Should girls be allowed to bite a sexual assaulter?

  • Oh heck yes!

    I would love to see a hot chick rip open her attacker's flesh with those teeth. Self defense move rarely used but has many benefits. Plus, It would make you famous locally. So if a girl needs to defend herself with a bite or two, I'd give her the green light.

  • Yes of course!

    Well, I am assuming that the girl is already being assaulted and or raped, So in that case, She can gladly bite him. If the girl wants to nom his d! Ck off I don't care, He deserves it anyway.

    She can hit him, Kick him, Go ahead bite him wherever the hell she wants. Long' as it is self defense anyways.

  • Yes of course

    To protect self from sex assault, Then we can do biting? A bite will be the easiest and most thinkable if a girl being disturb. Maybe some girl that particularly forgets that the world these day is dangerous and not bringing anything to protect her if something happened, Then bite is a good defense.

  • Need more specific question

    The question being asked is not clear. Are you suggesting women be able to bite their attacker for any reason, Or only in self-defense? How hard would the bite be? Where would the bite be?

    If you are asking about self-defense, I would say yes if that's the only option she has. If the assault/rape has already begun, I would be more supportive of any type of self-defense. But this would be a last resort.

    If you are suggesting the women be able to bite him in whatever way she wants or just to cause the maximum amount of damage, It's a hard no from me. Like I said, This should only be a last resort if she thinks it will stop the assault. If her mindset is just to let out rage or damage the guy like you make it out to be in your description, I am against that.

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