Should Germany supply additional weapons to Kurdish forces in the fight against ISIS?

  • The World needs to come togeter

    In order to bring an end to all of the animosity in the world, we need to come together as joint force and make a stand against those whose only interest is to instill fear in the rest of the world. I do not have the answers, but I do not believe in terrorism. I find it cowardly.

  • Kurdish forces need assistance in the fight against ISIS

    After the tragic attack on Paris last month, the war against ISIS has become an international priority that will require assistance from all countries willing to help -- including Germany and their ground coalition with Kurdish forces. ISIS isn't a military force that wears uniforms and lines up in rows and has noticeable military bases. Their fighters blend into the crowd and are just as elusive as they are deadly. Those in the region, including the Kurdish forces, need to be as well prepared as possible to stave off the radicals and keep people safe from suicide bombings and attacks. Germany has the manpower, resources and experience to help make a difference and try to stabilize the volatile state of the Middle East. As America deals with war fatigue, the Western powers need to band together as a united force to stop ISIS from spreading terror across the world.

  • ISIS is a Smokescreen

    I'd say yes to having Germany take a larger role in fighting ISIS if I didn't think that the whole operation was really just a scam to get the world bent around more fear and more laws. The world government is already in place but it hasn't stepped to the forefront to claim it's assets.

  • No they shouldn't

    I don't think Germany should supply additional weapons to Kurdish forces to fight against ISIS. It seems as though every time a modernized country has supplied weapons to another group it has backfired. These weapons, although intended to help in the fight, always seem to end up in the wrong hands years later.

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