• Seriously, Just let them play hockey.

    This is starting to sound like broken record argument, Checking and physical contact are part of the game, There is no reason that girls shouldn't be allowed to play the same game that the boys play. If anything the stats bear out that it is, In fact, More dangerous playing non-contact hockey vs, Full contact as the girls receive less training on how to check but also on how to be checked.

    Also since there is a fledgling WNHL now it needs to be said, People are less likely to pay money to go and see what amounts to a high-level squirt hockey game, Adding checking into the women's game will make it more marketable at the professional and college level, And while it will likely never reach the level as the men it could definitely become a viable finically.

  • Yes I play girls hockey

    I am so frustrated that boys are able to check and I am not. When I watch my brothers game. I am just sitting there wishing it was me out there. Girls need to learn how to check not just because it's not fair. But because we need self defence if we are in trouble.

  • Yes,I believe so

    Girls aren't what we most people think. They are tough and fearless. Most don't cry at the break of a nail. I used to play hockey with the boys and I was the goon on the team I checked a lot. Also if girls do learn to check then maybe there would be less injurys, because then they would learn how to take that hit properly.

  • Yes yes yes

    Like all guys say "girls arent that strong" so why would t matter if they can check or not. In my opinion I feel like guys shouldn't be able to check because they have a lot of power and could hurt the other player more than a girl would. Also its girl against girls not girls against guys.

  • Yes they should

    Why don't girls get taught how to check on a girls team but do on a boys team? To me it sound sexist saying boys can check and girls can't. With or without a rule girls will check it happens in every game on every team on every level. I am a girl that plays hockey and I'm thinking about playing on a boys team just so I can check.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I think girls should be taught to check like the boys because it is teaching them how to play the game the way it was meant to be played. Girls can take the hits it they learn how to take and give a check. If a girl plays on a guys team, they are taught to check, so why not on the girls teams?

  • YES THEY Should

    I play hockey and honestly dont understand why we can't... Im a girl and believe i'd be able to play with equal ability as boys. Legit come on its not like its boys vs. Girls!? Its girls hockey, let the girls play the game. Let girls play the true game.

  • Yes they should

    Hockey is a violent sport, yes but just because a person is a different gender than the standard athlete in that given sport does not mean they should be pried of playing... People playing contact sports are generally well aware of the risks that can occur this is no different for women BUT there is a morality issue do to boys maybe being afraid of checking a girl and vise versa

  • Yes they should

    I play hockey with guys and im a girl. I can check as well as the and take their hits so i dont get why girls can't do it. It will also make the game of ice hockey more enjoyable and equal. If girls can check guys i dont get why they can't check each other.

  • Nope Nope Nope

    Girls are too fragile i broke a girls finger when she held on to me going down the slide she held on to me for some reason.Why did she hold on to me i don't know but it hurt her and hopefully she doesnt hold on to me again but why.

  • No, For multiple reasons

    Lets say checking was added in a month or so. So many girls would be unfamiler with it and not know how to take a check. Many argue that it would make the NWHL more intense and that more people would go to the games but it would take a long time for women to learn how to check. They won't be able to learn how to check immediatly. It will take a long time for the to get good at it. It would also ruin small peoples hockey careers because it's hard for smaller people to check lets say someone who's 6'2". In conclusion, Please don't add checking into womens hockey, Please consider us small people!

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