• Why does anyone wear makeup? Because we dont feel confident enough. Thats why

    Speaking for myself and classmates, a few of us wear makeup and teachers are targeting us and shaming us. In class they will call us to the front and make us take it off, this really ruins our self esteem and is embarrassing. For us girls with imperfect skin, we make ourselves presentable through wearing makeup (light, not caked on) and when we are made to take it all off, it makes us feel ugly and worthless and it seems like everyone is looking at you and thinking 'ew she had bad skin' . Wearing makeup is a way to boost confidence and feel good about yourselves inside. Its not a beauty contest...We simply want to feel pretty and like we are worth something. When girls feel ugly and worthless it can lead to more serious things like depression or anorexia.

  • I'll just try to take on as many things as I can about the matter.

    LOCATION/OCCASION: "It's not Miss World/a Beauty Pageant, It's school".
    (A student goes for school to learn.
    A teacher goes to school to teach. )
    Why should the teacher be able to wear makeup but the student can't? Because she's an adult?
    You're implying with this age-based logic that all girls under the age of 18 can't wear makeup *anywhere* even outside of school. And since when was it illegal for girl under the age of 18 to wear makeup?
    There was never the implication that school was a beauty pageant. A girl wears makeup according to her own personal style, Not to compete with other girls to see whose makeup is the thickest. The point of wearing makeup is to make *yourself* prettier.
    Whether the girl uses her own money or her parents money is strictly between her and her parents. Though I agree that don't agree with a girl forcing money out of her parents just to buy makeup, You can't actually say this applies to every case of every girl who wears makeup. There are also a lot of girls who use their own pocket money to buy their own makeup. And not everything on their vanity has to be luxury makeup brands, Drugstore makeup is cheap and just as good as the ones in Sephora, Sometimes even better!
    Some girls wear make-up to look prettier, Others to boost their confidence, There are even those who wear make-up just for fun. If it makes them feel prettier and more confident, Isn't that a good thing? If it makes the girl feel horrible about herself, Like she's ugly and she needs it, She could always take it off. No-one is forcing her to wear it. It's her choice and hers alone.
    There is also the lipstick effect. The study that found that female students who wear makeup have higher self esteem and grades. It's really all about mentality.
    Of course, There is the risk of break-outs and skin damage, But it that really your concern? If the girl thinks that make-up is ruining her skin, She'll know how and when to take it off and put away the brushes.
    Of course, For students, The point of going to school is to study, But let's get real here. You can't give an idiot a piece of chalk and tell them to solve Riemann's Hypothesis. It really depends on the girl. Even if you take away her makeup, Can you really say that she's automatically just going to graduate as valedictorian? A girl, With or without makeup, Who takes her studies seriously will prove herself in her results.

  • Of course, you can't force them not to.

    Why shouldn't you? I agree, some girls wear WAY too much make up, but make up doesn't hurt anybody, and it's wrong to restrict a girls right to wear make up. I get provocative clothing. It's provocative. It's a distraction for boys, but makeup? That just makes a girl look pretty, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Its, There face

    People should be able to do something without being judged. It's not fair there getting judged because there doing something they like to do or they have fun doing. To some people make is like a toy they do for fun not because they don't like there self. To all the people that do to be pretty everybody has there beauty weather it's inside or out.

  • Teen Girls Can Be Insecure - Especially When They Have Acne!

    Teenage girls in schools everywhere can be very insecure, It comes naturally with all the changes and hormones. And when you have zits, It can become very uncomfortable to be seen with then in public. Now you might say, "if girls are being bullied for their spots, That's a different problem! " but it's not about the bullies, And the mean comments, It's a girl's own internal anxiety about her face and her skin. If makeup improves her confidence, Then there's no reason why she should have that taken from her! It's a (good) school's job to nurture their students as well as teach them. Makeup doesn't hurt anyone, And can help a girl feel more comfortable in her own skin.

  • And if school is for education, Why humiliate or suspend a student for wearing makeup?

    Makeup is some form of way someone expresses themselves, It doesn't matter if may it be a man or a woman, Wearing makeup is a right because it expresses opinion. Or if you say that you think that it bothers their studies, Why suspend a student for wearing makeup? That's the point of school, Education, Why is the school so torn up on having so much rules restricting the students if the only damn point of school is morals and education? And if it "draws male gaze" then shouldn't schools should teach male students that school is for education not to get into someone's pants? Jesus Christ, It's their face who gives YOU the right to tell them want to do with THEIR faces.

  • They deserve a personal choice

    When some kids decide they need to really be different they go makeup. For some this is helpful and I'm one of them. Makeup can show a form of artistry or personality but either way makeup makes teens happy. So many people get bullied when they don't have cosmetics on but when they do they feel strong about themselves and that's why I think teens should be able to wear makeup

  • I agree girls should be able to

    Girls should be able to wear as much makeup to a minimum maybe foundation eyebrow and mascara if it makes them feel better LET THEM. Here not disrupting theirs or anyone’s learning time infact the more teacher pull children out of lessons about it the more the teachers are to blame if anything.

