Should getting a higher education be free for everyone seeking a university degree?

  • Yes, it should be.

    I do not think that socio econimic situations or the fact that someone did poorly in the past should stop them from achieving a university degree if they so wish to get one. Having them for free would be an absolute boon. I wish I could have gotten my degree for free.

  • Yes, getting a higher education should be free.

    Getting a higher education should be free. The primary reason is that a university degree has become a prerequisite for most careers in the United States. Not having a degree in the current economy is the equivalent of not having a high school diploma in 1980. Just as public school is paid for with tax dollars through grade 12, university should be free as well (at least it should be free up to the cost of the public universities, if you want to attend private university you will need to make up the difference in price).

  • Higher education should be free for those who want it.

    Yes, getting a higher education should be of no cost to the student if they want to attain a higher education. When young people further their education, this is something that society as a whole can also benefit from. It is therefore in the greater interests of society as a whole to have more people educated.

  • It's not a government job.

    No, getting a higher education should not be free for everyone seeking a university degree, because it will only drive up tuition costs. Universities will just claim that they need more and more money from the government and the students will not protest because they are insulated from the costs.

  • No, a higher education should not be free to everyone.

    I do not believe that getting a higher education should be something that is free to everyone seeking a university degree. I think that getting a higher education and a degree is a luxury and not a right. That is why people who are seeking one should try their best to get a scholarship if they want it.

  • People should earn their place at university

    If we open up college to everyone, Degrees will become inflated and those who really are skilled will find it harder to find jobs and make the money they should. Also, Some people should not be pursuing a college degree because they would benefit more from focusing on simpler skills, Which are not necessarily inferior.

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  • Individuals have a right to equal opportunities that free university provides

    There is no basic right to a university education; it is a service and people should have to pay for it, not wait for, or make the taxpayers to pay it off. Right also exist to provide people with the necessities of life. Some people may not have the "opportunity" to go to a university, but it isn't unfair, and the state should not be expected to fun every person's fees. But, even in the presence of fees, access to scholarships and loans make it possible for people that are from bad economic backgrounds to find their way into university's. With this way of life, the state can provide equality of opportunity while the wealthier pay.

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