• Refugee Crisis is an EU Wide Issue

    Germany is not alone is their lack of support for the stream of refugees entering their borders. The EU needs to stop addressing this crisis as individual countries and come together to create a comprehensive policy that standardizes the treatment of these displaced people in a compassionate and productive manner.

  • Germany should treat Syrian refugees better

    Germany, as well as other countries in Europe, should make Syrian refugees feel more welcome because it is the moral thing to do. The Syrian refugees have endured so much death, pain and destruction because of the turmoil in Syria. They have also endured a lot of hardship getting to Europe. The last thing they need is to be treated badly in Germany or other countries.

  • Germany Has No Responsibility in Welcoming Refugees

    Germany has played a large role in accepting refugees from Syria, seeking refuge from violence in their home country. A question that has come into the spotlight is whether or not Germany should make the refugees feel more welcome. To answer that, it's not their responsibility. Germany has had 484,000 arrivals and of those arrivals it's quite possible that at least a portion of them are from a radical Islamic cult, like ISIS. It's not Germany's responsibility to make them feel at home.

  • You want more?

    Is it not enough that Germany let refugees enter their country? Why is it people always get a helping hand yet they ask for a foot? be glad and thankful for what has been given already. Be glad you are alive and not dead in a ditch in Syria. Self entitled little pricks...

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