• Girls should be abe to participate in full contact sports with boys?

    I say yes because some girls are very underestimated and guys think they are better than us and we are weak. Us girls now we are gonna get hurt or get touched somewhere we don't want to but if we now that than thast why we sign up girls don't just play soccer and softball and volleyball guys play soccer and baseball and some guys even play volleyball so i think if they cn play us girls game we should be able to plays theres. Also in soccer u get hurt because people step on ur toes with there cleets or they shuv u so yea>

  • Girls are just as strong!

    Girls can be just as strong, Just as competetive and just as sporty, We can wrestle like guys if we wanted to, We could tackle like guys if we wanted to, And some of us want to! There is a girl on our younger boys tackle team and she kicks butt! Even though we don't have as much muscle mass, Doesnt mean, Were not strong and it doesnt mean we can't kick guys butt and play sports with them.

  • Pienso que si

    Yo pienso que pueden jugar en el deporte que ellas quieran y esten dispuestas a superarse a ellas mismas porque hay mujeres que juegan mejor que un hombre y es por lo que pienso que las mujeres si pueden jugar deportes con los hombres o donde ellas quieran estar porque si

  • Girls should be allowed to play sports with boys

    People are saying that girls are more fragile, which is true in some ways, but if a girl gets hurt its her fault. Girls, and boys, have the choice to join the sport, so if a girl gets hurt she has chosen to join the sport, and knew she could get hurt.

  • Girls should be abel to play with boys because they need to have equil rights

    Girls need to be challenged if they are not it is not fair and evry one in football and soccer baseball and basket ball are sexest they think that it can only be girls teams and boy teams it is not very fair they need to let evry one play because people feel left out and that is not verry nice and with cheerleading they let boys join and girls and that is a sport the people can atleast try it and maybe they will like to have other people play .

  • Girls should be able to play sports with boys

    There are some girls that already play full-contact sports (such as football). Even though they might play in the girls league, its the same thing as playing on the boys team. The only difference is that the boys might play a little bit rougher. Girls can take more pain than pain than boys anyway because I don't see any boys giving birth.

  • Yes girls should be able to

    Yes,i will use football as an example. So what if the girls get it during football that part of the game they know the rick and there willing to take it.They should still want to play girls do have better cordination and they have more of a chance of helping the team win because since they way less they can go much faster.Along with this they do know what there doing and they sighned up for a reason!

  • Girls play contact sports or not?

    Girls should be able to play contact sports but need to brace themselves for getting hit or getting injured and you have to go hard in football and practice and oearn to take it all in and get over the edversity and do what they can do. They may be able to be the first woman in the NFL.

  • I agree that girls should be able to play spoets with boys.

    The reason why I agree is because that some girls can have a greater strength then boys. A girl can also handle the sport and the challange of the sport. Girls are also known to have better focus on the sport then boys do because girls care about the sport that they play in as boys do.

  • Girls should play with guys.

    I think that girls should be ble to work with boys because some girls are bigger and stronger than boys and they should be able to play sports with boys. Also, some girls might not be afraid of boys even if they ar smaller than almost to all of the boys on the opposite team.

  • I say N O P E!

    I say Nope because of 3 reasons:
    1) Girls (including myself) can be easily intimidated
    2) Girls don't have the same strength as guys do. (they can get hurt and can not recover from an injury)
    3) They may be touched somewhere (chest/lower body parts) and freak out very badly.

  • No women should play in there own league with just women.

    I believe that women should not play sports with men because it would cause contact and would also be a lot less entertaining for the audience to see that there would be a lot less contact and the sport would then feel a lot less fun and the sport would not be as competitive

  • Girls should not be able to play sports with boys(I am a guy)

    Girls should not play sports with boys because boys are tougher stronger and more aggressive. This could lead to Sirius injuries witch could make a girl not play the sport any more. Also girls have to work harder in practices and in games. Last in some sports the rule that a girl can not play on a boy team is being strongly enfoced

  • No they shouldn't

    I have to write an essay on this topic and i need help. And i said that boys are stronger which can lead to being more aggressive which then can lead to an injury that a girl can get and it could take a while for the girl to recover.

  • Its not sexist

    Its science, girls have less amount of muscle mass in their body and they have more body fat (not saying girls are fat). All the girls think its sexist and that all the men are like oh girls are weak and blah blah blah, that's not true girls can be very strong but scientifically boys are stronger, and also more aggressive because of hormones.

  • Girls should be able to play full-contact sports with boys.

    I personally think that girls should not be able to play full- contact sports with boys because in an article i read it said that a girl got in an accident by getting a hard hit from a boy, and died 3days lather because of how hard the hit was. Thats why girls shouldnt play full-contact sports with boys.

  • Girls should not play with guys

    Girls could get hurt or killed wth guys because of hard contact and most guyscwould feel bad and if a guy did not feel bad they have a heart made of stone. Girls have there own leagues to play in and if they want they should do a phyisical test to play with boys.

  • I dont think girls should be able to play sports with boys.

    Before puberty the male and female body are almost the same physicly. Girls get larger than boys faster, so playing sports then would be unfair. After puberty boys have a hormone called androgen which gives the male body more muscle mass and size than females. So after puberty the male has the upper hand. In all one gender almost always has the upper hand against the other.

  • Because of a resean

    Girls should not play with boys because of that girls are weaker and can get injuries and get really really hurt also, that girls , even though i am one, are dumber and more scared they are really scared of getting hurt even thought they dont show it. So i think girls should not play with boys.

  • They be able to

    If a girl plays football would she be able to withstand a hit from a 300 pound linebacker. I don't think so. If they get hurt hey probably wouldn't be able to recover. If i had a daughter i wouldn't want her smushed under a 300 pound man in football

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