Should girl sbe able to show their shoulders at school?

  • Yess obvio r u dumb

    Theyre girls not ur slaves leave them alone and let them wear whatever they want
    plus its just shoulders everyone has shoulders and the ppl that get attracted by shoulders u guys r gross go get a life
    like getting attracted by shoulders isnt normal so pls just let girls wear whatever they want

  • What's the problem.

    With a girls shoulders.
    Are a girls shoulders any different at school?
    The shoulders are the area of the anatomy where the arms meet the torso and the only reason I can possibly think of as to why a girl should need to have her shoulders covered is if it is uncomfortably cold.
    What a bizarre question!

  • Dress however you want.

    I believe that girls should be able to show shoulders. The most common argument against this is that it's "distracting", And I believe that this is a completely wrong way to think about things. Girls are not responsible for anyone else getting distracted by their clothing choice. The person who got distracted is the only one responsible, Because they are making the choice to look at a girl's shoulders instead of working or paying attention to the teacher.
    Another common argument is that it's inappropriate for girls to have bare shoulders. Personally, I just don't see it. Bare shoulders aren't "sexual" or anything like that. They're just shoulders. It's not like having boobs falling out of your shirt or wearing a pair of shorts so short that you can see their butt. Having bare shoulders is equal to having bare arms; it's perfectly fine. If you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, You should be able to wear it to school. Unless your boobs are hanging out of your top or your butt is visible under your shorts or skirt, Pretty much any article of clothing is appropriate for school. Schools shouldn't be so strict with dress codes. Young people should be free to express themselves through clothing choice, And not confined by stupid rules about bare shoulders. The rules should be simple: Cover your genitals, Don't wear t-shirts with inappropriate imagery/inappropriate slur words/swear words on them, And dress in whatever is comfortable for you in the current weather conditions. Screw uniforms, Screw codes, Dress however you want.

  • Sure why not?

    This is one of the common dress code rules that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. One of the main arguments is that it's a distraction. Forgetting for a minute that taking a girl out of class is a bigger distraction than what she's wearing, Who is distracted by shoulders anyway?

  • We should be allowed!

    I hate how I have to cover my shoulders. I can’t wear dresses without something covering them. I am being shamed for having a body part that me have and can show but I can’t. My shoulders aren’t distracting. If people look Attleboro my shoulders that is not my fault. They just don’t have to look.

  • D u h.

    I've seen boys wearing tank tops and no one thinks they're attractive and stuff. People leave their shoulders bare for all kinds of reasons. Come on. It's 2019. No one thinks that shoulders are attractive anymore. Bare shoulders won't distract anyone. This dress code rule is plainly stupid and unreasonable.

  • Shoulders aren’t distracting

    Shoulders are just yet another body part that everybody has, And I just do not see how it could be inappropriate or distracting in a school environment. People (other than idiotic staff of course) could care less about a girls shoulders. People need to get their head out of their asses for gods sake.

  • Muscle tees but only quarter sleeve tees for girls

    Dress codes are so biased. If you think about it shoulder is allowed. . . If you are a cheerleader. And who chose that? Old people in the higher chains! Also, If boys have not realized yet- GIRLS WEAR BRAS! This is not a new discovery. I have had to walk down the school halls seeing young men in muscle tank tops that had pictures of girls in only a sports bra shown on the way up, But if my dress isn't 3 fingers wide I get scolded. This code is really only for women; the only rules for men are not to show one specific part of the body, And don't promote drugs or alcohol with your clothes.

  • It is unfair.

    Girls should be allowed to expose their shoulders in school as there is nothing wrong with doing so. I do think it is important for young girls to be conservative, But not to a point where being able to dress appropriately for the weather is not allowed and fashion choices are restricted. I do not agree with girls being made to wear a long-sleeved top or sweater if it is a hot summers day. And many girls cannot express themselves through clothes at school because so many styles are banned. The 'no shoulder' rule even makes shopping difficult and parents can find it difficult to find clothes which comply with the dress code. Most schools defend the 'no shoulders' rule by claiming exposed shoulders are distracting for boys, But to me this doesn't really make sense. Children (not just boys) can get distracted by anything, So if boys aren't distracted by shoulders then they will be distracted by something else. Also - they are children, So should they really be getting taught that women and girls provoke sexual feelings in men and so should cover up. Dress codes are quite sexist if you thin about it as boys can pretty much wear what they want. Coming from a country which has uniforms in school, I don't see the why there are so many dress codes for seemingly odd reasons. Would enforcing uniform make the situations in schools any different?

  • Dress code is flawed!

    First I’d like to state that I do believe in the dress code but it is flawed. Woman should be allowed to wear clothing that doesn’t cover up their shoulders, Especially on a hot day (tank top). Most dress code rules are only to keep the boys less distracted which is entirely unfair to the girls. I am not saying that I agree with girls who dress just to show off their body but shoulders are fine. They’re just shoulders it’s not like the girl came to school naked.

  • Grills are sexist

    Grills are sexist and oppressive to males so they cannot wear shoulder length stuff, Because grills are 1700 century artifacts where republican motherhood still exists. Republican motherhood must be upheld or else this county will fall. Republican motherhood is the doctrine of this generation and we must obey it completely.

  • Obey the rules.

    Personally, I don't care but if the parents/school board want their shoulders covered, So be it. If you don't like the rules, Wait till your either a member of the school board or a parent and try to change it. I really don't get the problem, It's just sleeves. It's not like your being forced to wear a burka (covered head to toe).

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