• They will Now!

    As of spring 2017 MLB announces they will begin actively recruiting female players.

    It may take a few years before this becomes the norm however, because they don’t intend to create a separate league, like most other sports.

    They truly intend to have the first intergender league, with pay and opportunity based solely on skill and desire ability of the player.

    In 2020 they will implement a rule requiring a minimum of 3 female players per team throughout the league.

    A spokesperson said, “Baseball is a game of skill, and females are perfectly capable of participation at every level.”

    Sadly baseball participation and viewership have been in decline since the days of my youth.
    Largely due to outdated traditions.

    Hopefully making baseball more inclusive to the many females out there who have desired to play at the most competitive and rewarding levels will re-invigorate the sport for all.

    As our Firstbasewoman Kate says.......”GOT YA BY THE BASEBALLS NOW!!!”

  • Equal Rights For All!

    It"s not okay that girls are forced to throw underhand and wear masks like some little princesses. Just because we are of the opposite sex doesn't mean that we can't do the same stuff they do. In my school you have to get special validation from the principal to even just try out (which takes weeks) when all the boys have to do is fill out a paper. Stop being sexist and finally give some sort of equal rights!

  • Girls should be able to play baseball

    Girls should be able to play baseball because girls have the same abilities as boys to play any sport. You might say boys are stronger but girls can be just as strong as the boy there is nothing saying they cant. Girls and boys have all the same strengths and telling a girl she cant play baseball might make her not want to play any sport at all and who knows that kid could of been a sports legend.

  • What about outfield?

    We may not be able to pitch, but why can't I play outfield. When I play baseball, I dive for balls, I try hard, and when I am steeling I always get down and dirty. So yes we may not be able to pitch, but we could play infield or outfield.

  • I think that girls should be able to baseball because I thought that there was womens rights in the world.

    I think girls should be able to play baseball not only because of women and girl rights but also because girls can do any think boys can do. Plus people think girls are weak wrong I as a fellow 11 year old girl am not weak even though I play hard core basketball. So I think that the people who think that girls can be weak is very very WRONG. Also BTW I LOVE SPORTS SAID FROM A GIRL.

  • They Already Do!

    I've played baseball since the early 2000's.....Perhaps early on it was unusual to see a female player, but today it really isn't. I'd say since 2010 virtually every rec team I've been on has had at least one and up to 3 female players. It's really not viewed as anything unusual anymore as far as I know.

  • Put on Your Big Boy Jockstrap and Play Fair!

    Today’s young women are just as involved in sports as their male friends. The natural size/weight disadvantage argument doesn’t apply to baseball as it may in more contact oriented sports. Baseball is a game of skill a fitness with virtually little difference at all from softball with one quite great difference.......Opportunity!
    Boys have so many more scholarship and professional opportunities playing baseball than girls have playing softball.....That’s not fair. I say boys, put on your big boy jockstraps and play fair.

  • Yes of course!!

    First of all, this question is totally sexsist and rude. Thats pretty much like asking if guys can play softball which yea they do. I am a girl and I used to play baseball and I absulutley loved it!! I was the only girl on my team but I didn't care, the guys treated me just like a guy. So yea GIRLS AND GUYS CAN PLAY BASEBALL. BASEBALL IS A SPORT FOR EVERYONE

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  • Girls can play baseball

    Girls should be able to play baseball because men and women were created the same and it is unfair that girls can play baseball with boys softball is just because men think women are not as possible as they are because they are women and/or girls so that is why girls can play baseball.

  • No they should not

    Men tend to be a bit more aggressive than girls are, especially in sports like baseball. Plus men will make fun of girls for playing. Plus the girls may or may not get much playing time because the coaches may not think theyre strong enough to play the sport well.

  • Boys have an advantage do to more musle

    Guys are stronger than most girls there also bigger. And i think it would be unfair to girls not to be able to play as ,much as the men on her team. I hope i do not affecnd any one by saying this but also there is a girl on one of the baseball team i played against and she acutely a half decent pitcher better than me

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