• Girls should be aloud to wear leggings in school.

    I believe that girls should be aloud to wear leggings in school. The reason for this is that the schools can't give a strong reason as to why they can't. They claim that it is distracting to boys. As a 14 year old boy I can truthfully say that no matter what their wearing boys will always be distracted by girls. Even if it did cause more distractions the girls should not have to suffer for the boys treating them like sex objects.

    Leggings are not that revealing and do indeed count as pants. They are designed for comfort. They do there job. They cover up all parts of the lower body. Which is pants.

    Girls should not be held responsible for boy's inability to act mature and treat women as people. Not sex objects

  • Yes yes yes

    Young girls wear bikinis and no one seems to say anything so how is wearing leggings which covers your entire legs be worse? If it is such a "distraction to males" then they should learn to respect women no matter what they wear. If they are wearing leggings appropriately then i think there is no problem with it. If a girl feels comfortable enough to wear leggings then good for her, a lot of girls may not feel comfortable. It is sending young girls the wrong message to dress to other peoples standards.

  • Girls should be able to wear whatever they want

    It shows personality. Are you trying to take away our rights? Last time I checked I live in a free country. So dont say it is a free country and then tell me what to wear. Even a boy said that if the main reason they are starting to ban leggings and short shorts is because boys are being distracted then it shouldn't be because boys stare at us no matter what we are wearing. I bet all girls are on my side because they are cute,trendy and most importantly comfy. I realize some boys wonder how they could be comfortable and that other clothing is comfy too but they are and stop trying to change us. Girl power!

  • Girls should feel free to wear whatever they please

    Girls should be able to wear leggings as long as they are not see through. No one wants to see your underwear or butt. I think that girls have a right to wear want makes them comfortable and more confident in the way they look. I don't think girls should be considered anything less just because of what they wear.

  • Girls Choose What They want

    It seems that most people's arguments to ban leggings is that boys will get distracted and/or that you will see girls' bodies. Newsflash: LEGGINGS ARE MADE TO MAKE GIRLS FEEL COMFORTABLE. Girls should be able to wear whatever they want. Boys should learn to keep their attention on school, period.

  • Not girls problem boys are pigs.

    If your really worried about boys getting distracted then you have raised pigs,that don't know how to respect women.Oh and guess what boys have butts to you cant hide something both sex have.You are teaching a girl to cover herself so men wont look.Basically saying if a boy looks at you and you have leggings on they automatically want to rape you.Not the case ladies and gentlemen.Be proud of what you wear as long as it makes you feel good then who cares what other people think of you.You do you,dont worry about what others are wearing or showing off because of a type of pant.

  • Not girls problem boys are pigs.

    If your really worried about boys getting distracted then you have raised pigs,that don't know how to respect women.Oh and guess what boys have butts to you cant hide something both sex have.You are teaching a girl to cover herself so men wont look.Basically saying if a boy looks at you and you have leggings on they automatically want to rape you.Not the case ladies and gentlemen.Be proud of what you wear as long as it makes you feel good then who cares what other people think of you.You do you,dont worry about what others are wearing or showing off because of a type of pant.

  • Leggings are not tights

    There is a line between leggings and tights. Leggings are thicker and do not expose anything inappropriate. It's a shame that I can't wear leggings with a sweater anymore because of this rule. Instead of banning leggings they should ban wearing tights that try to disguise as leggings. If you can see your skin through the fabric those are definitely not leggings...

  • Leggings are a YES

    There are always those days where girls want to have a "lazy" day and just throw on a pain of legging and a T-shirt. I don't think that they are bad at all. As a Mormon, I am a big believer in modest dress and as long as the leggings aren't too inappropriate (short or have holes) then I think they are fine. Leggings are great for comfort and exercise and I do not think that schools should ban them.

  • Good for self-esteem

    The schools shouldn't place this rule because ultimately it is up to parents how they raise their daughters. Think of it this way. A parent is responsible for raising a child to have self-respect and integrity, and giving their child the right amount of attention at home. So, a good parent who raises their daughter properly wouldn't let their daughter wear leggings anyway. Daughters who are allowed to wear leggings clearly don't have good parents that love and give them enough attention, and it's clear that all these girls are wearing these leggings for sexual attention. So, if the sexual attention from boys at school can atleast fulfill a girl's attention needs that parents aren't giving her, why is it a bad thing if these girls who are being neglected finally get the attention and self-esteem boost they never had?

  • Leggings are not pants

    They are meant to be worn UNDER dresses and skirts or something that covers yor butt. But unfortunately girls wear them with normal shirts and stuff that says " here I am boys!!!". It is like dipping your legs in paint... I think that girls mostly wear them because they are popular, not because they are comfy.

  • Leggings are acceptable in school

    I, As a boy, think girls should not be allowed to wear leggings to school. Why?
    1. They show off the body. Many girls have them so tight you can quite easiliy see their under wear and the exact shape of their behind. This is repulsive and obnoxious. I do not want to see this when I am in school and supposed to be learning!!!
    2. They are a distraction to boys. Whether they wear them to show off their bodies or not, it is the end result. This is seriously distracting to male teenagers who are going through puberty and their hormones are active.
    3. I live in the UK and have to wear school uniform. I don't mind thisbut in the school hand book it specifically say sthat leggings are not part of the school uniform and you are not allowed to wear them, but nobody pays any attention to it and the staff do not bother to enforce it. What's the point of having a rule that isn't enforced?
    4. Many women complain about women being treated as objects. What is the point of complaining about this if many schoolgirls act like they want to be treated like objects?
    5. Many people have complained that It's their body and they can do what they want with it and the head can't tellt them what to do. It's the flipping school rules. You have to follow them!!!
    Additional point: Many girls say they are comfy. BOLLOCKS!!! How can thick, tight fabric worn all day at school be comfy. The almost certaimly get hot and sweaty and sticky. I do and I wear quite baggy school trousers and shirt! Being tight makes it worse. Plus they must stink by the time they get home. Unless the coat their body with cheap perfume so strong it makes my eyes water, which it seems most of them do!

