• We are all equal

    I don't think it's right to have separate teams for boys and girls, because girls are just as good as boys, so imagine what would happen if we combined the skills together. It would be much fairer, and it could save people plenty of money and time. Please consider my argument.

  • Girls Are Strong

    Girls hear that boys are “naturally” stronger and faster all the time — and it’s the premise for sex-specific sports leagues starting from very young ages. But a new study reveals that the claim is actually based on a false construct: boys don’t begin to generally outperform girls until puberty. And that means that girls and boys can be well-matched rivals in many sports — including swimming, which was the subject of research in the recent study. Researchers from Indiana University analyzed data from more than 1.9 million swim meets, registered with the organization USA Swimming. The meets they studied, all 50-yard freestyle events, included both boys and girls between the ages of six and 19, broken up into age groups. They found no gender difference in the performance of six to eight-year-old and a negligible difference between 11 and 12-year-old boys and girls. Around puberty — ages 13 to 16 — the accelerated growth and muscle development of many boys meant they began to surpass the performance of female counterparts.

  • We are equal

    Here in Lincoln City, Oregon. We have a girl that plays for us on our high school football team. She is tougher than most of our boys on our JV team. She really likes being on the team, because everybody treats her like they would a sister. We are a family down here in Lincoln City.

  • I think they should.

    Girls are just as sporty as the boys if not better. This gives them a chance to show it. My friend says that girls are not as good and is doing the other side of the argument. If I was thinking about going to a hockey team and they didn't have in my state. What would I do? Girls can do just as much as girls.

  • We have a girl on our team

    Here in Lincoln City, Oregon. We have a girl that plays for us on our high school football team. She is tougher than most of our boys on our JV team. She really likes being on the team, because everybody treats her like they would a sister. We are a family down here in Lincoln City.

  • I hate you

    If girls have the skills and the effort to play with boys let them. If they don't, don't. You can still have separate boy and girl teams just if a girls skill is so advanced she should be allowed to move on to a more challenging sport team like the boys. At least a try out and if she cant hang send her back to the girls team. Its not that hard to go by. Yes there might be some obstacles like the uniform selection or the locker room problem but there is always a way to get around it. You just have to put some effort in it. It also not like they can stop the girls are good enough to play with the boys title IX protects them by keeping them from using their gender against them. There is not reason they shouldn't let the girls play if their good enough.

  • If girls are allowed to play, it doesn't mean they should.

    Most fights now a days are because most people are sexists. They don't consider the advantages and disadvantages of the other sex. Girls are equal to guys. Some may be better or just the same. But even girls will be playing with guys, its because they want to. Why would someone join the games of the boys even if they don't want to?

  • Gender should not give an advantage or disadvantage.

    As stated above! Women should not be added into male-dominated sports just because they are female, but neither should they be excluded for the same reason. What, playing ball with guys would break my vagina? No. How about we hold fair and equal tryouts, and the best athletes make the cut. Gender simply does not define athletic capability. Assemble teams made up of players who have the best abilities and leave the genitalia out of the equation.

  • Yes they should

    Girls should be allowed to play on boys football teams. Im a girl and i play on an all boys travel hockey team and i keep up fine. If the girl cant keep up then she shouldn't play but if she can the she should. Everyone is equal and there aren't many girls tackle football teams so if a girl wants and can play football with guys why should we stop her?

  • If she can show she can keep up and handle it

    If a girl can show she can keep up and handle it she should be allowed on the boy's team but there should still be separate teams for the sake of fairness. The vast majority of girls will not have the capability, so there should still be separate teams so they can still have the opportunity to play and compete. A few might be as good as the boys and so to be fair to them girls who prove they have what it takes should be allowed on the boy's team.

  • Some things should stay the same

    Boys are more competitive and more physical than girls in any sport or activity, remember the gym class tournaments? And how even a game of soccer between boys could get really physical and become a battle of strength? That's how boys are, when boys play with boys they can let loose and compete/ play without holding back without worrying about people getting hurt. Boys are physically stronger and have more anger than girls, by keeping them separated you decrease the chance of a harmful injury to a girl, boys play rougher than girls and if you mix them together either one of these scenarios will play out : 1, rules are changed in order to make the game less physical or 2, boys keep playing at the same level of intensity as they've always had and eventually one of the girls gets seriously hurt.

  • It just doesn't work

    From a purely biological point of view, and no sexism intended, a male is generally bigger and stronger than females. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, some will make the argument that there are some girls that are just as physically capable, if not more so, than boys. While this may be true, the whole issue is that it will always be "some". We can't assume that all girls are able to keep up with boys, because those types of assumptions are what lead to unnecessary injuries. And although a girl may appear physically capable to keep up with boys (fast and agile etc..) special treatment will always be implied in a mixed sex game. Boys will be more likely to use less force against girls be cause the possibility of injuring them is simply higher.

  • It's a different game

    There is a huge difference between men's and women's sports. Its no mystery that men are just physically stronger, and it's no mystery men are typically better at their sport than women are. Its just simple science. Putting the two sexes together would not go over well. Men would beat the women and out-do them, making the male players look like non-gentlemen. I mean lets be honest could the BEST WNBA player guard Liberian James without being humiliated. Probably not.
    I do not mean any disrespect but lets not fix something that isn't broken. Sports are a huge economical industry and lets keep it the way we have for years, the successful way.

  • Wouldn't make sense. Would love to debate on it

    Like my supporting headline reads it just would not make any sense whatsoever. Girls are girls, Guys are guys. Girls have their own sporting teams, and vice versa, on what basis should we then merge these teams. I get that whole equality thing, but this would defeat the whole purpose of equality.

    Posted by: Emmo
  • Hi my name is jeff

    Most of the people saying yes are using girl pride they aren’t actually giving any facts to prove that they should. And boys have 10 times as much testosterone which makes your muscles bigger. Boys are also just bigger one of my 10 year old friends who is a boy is a foot taller than my 14 year old sister

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