenting opinions and those who promote thoughtcrime must be punished to the full exent of the law. We are better than this. So called free speech is a buzzword used by those with dissenting opinions to justify their disgusting thoughts which must be censored. I don't mean that there should be censorship for some free speech, but not hate speech, that the state agrees with. This type of freespeech should be allowed and some dissenting opinion is allowed if it can be defended and proven


    Posted by: Nawl
  • Free speech is hood

    Banning free speech is essentially cutting out the tongue of your society. The country would no longer be a true democracy and would slowly march back to become the Germany of yesteryear. To have the freedom to express oneself should be a fundamental right of all its citizens and without this ability the country would quickly fall into chaos.

  • A long standing tradition should be reviewed

    It has been known for centuries that Germany's free speech is a reflection of a long history of laws that should be reviewed. For example, you must take out a permit in order to have an assembly of people, so to just "go protest" is against the law, limiting their free speech. A review of their policies should happen and allow Germans to view free speech in a new way, but what they may not realize is what you "say" as free speech, then labels a person and it can be followed up by actions against you.

  • No, Germany should not ban free speech.

    Every person not matter where they live or where they come from should be entitled to his or her own opinion. These opinions should not be hindered by the government. Everyone is entitled to express themselves in their own way and having free speech allows people to be who they are. If free speech is hindered then the person is hindered and is not able to be the person they want to be.

  • All Countries Should be Free

    Germany should not be able to ban free speech anymore than they should be able to control who walks down the sidewalk. Any person born in the world should have the ability to voice their opinion. Limiting and denying someone the ability to speak is the worse thing a government could do to their people.

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