• Girls are able to play any sport they desire

    Girls has just enough strength and power to play any sport.Girls are just the same as boys but a different gender.If its something they love to do girls wont worry about getting hurt because they will do what ever it takes just like boys.Girls are no different then boys so they should be able to play boy sports along with girl sports

  • Yes, girls should be able to play boy's sports

    I agree that girls should be able to play boy's sports. If girls can match the ability and endurance of the boys on the team it seems disingenuous to prevent a talented player from playing on the team. Girls will likely have to work harder physically and prove themselves to the boys but this still should not prevent them from playing.

  • It's a new era

    It's time for society to stop dividing sports by gender and allow women to play whatever sport they choose to play, and that goes the other way around as well. We should no longer denigrate women who enjoy football and basketball or men who enjoy dancing and cheerleading. There should be no divisions.

  • Girls Should Be Allowed to Play "Boys" Sports

    Yes, girls should be allowed to play sports that are traditionally considered to be for boys. So long as a girl can meet the same athletic standards as a boy, there is little to no reason to deny a girl the ability to play "boys" sports. Equality among the sexes is a good thing.

  • Girls should earn their rights

    I think girls should be able to play on boys sports teams because we all are the same and people we should be able to the same things as boys do.We earned our rights along time ago and now we should be able to d anything boys can do.I think we should all make a petition to get our rights and maybe we might all be able to play on boys sports teams.

  • Girls should be able to play boys sports.

    Girls should be able to play boys sports. Girls should grow up with the mindset that they can do any thing that boys are able to do and sometimes girls can do things that boys can do better. So many young females have been taken away from football careers and the like because some one said that they couldn't be in a boys sport, and that shouldn't happen.

  • In schools yes at pro level no

    Girls in school should be allowed to play boy sports with boys if they choose and there is not another way for the girl to play the sport. However in professional sports men and women's sports should continue to be kept separate for the safety of all those participating in the sport.

  • Yes they should

    Girls and boys have to learn to work together. Later in their life boys and girls will be working with each other. When you are a kid thats the bet time to learn to work together. Also if you work hard for tryouts and cant do it because your a girl.

  • Girls should have equal opportunity...

    There are a lot of girls in the world that would like to play on boys sports teams. Several girls have went to sign up and the coaches have told them they could not play. The girls have been disappointed with the coaches. A lot of girls have had this situation. There are a lot of the people I know that believe that girls should play on boys sports teams. Girl and boys need to communicate with each more than just at school.

  • Yes they should play boy sports

    Girls should be able to play boy sports because it isn't even if guys play sports that girls can't. Our country is all about equality and freedom so girls should have the freedom to play any sport they want. They might not play with boys like in football but there is professional
    Women football so girls should have there Own league to play in. However I see where the other people who say no are coming from. They are just looking out for the girls safety but they are just assuming that the girls will be playing with the guys.

  • Nahhhhhhh dats mest upp

    Boys have bigger bones than girls. That being said, boys can break girl bone easily. Also, boys have 10x more testosterone than girls. Meaning that guys will get bigger muscles than girls.

    Work Cited:
    Ms. Zawadzki language arts teacher, Nampa Idaho, Usa, North America, Earth, the milkyway galaxy, Virgo super-cluster.

  • They Should not

    I believe that girls should not play contact sports with boys. I am now playing the contact sport of football, i have played basketball with girls and barely elbowed them in the ribs and they fell down and acted like they were hurt. When i hit my friends playing football they stand up and act like nothing happened. If i was to hit a girl in this sport they would most likely get hurt

  • No they shouldn't !

    Girls shouldn't play boy sports because it wouldn't be worth the risk. Boys get really aggressive when it comes to sports like basketball and football. I feel that if they played football and got tackled it would hurt their breast. Girls have more body issues than boys. So it wouldn't really be fair if girls were able to play boy sports. No offense lady's.
    C.F 4

  • No, girls and boys team should be on separate teams.

    Boys could easily hurt some girls. I know it would help girls to challenge themselves more but we want everyone to be safe. Same for boys, some girls could easily hurt boys. Also girls and boys sometimes have different strategies which could end up being problematic. Some boys are nervous to play against a girl and it also makes some girls uncomfortable.

  • No they shouldnt.

    I think seperating the teams is a good thing. Boys are too rough when it comes to sports and can easily hurt girls if they play the same sports. Girls want to be equal to boys but when it comes down to it boys are stronger and they shouldnt play sports together.

  • Noooo They should not!

    I am a girl and I don't really think that girls are strong enough to get hit by a 320 pound man running at them. These are the facts, First of all girls are more frigail than boys. Plus the boys have bigger bones which means that they won't get a broken bone that easy. Lets face it some girls are just super weak

  • Girls are feminists

    GIRLS ARE A BUNCH OF FEMINISTS ON THIS WEBSITE. Guys are different then girls in a variety of ways, mentally, the way they think, and physically. Deal with it you femmys.D asd dsag dasd s s s s s s s ss s s s s s s s ss

  • No no no

    Nnnnnn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n no

  • Girls should play with boys on a team

    If a girl is wearing pink It does not mean a girl is a wimp.
    For an example Alex Morgan wears pink and she is one of the best women's soccer player. I play sports with some boy and I'm the only girl playing and it was soccer and I was taking the ball from the boys and there was 7 boys.Girls have the same ability as boys do

  • Each other Has one

    Girls have their own sport, boys have THIER own sport. They should stay out of the boys. They can get badly hurt like Tony Romo. If you girls wanna break your bones go for it!!!!!!! Just no I cant Accept it! Girls Stay out of our way! Okay okay okay

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