• Boys and girls need to be in the same classroom

    If boys and girls are not in the same group/class then how would the boys befriend the girls? Infact how would they get along with the girls? Sure boys can get rowdy but still people are people. Don't take away friends based on one idea. That in my opinion is mean and unnecessary.

  • So the boys and the girls could learn the same thing

    So that when you learn some thing you wont be asking the girls what did they do or what did the boys learn ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok o ko ko k ok ok o ko k ok o ko k ok o k o

  • Yes i agree

    They need to be in the same classroom, otherwise boys might start being hobos on the street with out wives...And we know waht that leads to. A bad world. So i totally think boys and girls should be in the same class room together. O and btw im hungry for some snickers and french frys ;)

  • Heck ya boy

    Beast mode that's why stupid lets go to burger king boy hello is it me your looking for i can see it in your eyes little boy kid eat my nutter butters kid suck on this pop sickle and french fries kid lady boy looking like Katlen Jenner suck on my french nuts

  • Time to Bond girls and boys

    I think girls and boys should be in the same classroom because eventually girls and boys will see each other but they will have no idea how to react. Also they need to be able to bond. Not every girl is lesbian and not every boy is gay, therefore they need to bond with each other if girls and boys want to hang out, date etc.

  • Boys ruin school for girls.

    It's been studied that boys tend to hurt the academic performance of girls because they are more rowdy, engage in more fights, and take up more of the teacher's time with disciplinary actions. They also tend to shout out answers, taking opportunities away from girls to participate. Girls do much better without boys around. Boys are more dangerous for girls because they are more aggressive.

    As for boys, boys benefit from being with their own ability level more. Boys are in general at a lower ability level than girls anyways. You wouldn't put a 9 year old in the same class as a 6-7 year old, would you? Well, boys are in general a year or two less mature than girls, so they often struggle to keep up, even with basic skills. Boys need more constant help. Girls are more independent.

  • Sexual harassment on kids by kids

    Boys are usually harassing girls which could be counted as harassment or sexual harassment or girls could harass boy. Kids are to young and could get put under pressure and do things that were not attended. Girls might not focus on work instead to impress the boys. Or the boys would focus on impressing the girls instead of work.

  • Drama... It's not good.

    Girls will not have to focus on impressing the opposite gender, and focus more on school. Boys would not fret over if that girl in the left corner of the classroom is staring at him or the teacher. Dating wouldn't be a problem, and there would be less Boys VS. Girl fights (i.E: Girls are smarter than boys). Although most parents detest the idea of separating them, there are some good reasons that they should be.

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