• As someone who has been in both!

    The exact argument I see people using is "why don't you just go to girl scouts if you're a girl???" is because both have wildly different programs and the way it is run. Of course, each group may vary because not all leaders read the guideline like a Bible, but the badges and outline do vary, as well as their history. Girls go to girl guides for girl-centric activities such as bonding, addressing social issues, and most badges are centered around doing them with the unit. Scout badges are mainly based on doing the actions itself. While a girl guide unit would come together to discuss problems on the internet and bullying, a scout group may have a little discussion, but would focus on learning how the computer is built, parts of it, etc. Some girls enjoy this type of hands on learning, and I say, don't stop them.

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  • Girl Scouts Barely Teaches Anything

    As a person who was in Girl Scouts for over five years I can personally tell you that I learned absolutely NOTHING. When Boy Scouts were having a camping trip and learning about the woods and whatever Girl Scouts were learning how to make cards and decorate cookies. I don’t think if it was the same for all Tripp’s but it my case it was like Girl Scouts was training us to become housewives. I would have much rather been in Boy Scouts and actually learned something useful rather than just make cards all day long. I believe not only that girls should be able to join Boy Scouts ( and vice versa) but that a more practical reformation it the Girl Scout curriculum should take place.

  • Yeh but remember it works both ways!

    It is now possible for girls to join the scouts (including the Boys Scouts) BUT it is NOT possible for a boy to join the girls scouts (or guides)...This is outright sexism. If girls want to be able to join the boys scouts, then it is ONLY RIGHT, in the name of equality that boys can join the girls scouts!

  • It's called Boy Scouts for a reason

    It's Boy Scouts for the reason. If she wants to go into the Scouts, She can just join the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts for the Girls. Boy Scouts for the Boys. There is no point of her needing to join the Boy Scouts when the she is a girl. Just join the Girl Scouts.

  • B as in boy, G as in girl.

    There is no need for coed because if Girl Scouts really wanted to do what the Boy Scouts did there could be a separate program devoted to doing what the Boy Scouts do, But what I think they do is really just about the same and I also don't understand why must it be co-ed it is simple

  • No most definitely not

    It is literally named BOY scouts. There is also a program called girl scouts that girls can join. I am a boy scout and I am against girls joining boy scouts. On the other hand I am all for girls trying to make girl scouts more like boy scouts. Girl scouts started after boy scouts, So they have had less time to perfect their program, But I think that this is just pure laziness, I mean seriously just improve your own program instead of just joining mine.

  • Common sense? Hello?

    Should boy be able to join girl scouts?
    Should gay and lesbian be able to join straight scouts?
    Should men use women restroom?
    Should young healthy people park in the spots for the old and the disabled?
    Should buddhists go to catholic churches?
    Should strangers go to your house?

    Seriously, get your shit together, it gets the word "BOY" all over it

  • Um, not really.

    Look, boy scouts and girl scouts are two wholly different things. Although the Eagle Scout is prestigious and something females can't obtain, how about females should try to change Girl Scouts to have such an award? Plus, I feel really uncomfortable around females and like a place to hang out with my dudes and do activities and just be dudes. I don't see the issue with wanting to hang out with other dudes. Today's society is filled with SJWs who think if it only contains boys, it's sexist. We want our own place, why can't we get it?

  • It is called BOY scouts

    It is boy scouts, not girl scouts. If a girl wants to be in boy scouts for some reason she can just go to girl scouts it is literally the same. Why would a girl want to be in boy scouts when she can go to girl scouts? If they allow girls to be in boy scouts for some reason they should also allow boys in girl scouts.

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