  • Yes all students should be allowed to wear makeup regardless on their gender.

    Makeup is a way to express yourself. Make up is fun and versatile. Every when I wake up and get ready for school I look forward to putting on my favorite dramatic winged eyeliner. I mean school dress codes are dumb enough. Personaly makes me feel confident and feminine. If you feel good wearing makeup, Wear It! 😀

  • Yes because it's their face

    Many people think it would be distracting or something along those lines when the fact of the matter is that the teachers are there for legitimately only one reason which is to TEACH and how is something on someone's face that THEY have chosen(exercising their freedom and free right) to put on THEIR(their face not anyone else's BUT their OWN) face hindering their education or the ability to take in the INFORMATION that is SUPPOSED provided by teachers who should be more worried about students' education and not worried what's on THEIR face

  • School is not a fashion show!

    I personally believe that there is no reason that girls should be allowed to wear makeup. School is about learning and is not a fashion show. If girls are being bullied because of how they look the school should deal with that problem separately . There is no excuse to bully someone.

  • People should defiantly be able to wear makeup (male or female)

    I honestly am baffled by the way people have a viewpoint on makeup. Some girls and boys don't wear makeup because they don't feel confident and they want to attract guys. Some people wear it because they love makeup. I (personally) don't go full out with makeup. I just put on a light BB cream and sometimes I wear mascara (I'm in 7th grade). I wear makeup because I like the look of it. I don't wear makeup because I "hate" myself. Thankfully in my school it's not against the rules to wear makeup. Honestly, if it was I would wear makeup anyway. It is my face, I am allowed to do what I want with it. Can come to school with blue eyeshadow and yellow lipstick if I wanted to. It's MY face.

  • No they shouldn't

    Focus on you studies
    Cakey makeup is ugly
    Natural face is pretty
    So don't wear makeup really

    No they should not. Students wearing makeup would be judged by others bullying would occur more frequently. Not to mention students wearing makeup would be scolded by teachers. So I oppose girls wearing makeup to school :):

  • No they shouldn't

    Focus on you studies
    Cakey makeup is ugly
    Natural face is pretty
    So don't wear makeup really

    No they should not. Students wearing makeup would be judged by others bullying would occur more frequently. Not to mention students wearing makeup would be scolded by teachers. So I oppose girls wearing makeup to school :):

  • No, definitely not.

    I had a great number of problems with girls and make-up in school. This included makeup being lost or stolen from bags, girls putting make-up on in class when they ought to have been concentrating on the lesson; make-up so heavy it looked silly; mascara running; girls being bullied because they did not wear it etc etc etc. Let's be sensible - make-up and school uniform does not mix!

  • It makes others feel bad.

    School is for learning, not to find relationships and distract other students. Many teens have a hard time applying makeup and is often the topic of gossip. I cant't even tell you how many times I have heard " eww, what is wrong with her makeup, she would be so much prettier if she blended, etc." If no one wore make up then no one would be made fun of for being a cake face or compared to other girls how wear more makeup. Instead of saying make up makes you confident and thats why you should wear it, you should think that if no one wore make up then you wouldnt have to compare yourself to others.

  • It's school people

    Make-up isn't art. When artists do their work they don't sacrifice their own health. If you have done your homework on make-ups you would realize how harmful they are to a students health. Students don't make their own money making them rely on pocket money. Pocket money isn't enough for the students to buy the make-ups and as a result the students start to buy cheap but harmful ones

  • No no no!

    I believe this is not right. It's school, not a fashion parlor or a beauty contest. It's simply a waste of time. And it's also a waste of money. Sure people want to look perfect, but it's still not perfect even though you put make up on. So forget it.

  • Makeup is not good

    Makeup is for adult people. Adults have to find jobs and they need to look good. Plus makeup is not good for children skin. And most teenager most do makeup because they want themselves look pretty and that can make teenager thinks myface is ugly and lose confidence. I think makeup is bad.

  • Be happy the way you are

    It's ok to wear makeup for special occasions (the people will go wohhhhhh)
    But at school isn't the best if your really not that comfortable not wearing makeup that's worrying
    It's ok to dress up sometimes and wear makeup
    And wearing makeup all the time also wrecks your skin
    You should be happy the way you are and not thinking your ugly or anything
    And sometimes makeup goes the worn way instead of making you look nice, it just goes all wrong (like over done eye liner)
    Just be happy the way you are

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C.brown says2018-02-28T07:50:06.250
I strongly agree that makeup should be banned in schools

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