• Students should have their own right to decide.

    Students should have the right to decide such things as it does not bring physical harm to them of others in most cases. It is their body so they should have the right to do so. Makeup is not long lasting or permeant like a tattoo or piercing, So there should be no harm. Many people wear makeup to work as adults, So why should students. As long as they don't go overboard with it they should be fine, Ie. Clown makeup, Face paint, Etc.

    TLDR: as long as it's reasonable what's the harm?

  • It doesn't effect education!

    The makeup on your face doesn't effect how clever or smart you are so why not wear it or take it off? Girls at this age are influenced by celebrities to look a certain way and makeup is a good way for them to express THEMSELVES. It is your own skin you decide what to do with it not other people.

  • YES, They should be allowed.

    Although I'm a boy, But I use makeup products to feel confident every where I go. Listen, I don't care if it's school for learning, But we need the confidence too. Remember, Looking good makes you feel good. Looking good makes others respect you more. And of course, It's your choice, It's up to you if you wanna wear makeup to school, For any reason. But make sure to keep it simple, And not use too much product. Let me explain how I put on makeup as a boy. I apply a few drops of light foundation on my face, Using my fingers, To even out my skin tone. Sometimes I use powder foundation, But I'm using my hands because it was much simpler for me. I also use foundation as a concealer to cover my pimples. I use eyeliner to shape my eyebrows to make them darker and thicker. And last but not least, I'm using a small amount of red lipstick for natural red lips. And I also put on tinted lip balm above that, To keep my lips soft. So pretty much it's a natural, Simple makeup, For a boy. Nothing too feminine. But for you girls out there, It’s up to you what you wanna use, But keep it simple. And I think the schools should allow us to wear mascara, Eye shadows, Facial contouring, Highlights, Blush, Bronzer, And other essential products you think you need in your room. I have a tip for you, Don’t just wear makeup to school, But make sure you have a good skin care routine, So that in the future, You might not need much makeup. That includes self care, Good hygiene, Workouts, And good diet to make yourself look good and feel good. You can still wear makeup, But not too much. Just keep it light and simple. But still, The schools should allow us to wear eyeshadows and everything like that, But still, Keep it simple. If you want, You can get cosmetic surgery, But be careful with it. For me, I was planning to get rhinoplasty to make my nose smaller. But make sure to be careful what you do after you get cosmetic surgery. For example, If you just got rhinoplasty, And you wanna sleep, Make sure to sleep on your back, So that way, You will not mess up your results. Sleeping on your side or on your stomach will mess up your results. Sleeping on your back is the best position. But other than that, I think schools should allow us to wear makeup, But you make sure to keep your makeup simple. We don’t care if school is for learning, We need confidence by looking good.

  • Girls should be allowed

    I can't stand all of these comments saying girls shouldn't be able to wear make up because school isn't a beauty pageant you need to understand no body is competing with anyone this is all about self worth and self esteem I saw a girl say that you should be more focused on your school work yes I agree school is important but how are you supposed to focus on your work when your too busy being put down because of your looks maybe make up causes a little skin damage but you guys are making it sound like we're taking about two buckets of make up it's not that much also if you notice majority of school rules and dress codes affect the girls all the boys have to do is not show up naked this is outrageous girls should be able to feel comfortable in their skin and it should be their choice what they put in their body

  • It makes girls feel beautiful

    They deserve to look how they want to and if makeup is allowed they have the chance to be confident which can in turn prevent bullying and make them feel more at home while at school. A little bit of mascara and foundation doesn't make a negative impact at all.

  • This is obvious. Duh.

    Girls deserve to feel comfortable and confident. If wearing makeup makes you feel prettiest, Then go for it. You're not hurting anyone. Everyone who's mad about it is a boy who just hates girls having bodily autonomy. Here's an idea - girls don't put on makeup so YOU think they look pretty. It's so that THEY feel pretty. It's their body and THEY have to live in it so no one else should get a say as to what they wear or don't wear. This is all coming from a girl who does NOT wear makeup to school, Because that's my choice too.

  • Let. Them. Live.

    The leading arguments against girls wearing makeup are senseless. Why do people always assume girls are seeking the validation or attention of boys? Even if they are, It is to none of your concern. Can a girl experiment with makeup or be confident in herself without being hated for it?
    Yes, School is meant for education. However, Physical appearance does have a part, For it can affect self esteem, Opinions, Etc. Let girls live! It's literally freedom of expression; makeup doesn't hurt anyone.
    Not to mention, Please stop associating makeup with just girls. It should be open to any gender.

    Goodness sake, It isn't that deep. For once, Can society give others the chance to breathe. All of these boundaries are suffocating.


    It's their own face and their own body. The teachers are paid to teach the kids, Not to throw tantrums. I love seeing sexy girls in my school, Coming in wearing heels and makeup and both the boys and the girls like it. I love seeing my girlfriend Sophia come in looking beautiful. What's the problem?

