• It's your choice.

    If you don't mind being stared at, gossiped about, or possible be sexually assaulted, then go ahead. But if you do care, then obviously you wouldn't wear one in the first place. We can't just force people what to do. Let them do whatever they want. They'll just have to face the consequences later.

  • Only if I can wear short shorts.

    I mean, my nice muscular legs just look so damn sexy. You can't expect me to keep the boys bottled up in uncomfortable pants. I could do stretches too in the office. MMmmmm. Is it weird if I get turned on by my own legs? If so, please understand how great my legs are.

  • Every has freedom

    Everyone has a right to choose their own clothing. If it does show any sexual parts then yeah they should be able to wear them, even if they are kinda challenging to some guys. But they should never be forced to wear one because that is again taking away someones freedom.

  • Different offices are untitled to have different guidelines

    In a very professional environment, I don't think people working in the office are there to wear mini skirts and flaunt their body, they are there to work. On the contrary, your freedom for what you wear should not be limited because men can't focus on their work. Women often are given more rules because they can show more but I believe if guidelines are set and followed there is no need to ban any specific articles of clothing.

  • It will depend on the type of office, and what events are happening that day.

    One's style of attire need not be the same every day, or the same in every office. A conservative accounting or law office may lean toward dressing smart and conservatively. So short skirts would be styled modestly. But if the office is more oriented toward creative industries dressing may be following the latest fashion trends. Short skirts may actually be a better way to dress. If there are meetings with more traditional type clients, or one will be in court dress may be more formal and conservative. If the client meeting is to win over business or impress an existing client from creative, avant-garde, youthful, informal tech company, etc., then the latest styles including short skirts may be the best way to dress.

  • Wear what you feel comfortable. But dont complain

    I believe that women should have right to wear what they feel comfortable, looks professional and shows great body. On the other hand men have a right to glance at them and they are obviously going to get sexually attracted to the woman. So both should be acceptable. Please don't complain that men are staring at you because you look hot! They can't help themselves.
    As women have right, men also have same rights, don't expect that they are going to ignore your dress and treat you only as a professional coworker. They are human afterall.

  • Girls wearing short skirts in the office

    I'm all for it. Especially without pantyhose. Why not show off your legs and underwear? It makes guys excited when they see a girls underwear and the girls or woman are unaware of that they May be doing this. I have seen many girls underwear and never get tired and bored ever!

  • Absolutely, if done tastefully.

    I think banning mini-skirts ignores the context; if everything else about the outfit is tasteful and conservative, then why not? For instance, one might consider flat shoes instead of heels to tone it down.

    The idea the people go to work to work is very short-sighted. People spend a great portion of their time at work, and there should be a sense of fun. I don't like the idea of a dress-down workplace; the attitude should be about bringing your best self. I don't think a well-styled miniskirt contradicts that intent.

  • Office women and short skirts

    Yes. Women should have the right to wear short skirts to work. Any "man" that disagrees is not into women. And those guys love the......Well everyone knows the D word. Is a woman's right to choose what she wears. If "men" can not handle that, then those "men" need to find another job.

  • What a girl wears is her choice as long as she remains professional and does not counter the Company's image.

    Many girls can comfortably wear a short skirt in offices whilst maintaining a professional appearance. Careful consideration has to be given to a particularly short skirt to ensure that it doesn't detract or devalue the Company's image - reflected by the Employee's appearance. That said, many girls will be able to pull off the look and maintain the respect of her colleagues and peers. Those that can't pull of the look will know long before choosing the skirt that morning! If a girl has great legs, why not show them off? In sales, it is known that this can often increase sales. It's a fact and I'm not being sexist! I think if you can pull it off and remain professional, go for it!

  • No, I think they shouldn't

    No because it a big turn on for some people and I have to be professional. If your in a office and a woman is wearing skirts very short ones I think that is a big distraction for men. Therefor it will be hard for them to concentrate. Therefore mini skirts should not be allowed.

  • Aren´t formal attire

    I guess it depends on the company´s business sector. I work at a law firm and mini skirts simply don´t go with the formal attire needed. For us that type of garments belong to industries were employees don´t have to project an image of seriousness and formalism to peers and clients.

  • In appropriate and disgusting

    It is inappropriate. I think it is very disgusting. There is a time and place for everything. Women should be exposing private parts only when they are in a private place. Everything above knees is private. Being a women I think women should protect their privacy. I don't support wearing minis in any form. Women have gained the right to work with lot of effort. If they behave this way they are just making work place a sexual place where men come to please themselves.

  • Short skirts are for one thing only. . . Putting themselves on display!

    This is not a prude issue or anything like that. This is strictly about what image is being portrayed. Short skirts and high heels accomplish one thing. . . Sex appeal. Sex appeal is no longer acceptable in an office environment. Trying to suggest that men should simply control themselves is absolute nonsense! This is not a mens issue! Women are far more judgemental of what other women wear then men are. Women will absolutely judge other women by what they wear. In an work environment Skirts should at least touch the knee and no high heels.

  • It is offensive and Revealing

    It is simply exposing for no reason and is not in-line with the office culture. It doesn't go well with clients not with the staff. Hence it should not be allowed as is the norm already with many international companies. So there needs to be an end to it !!!

  • Professional Environment in the Work Zone

    In the work place, the job is to work; not to show off ones legs or butt in this matter. In fact, it actually is very rude in my opinion on dressing in short clothing just to express your body. Heard anything called "personality"? That is far better, than the appearance of one woman; and this is coming from a straight guy.

    When you decide to sign up for a position, that is your choice and you are required to uphold the position you signed up for. If the place your working at does allow short skirts, then that is your decision; otherwise fulfill the agreement you made. The business is trying to be as professional as possible, and if you deny their own requests; you do not deserve to work there. Professionalism is key within an environment to be a success.

  • The point of going to office is to do your job, not to bare you legs

    It creates too much distraction. You're not supposed to create distractions at work. Girls and boys wear are supposed to work together in an office. You know what's going to happen. The girl's going to be presenting a plan and all the boys are just staring at her legs. Sad.

  • Commendable thinking huh.?

    As I am a law aspirant and Article 21of indian constitution gives right to life and personal liberty.According to which you can wear whatever you want.Its hardly inappropriate to make exclusion to mini skirts.But the thing i find inconsistent is your intentions."As you were bottling up the boys" and this is not really necessary especially from office point of view.And this type of thinking is the one of the main reasons of boys resulting raping girls..

  • Not really acceptable

    It isn't so much that I think they should be prohibited in a work place environment as that I feel it is not really the socially acceptable place to wear them. There is a time and a place for evwrything. For example: wearing neon pink to a funeral is not prohibited but it can irritate a lot of people.

  • What is appropriate for business?

    The bottom line of this debate is whether it is appropriate for businesses to allow employees to wear clothing that is suggesting to any degree, and at what point does suggesting clothing become inappropriate. The business is seeking to present an image of its company to it's customers, and if the customers are persuaded to buy or not buy a good or service because of the suggestibility of an employee's clothing, that transaction is 1. Coerced and 2. Unethical. Workplaces are supposed to be as conservative as possible, to prevent unethical behavior. Also, a company is represented by its employees, and a company who supports liberal garb is going to be seen as liberal, and a big risk.

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