Should girls be able to play football with boys???

Asked by: KenzieCarr
  • Relationships are crutial

    Girls need to be kissed when a team wins. The boys on the team will get in a relationship with them and they will get kicked off the team for being inapropriate and also get expelled. It will be fun for the couple because they will live a happy life while kissing inapropriately.

  • I know a girl who plays guys hockey because the girl's rules are too light.

    She's so humble, average size/weight, gets her ass kicked, and loves it. Really I'd never guess she's a hockey player till she starts talking about it. She has got to have twice the skill of the guys to stay in the game because they can just level her. She's blown out two shoulders but still has a beautiful smile, and keeps getting back up. No special treatment. If she performs, she keeps playing, and you just can't help but respect that. I don't think I've ever heard an excuse out of her, and I think that's the kind of attitude you have to have. Same goes for football.

    The only possible negative I could see is the shear amount of guys she's had to turn down haha. She's nice and relates to them, stays in shape....Guys can't help but try and she still doesn't know why for some reason. It get's old for me having to deal with the occasional tool because she's too nice. I can only imagine what its like to actually be her.

    One more thing. I don't really believe its good for people to just jump out of their league. Girls leagues aren't even allowed to check where I live. This girl grew up in the shadow of her older brother playing hockey and had to learn progressively against the odds or give up. She's equipped to handle a more challenging league. Pre-trained for it.

  • Yes, girls should be able to play.

    Girls should be able to play football with boys if they want too. I am 12 years old and weigh 110 lbs. And I am going to play football this fall. I lift and I and a runner, I also have a very good arm. If us girls want to do football then we can because look at the facts... Guys cheer.. Don't they??? So therefore we should be able to play football. I swear tho.... If people say "ohhh she plays like a girl" or "she throws, catches and tackles like a girl" I am going to be like duhhh that's because I am a girl and I am going after what I live and what I love is football. Just because we are girls does not mean we can't do things that guys can... Like if we set our mind to it then yeaaa we can. So girls go do what you love and don't like the guys or anyone else stop you!!!

  • Girls should play

    I know that i once tried out for the football team and they told me i didn't weigh enough to be on the team. I know i am small but i am a great kicker and they wouldn't even except me for that. They should give girls a chance playing on a boys football team.

  • Girls should able to play football

    Hi I’m 14 I’m doing football next year and I loved playing football I even played tackle football. If the boys say crap just live your dreams if u wanna play football, I am strong I’m a runner a wrestler and I play baseball. So I’m gonna play football no matter what people say.

  • Girls are just as strong as boys

    For example, Girls do cheerleading and that requires a lot of strength. Also girls have proven many times that they can play football and for some reason, Society doesn’t allow them to do this. Also, Isn’t this supposed to be a free and equal country for everyone, And not allowing girls to play football is taking away that freedom

  • Yes of course

    Girls or women deserve to atleast have the chance to play CoEd football
    girls can be as strong or stronger than a lot of boys they may not look it. Also If they were there for the sport than they wouldnt focus on a boyfriend they would focus on the game. The girl may be amazing at the sport but it dosent make sense not to giver her a shot. Also girls and boys have the same chance of getting severly hurt and the boys could also make sure all the boys on the other team go for just the girl they can take there man and she cn take hers

  • Girls are just as strong as boys

    Girls are amazing don't underestimate them. They go through hard times too. They learn fast. They want to play sports and beat the crap out of teams. We need to just learn to have girls on our team. Just be happy that a girl wants to play football on our teams.

  • Sure if they are good enough

    If a woman is good enough to make it on a football team beating out others with her talent then absolutely. Just like in wrestling or any other sport. If they are good enough and even better then some men why not? If you're talking about children and there are try outs she would have to be good enough to make it. If you are talking younger where there are no try outs then yes because eat that age it does not matter

  • However, there are risks

    While I think that girls should be given the chance to play football, the risks are significantly higher. Guys aren't going to go easy on her just because she is a girl, in fact, they will probably go out of their way to hit her harder. It's not necessarily because she is a girl, but a blow up shot looks good on a highlight reel. Girls should be given the chance to play, but they should also be aware that the game is violent

  • Um HELL NO

    The reason is Because Girls are not nearly as strong as boys are. If you were to put a girl on the line with a boy she is a gone. Men also way more . About 40 pounds more. Put that up with a girl she she gonna get hurt. So if girls want to fine just know your not going to do as well with the boys. And there is a much higher risk of getting hurt.

  • It's not safe.

    The average female weight is 140 lbs. Subtract 20 because of athleticism on offense. 120 lbs. Average male weight is 195. Add 135 because of linebacker weight. So now you have a 120-pound female being slammed into by a 330 pound male. No amount of padding can save her there.

  • No, that's just silly.

    I'm all for women playing sports, if you like that sort of thing well then that's great. :)
    But men are stronger than women. They grow bigger muscles. This isn't to say that one is better than the other. But that it would leave women at a disadvantage.

    Again, this isn't meant to say that women aren't good at sports or aren't as good as men. A lot of my female friends actually play football.

  • Of course not

    Females naturally have 50% less upper body strength and 30% less lower body strength than men. A female would have an unfair disadvantage against males, while playing foot ball. She would probably get injured. Fallon fox, a trans-woman boxed against a cis woman and knocked her out immediately--why--because fallon is biologically a male and had the physical strength of a male.

  • Football is not a sport that would benefit from mixed gender games

    Nearly sports that have made progress in gender desegregated tend to have minimal physical contact (tennis, baseball, swimming, and motor racing). The reason for this is because when you get into a sport that has ALOT of physical contact, one gender tends to out preform the other. Their is no rule for instance that women can't play in the NFL. In fact women have tried out for positions on football teams before (Lauren Silberman for instance), with Kicker being the most common spot (which has the least physical contact on the team). None have ever got the job however because they were outperformed by a male member seeking the same job (Lauren performed poorly in tryouts and may have sustained an injury). Eventually some woman will get a position on a team, but it will be a significant rare thing for that to happen.

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