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It's not beauty school.

  Going to school is not about wearing makeup or the social scene, it's about learning and education. Wearing makeup was originally intended to attract men and that should not be a concern during school hours. It may make you feel confident but you shouldn't need makeup to fuel your self-esteem. Makeup masks true beauty.
Skeptikitten says2013-08-14T02:53:56.113
You going to start regulating how they style or cut their hair now too? Whether they are allowed to wear jewelry?

What should not be a concern to you is what other people choose to do with their appearance.
alasiamilan says2013-08-17T02:45:16.300
I agree with skeptikitten, no one can regulate what some girl puts on her face. Wearing lipstick or eye shadow doesn't drain your brain or make you a slut so let girls (and boys, for that matter) wear whatever they want on their faces.
Anonymous says2013-08-23T03:01:34.590
I agree with ostietootsie, a girl doesn't need the damn makeup, it is designed specifically to attract people.... Causing a distraction right? Also women need the self-confidence, if they hide under the mask for too long, they become too superficial and blinded by things that don't matter, which in turn distracts them from learning. You may say it is wrong to regulate what they can and cannot wear, but in the long run don't you think you would be doing them a favor? A act of true kindness teaching them the importance of self-control and confidence. Sketikitten and alasimilan are responding with good intentions but yet superficial at the core.
PixieQueen says2013-09-19T14:00:20.077
Hmmm....Superficial? I disagree. I typically don't agree with skeptikitten, but on this issue I couldn't agree more. Once you start telling someone how to do something, the more you feel that you can control. She's right, next what? I get that it may not be necessary, but if the girl chooses to wear makeup then that's her choice. Makeup, when used conservatively, shouldn't be an issue.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-20T01:49:01.467
It's absurd to claim that women aren't confident if they wear makeup. Many women, like myself, simply wear it because people consider you unprofessional if you don't. Look at the tremendous amount of flak Hillary Clinton started getting when she said she shouldn't have to wear makeup to be taken seriously by men.
And to claim makeup distracts people from learning is bizarre and nonsensical. I've been wearing makeup since I was thirteen. I was valedictorian of my class in high school, Summa cum Laude in college, and have a PhD. I don't have any issues with confidence.

There is also nothing superficial about saying people should be free to wear what they want- including makeup. What is superficial is your obsession with trying to push your view that girls shouldn't wear it on other people- that means you are thinking about it and judging on it far more than we are.
frankie5599 says2014-01-04T14:00:33.290
I agree going to school is a beauty contest but to be honest we need some individuality. With a strict uniform and a ban on make-up, all that's different from one another are our personalities and bare faces. You said 'wearing makeup was to originally attract men' but in the modern world makeup is used everyday whether to attract men or not. It is ridiculous that some people think that if a girl is wearing makeup that it distracts others in the class from doing their work. Well if that is the case when they start their jobs as adults they will be at a loss.
frankie5599 says2014-01-04T14:01:11.760
Oops typo *going to school is not a beauty contest*
kbritton97 says2014-10-13T00:36:00.167
How does makeup "masking true beauty" prove that it should not be worn in a school setting? Whether it shows true beauty or not is irrelevant. The core issue here, from my perspective, is not beauty, it is how makeup affects students ability to learn. And the answer is simple: it doesn't affect student's ability to learn. It doesn't affect the student wearing it and it shouldn't affect the surrounding students. I'd have to look further into your stipulation that makeup was originally worn by women to get men's attention but if that is the case today, then that is that male student's fault for being so easily distractible and there is obviously a deeper self-discipline issue present. But for most, wearing makeup hardly has any affect on a girl's ability to function in a school setting other than that it makes her feel good and actually may contribute, in turn, to a more positive attitude at school.
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