Should girls be allowed to wear pants to homecoming?

  • We don't live in Boomerville anymore

    This is a new era. An era with freedom. Telling people what they can't wear infringes on human rights and violates our freedoms. If a girl wants to wear dress pants to homecoming because she has that nasty scar on her leg and she's self conscious about it but wait you can't come in unless you're wearing a dress. That is garbage. Plus some girls don't like wearing dresses and America is trying to support equality and rights. If Black Lives Matter and Homosexual supporters have rights to create commotion on our streets so everyone else can hear and support them, Then I don't have a problem with a girl wearing pants to homecoming.

  • Sure, Why not?

    They should wear what they are comfortable in. However, I would say, That they should be appropriate for the event. (e. G. Not ragged jeans. ) In the business world, A lot of women wear very nice looking suits that include jackets and pants. Wear what you like, But be respectful of others. It's their event too, And they should not be made to feel uncomfortable by an "outlandish" outfit.

  • Women should be Women

    Pants are the clothing of Men. Women should be Women. I speak of Modest Appeal too, Not those disgusting short skirts that are above the knee. Dresses and Skirts that WOMEN (BORN WOMEN) Wear should be Below the Knee. Men and women are different. Homecoming is weird and idiotic though too.

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