• I think girls SHOULD be abele to date before age 13

    Girls are full of fun but should they be aloud to date? My answer is yes! Girls should have there own freedom no matter what there parents say! I think it is very important for girls to have a social life so that they can live a very happy life when there older!

  • Who am I to tell others what they can and cannot do

    Im sure most kids under 13 would not want to date, and thats fine with me. We need to stop placing rules on everything, and just stop all the judgmental social restrictions. Sure, they arent most likely ready, in most situations. But if someone does date, just mind your own business and let it be. Its not the whole worlds business what everyone else is doing.

  • Freedom and responsibility

    When girls are are young they prepare for adulthood. They should be given the choice on whether or not they are old enough or responsible enough. They begin to understand the pros and cons of relationships, and with the knowledge they learn from relationships helps with mature relationships. As long childeren are being safe, and understanding what a real relationship requires, they should be aloud to date before the age of 13. Even if it seems young.

  • What is the point in not allowing them to

    What is the mother ducking point in not allowing them to date they are just gonna do it anyway so if girls want to date then they should be able to Without being judged By other people like seriously just leave the girls alone and of course let the girls date

  • Girls should be allowed to date before thirteen

    Yes I think that we should have a to allow girls to date at any age they apparently ok and they should have to let girls to be allowed to date at any age they want to oo ok so we should have to let girls females women woman and of course girl students should be allowed to date at any age they appreciate and want to

  • Yeah ok ok

    Yes I think that we should have to let girls to be allowed to date at any age they want to ok and they should have to let girls to be able to date before the age of 13 ok like seriously we need to Stop putting rules on girls

  • All girls should be allowed to date at any age

    Yes I think that we should have to let all girls all girl all females all female all women all woman to be allowed to date at any age they want to to ok and yes I think that we should have to let all girls all girl all females all female and of course all women all woman to be allowed to date at any age

  • It depends on the girl

    If she is ready and wants to, Then yes. Some girls do not want to, And that is their choice. But for those girls who do want to date and have a relationship then yes, She should be able to. If she wants to date before 13 then she probably will find a way anyway, So its better to allow her to do it and make sure she is on birth control and stays safe.

  • Any child should be able to

    Because I have a child and she has a crush but doesn't want to tell us even though we already know, We want her to be happy and we say that she can date and I understand that heartbreak is possible and painful we just want our child to be happy. So I say YES

  • Yes there must be allowed

    Well sometimes girls have feelings for the opposite gender and sometimes the same gender but as girls sometimes we can not keep our feelings to ourselves because they grow and grow and also because of teenage development. It is known in many places that once you enter puberty stages your body develops weird feelings and sometimes keeping them in you can be bad for you and your health. Dating is not a sin but what you do while dating becomes a sin. You only date a person for love or the feelings you have for that person it does not mean you have to kiss and cuddle and do all those kind of disgusting things.

  • No, no, no, and no.

    If we were to start allowing 12 yr old girls start dating around as they please that would present an ugly picture. Not just for society as a whole, but for the little girl herself. If I had a 12 yr old, let alone dating, she wouldn't be wearing make-up. If we don't have basic social standards we don't have nothing at all.

  • Neither gender should be allowed to.

    At the age of thirteen and under, kids are still that: Kids. Why introduce an adult theme into a kid's life? Besides, 13-year-olds and under don't have much of a sense of responsibility. Dating is about finding someone you can trust and love and commit to for the rest of your life. To kids, dating is more of a game. Heck, some 18-year-olds don't even know how to date correctly...

    On top of all that, how in the world is a 13-year-old or under taking the girl/boy out? On her/his tricycle? Or is she/he having her/his mom drive? So romantic, Mom in the front and you in the back with your date, both of you strapped in booster seats...

  • Girls shouldn't date before age 13

    When opposite genders like each other before age 13, very rarely is it true love but rather lust or a wanting of fitting in. Most children under 13 have no idea what the responsibilities of loving someone are. Love isn't something that a child can play with and throw away. One can also infer that middle/high school dating causes some teen pregnancies.

  • Girls shouldn't be dating before age 13

    Before the age of 13, You're still a kid! Why would you let a kid date. And plus they are not mature enough to make good decisions. Which can lead to pregancy. Would you want an 11 or 12 year old to be pregnant? I don't think so. No dating.

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  • They shouldn't be able to do something they don't get.

    Even now I don't fully "get" love, but what makes you think that they should be allowed to do this. Yeah freedom is nice but they are too young to start thinking about doing that stuff.
    I hate to sound like a nag but they're even putting on makeup before they reach their teens! They are not mature enough to understand the responsibility and work it takes to be in a meaningful relationship, and they won't even experience sexual attraction until later on in life.
    Please, let kids be kids, and when they mature then they can do mature things, deal?

  • No, They Should Not

    I'll put it this way: do you want pregnant twelve year old girls?
    If the answer to this question is no, then the answer to this opinion should also be no.
    But in all honesty, even thirteen is too young. Since dating will always bring the possibility of the couple taking it too far and somebody getting pregnant, no one should be allowed to date until they are able to support themselves, or at least have some type of job.
    This will probably be considered a radical position, but is indulging in animal instincts worth the huge responsibility that may result in such actions?

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