Should girls and women play ice hockey instead of Ringette

Asked by: Newtwo101
  • Should girls and women play ice hockey instead of ringette

    Ringette was invented in 1963 because girls and women were not allowed to be allowed to play ice hockey back then so ringette was invented to allow girls and women to play an ice sport then. Ringette is easier than ice hockey is too. Girls and women can now be able to play ice hockey now a days so they should play ice hockey instead of ringette. Some parents don't let their daughters play hockey because it is too dangerous or because they think that hockey is too rough for girls to play and are stuck back in the 1960's and under. This is the 21st centenary now let and allow your daught and daughter to go into hockey instead of ringette. Ringette is litteraly sexist too towards girls and women like softball is.

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