  • Beware, beware, beware!

    Parents are ABSOLUTELY STUPID if they let their daughters wear leggings as pants. Who cares what the boys think, that's their problem, but sex offenders are yours. If you think they are not in or passing through your neighborhood, you are a fool. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER'S LIFE. Don't understand how anyone can be that dangerously naïve.

  • Leggings Are Not Appropriate

    I do not believe girls should wear leggings to school. My argument is is two prongs:
    1) As a male, leggings sure as hell DO distract male students. It shows off certain *ahem* parts that are normally not on display on display. It's why you can be arrested for indecent exposure.
    2) LEGGINGS ARE NOT SUBSTITUTES FOR PANTS. I cannot stress this enough. Pants are pants. Leggings are meant to be worn under skirts or dresses.
    As an extra note, leggings are NOT as attractive as people seem to think they are. It's like looking at jello in saran wrap. Not at all cute. I realize that's not a valid point for their banning, but it needs to be said.

  • Leggings are not pants

    ^^^^^^What he said ^^^^^^
    Leggings are not meant to be worn as just plain old pants for everyday use. Leggings were made to be worn under dresses/skirts and such. Girls wear them too often and with short shirts so they can show off their behinds and try and attract the eyes of other males. They could be worn under a skirt or a dress or with a longer shirt or cardigan but not as regular pants. Please have some decency women

  • Who wan't to see your butt or the outline of your underwear at school?

    I mean I could care less what you wear on you own time, just not at school. Sure they are comfortable and may be the trend currently in society.. But do you females really want to show off you butt as well as the outline of their underwear? I thought females didn't want to be treated like an object yet your kinda dressing that way.

    I am sorry if you find it that guys shouldn't stare and are supposedly disgusting about it but that is like saying we are criminals for you choosing to wear these types of articles of clothing. I mean if you want your butt to hang out and if you want guys to see the outline of everything then go for it, it isn't like we are asking you to wear these.

    I mean be real here, some people may get the wrong message in your fashion statement. I am sure all you girls who wear leggings don't mean to send the message that you do but you are and you need to face the fact that if you choose to wear what you wear, you are choosing to state that "yes my butt is going to hang out and yes you may or may not be able to see the outline of my underwear but these are comfortable, trendy and I should be able to wear whatever I want."

    If that is the message you want to send then fine, just don't blame the guys for looking at what you are showing to everyone.
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  • Nobody is that naive.

    We all know what leggings accentuate. We all know that males are visual creatures. Don't want to be treated like an object rather than a person? Don't dress in a way that encourages that type of behavior. Its really quite simple. And the "comfortable" and "lazy" arguments are lame. Since when is being lazy considered something to be proud of? And as has been said before, there are plenty of other "comfortable" options that are less provocative.

  • Leggings shouldn't be worn to schools

    I dont really understand girls saying they wear leggings primarily because they are comfortable, there are so many other articles of clothing that are comfortable, but dont get nearly as much attention, sweat pants, skirts, and even regular pants, if worn at the right size can be comfortable. A girl might also say they wear leggings because they are cute and trendy, whats cute and trendy about an article of clothing that has the outline of your behind exposed for the whole world to see, doesn't it feel a bit revealing for you girls. Please if you're going to wear leggings cover it over with a skirt or a shirt that can go over your hanging behind , unless you'd rather have your ass showing, which brings us back to probably why are wearing it in the first place

  • Leggings Show too Much

    Girls wear leggings the wrong way. They wear them with short tops instead of long ones that cover their bottoms. Leggings belong underneath other clothes, not as pants! There have been several times when I have even seen girls underwear! That should not be happening. If you can't wear them right, than don't wear them at all. Wear leggings in your house, but when it comes to school, leave the leggings at home! You may think that your underwear is cute, but no one else will agree with you. When they see them.

  • God No !

    Went to the movies. Punched out a 17-18 year old whatever grade 12 looking dude checking out my 13 year old sister when we went to see the Harley Quinn movie. Telling his buddies to check out my sister wearing "leggings" I think it's a bad idea. UNLESS There wearing a shirt to or those "librarian looking cover up shirts that hangs over there back end area" I'd
    Have no problem

    -20 year old over-protective brother

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TruthBeTold2000 says2015-10-29T15:04:47.477
If someone can give me a good reason not to wear them in school I can tell the truth and defend everyone that wears leggings to school. Some people might have read a post from a 14 year old boy and he even said himself that boys should control themselves and that girls should not have to suffer and change what we are wearing because of what guys think of us. I completely agree with that and it is true. Sometimes girls don't want to dress up all nice nor do they want to look like trash so they put on leggings to look decent and not to show of your "stuff" to guys. And what bothers me the most is that people that are disagreeing with it are saying why don't you wear pants... Well what kind of pants and also some people are saying that you should just wear regular and ordinary pant... But what are the ordinary pants... THEY ARE LEGGINGS OR JEANS THAT ARE JUST AS TIGHT OR EVEN TIGHTER THEN LEGGINGS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. So get you facts straight and try to defend yourselves now.
BennyW says2018-06-03T13:56:56.423
This is relevant.
chentesanmartin says2018-08-29T03:45:16.100
Yes. Leggings and spandex. Should be wearing. In schools