  • Makeup Rules! If girls want to be sexy, Let them be sexy

    If girls want to wear makeup, Let them. It is their right. If they want to look prettier and sexier let them. I love seeing girls in my middle school walking in looking sexy. Also I wish girls could wear heels (stilettos/pumps) to school because they look so good in them. My girlfriend looked the best and the prettiest in her 4" heels (on a Spirit Day when you could dress up however you wanted). Girls should be allowed to look as sexy and pretty as they want.

  • Yes of course they should!

    I’m 15 and find it hard to leave the house without makeup on let alone go to school where there’s loads of other people that are gonna be in the same building as you for the whole day! I personally can’t see why kids shouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup? If the teacher can why can’t the student? This also applies to things like hairstyles and nail polish etc. I’m naturally blonde therefore I don’t really have eyebrows or brows that are visible and in today’s society brows have become a very popular thing and almost like a social standard! I was bullied and picked on for years for not having any and now I do them everyday but sometimes get told I’ve got too much makeup on all bc I look different then what i did when I started the school 4 years ago? ! Well obviously I look different Karen ppl change, They grow and try out new things! Of u don’t do it when you are young then it’ll only cause trouble if u do when you are older!

  • It's not beauty school.

    Going to school is not about wearing makeup or the social scene, it's about learning and education. Wearing makeup was originally intended to attract men and that should not be a concern during school hours. It may make you feel confident but you shouldn't need makeup to fuel your self-esteem. Makeup masks true beauty.

  • Its not Ms World People....ITS SCHOOL

    We go to school to learn not do have a fashion contest. Girls wearing makeup make the other girls feel flawed and unworthy when they are actually not. Not everyone can afford makeup. Schools should be doing something about this as peoples focus is turning away from academics and more into this that should be kept adieu until they are adults. Its school not Ms World

  • We are not an adults!

    I'm a Korean, so there might be a spelling or grammar mistakes, so please consider it when you read this. First, in Korea, many shops selling beauty products to teenagers. In my school, many girls are wearing makeup such as lip tints, eye liners, foundations.... But its not good. You need to wear makeup when you become grownups, and you're skins will be messed up because you are wearing makeups right now. And, do you think you are an adult? Hey, if you wearing makeup now, that means you're crazy. Mostly, beauty products are not so cheap, so you have to collect money to by them. But you are a student! Don't you think you should spend more time in reading books and studying?

  • Only if to cover up a disfigurement or deformity

    Unless they have a legitimate medical reason(ie. Skin cancer, birth marks, burns) to us makeup, then it should be allowed, but I notice that The more makeup teens put on, the more sexual they get treated. School is for learning, not screwing. They wonder why both abortion and motherhood in teens is so high, well, the boys need to keep it in their pants and stop being so superficial and the girls have to stop trying to be 'cool,' and getting men to like them for what they are and not who they are.

  • School is for learning, not a beauty pageant.

    It is disgusting to know the fact that people are taking school as a beauty pageant. This degrades society even more; slowly towards a stage of decline.

    If students want to put make-up, save it for home. Don't be a doll; be a learner. Don't be a make-up queen; be a learning queen!

  • Fake up, not make up

    Girls worry that they are not pretty enough so they go and slap tons of make up on their faces which does nothing to their look. No offense but wearing make up look awfull, it looks absolutly ridiculous. Also, they may not feel confident but what does make up do to make you more confident, nothing, your the same person inside and out. You don't need make up to look or feel better, because it does nothing

  • They're still too young.

    First physically. No matter how good the product is, wearing make up is still not our natural state. There will be damage. Let kids finish growing up before we let them damage their bodies in the name of beauty. Second, most of them is also too young mentally. Make up is often a prop for insecurity. If we let kids have props so early, how are they suppose to learn to be tough and face those exact insecurities? They won't always have props for a lot of future problems; learning how to have inner confidence is vital.

  • We are NOT adults!

    Makeup is better for special opportunities, or a dance night offered by the school district. More than half of the girls that I know in my school wear makeup. It annoys me. Plus, you don't need to wear makeup to look pretty! You also don't need tight pants, boots, or nail polish to look pretty either. No wonder guys think you were to look like such young floozies.

  • Self-confidence? Or Stupidity?

    As a student who still studies, I see many girls waking up at least 4 in the morning just to fix their hair and makeup. I don't see the point in wearing makeup every single day to school when you are going to remove it when you get back home, then reapply it the next day. If you had to be honest, for those who wear makeup, how many have complained that they don't have any money left because they just bought the new "luxury makeup product". Or perhaps those who spend money on makeup, who's money are you actually using? Is it your parents or your own? If students weren't wearing makeup in the first place then maybe there won't even be this insecure feeling because then everyone would be the same. When we are born we are given the honour to have a natural beauty complex, but washing this away with harmful chemicals that are smothered across our face isn't good for us or even to industries. How can any child focus in lessons if all they're doing is checking if their fake eyelashes are still sticking on? Or if their lipstick isn't smothered anywhere?

  • School is not a fashion show!

    I personally believe that there is no reason that girls should be allowed to wear makeup. School is about learning and is not a fashion show. If girls are being bullied because of how they look the school should deal with that problem separately . There is no excuse to bully someone.

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C.brown says2018-02-28T07:50:06.250
I strongly agree that makeup should be banned in schools

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