• Of course they should be aloud

    So what is football is a male dominated sport girls should be aloud to play it to. I know they want there guy time, but what about us girls! We barely get to do any sports witch is unfair we keep trying to make this work help us make anything possible

  • Girls should be allowed

    Girls are just as capable as guys, and if every other girl is like my sister then they are very much MORE then capable of going toe to toe with male athletes.They should be given the same chance. America is supposed to be equal but really where is the equality?

  • Why not? There are tough girls out there.

    I knew a girl in high school who was amazing at football, and a lot better than most of the guys on the team. Unfortunately, because she was a girl she could only play on C team, which is some of the more terrible players, but she belonged on A team since she was outperforming a lot of those guys.

    Just because she is a girl does not mean she is not tough enough to take a hit, and perform well in this sport.

    You are correct that men and women are different biological and physically, but that does not mean we should look down upon a sex as weaker. Girls who want to play football know the risks of going into it, but they should not be told they are unable to play this sport just because they are a different sex, thus being built differently than men.

    I'm not saying all girls will be good at football, but they are a select few who are, and they should be able to play in their sport and enjoy regardless if they are a girl or not. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • As it stands no.

    I could support it if it was made so that guys could play girl sports like volleyball. Because that would be true equality. But I still would not be that convinced because then we'd have guys that'd try to grope a girl once she's tackled and then that would just create more issues.

  • This is unfair

    As being a girl that loves sports, i think this is unfair. Personally i don't play football but girls should be able to play in the NFL with the boys. We can do anything men can. And women should be able to do things that they love, and we need to be treated equally as men, where's the equality??

  • Yes they should do what they want

    They should be able to do what they want to do if they want to do it because it is what they love to do for there spare time and they have wanted to do it all there life so why no let them do what they love to do

  • It is way not safe.

    The average female weight is 140 lbs. Subtract 20 because of athleticism on offense. 120 lbs. Average male weight is 195. Add 135 because of linebacker weight. So now you have a 120-pound female being slammed into by a 330 pound male. No amount of padding can save her there, no amount.

  • Just Read This Debate
    Now gonna spam words to fill the words needed to post this. This debate goes over the physical differences between men and women and more. A good option is women getting their own league. Why should they be allowed in the NFL? There's a WNBA. Why not a WNFL if they want in so bad.

  • Not At All

    Women should not be in the NFL. Women are able to play just as many sports as men are. Many sports have men and women separated for safety purposes. Let be honest, women can not compete with men in the NFL. NFL players are some of the biggest, strongest, fastest, and meanest athletes in the world. On average men are faster and stronger than women so it is not a good idea for the two to play football at the same level. There are enough injuries as it is and having women in the NFL would significantly increase injury risks.

  • Should be second to men

    They should be in their own special snowflake leagues for all the special needs girls who want to play a man's sport. Their neck muscles aren't developed enough to hold up their heads! They also only weigh as much as a starving african male, and are about as tall as a butterfly, so they couldn't even compete.

  • It is a Male Football League.

    Girls can surely play football, but not in the NFL. There's a woman's football league for a reason, and it's because men and women are different. Most girls in the NFL wouldn't be able to last and then the people who signed them would be disappointed or ashamed of themselves.

  • It would be way to dangerous.

    Women should be allowed to coach in the NFL, work in a front office role, or be a personal trainer, but they shouldn't be allowed to play. The main reason is because men are much more stronger than women. If women were allowed to play in the NFL they would be seriously hurt. Football is one of the toughest sports in the league, and women would be put at serious risk just by steeping on the same field as men.

  • What position would they play

    Okay so let's say women are allowed to play football in the NFL. What position on the team do all of you that support allowing them in the NFL think they should play? Quarterback? Running back? Wide receiver? No matter what the position ,male NFL players would outperform any female NFL player.

  • Girls Are Weak

    NFl Players can beat up johnny in a second and do what ever and even make himf sissssssssssssssssssssssssssssfr ere ded jw jd jw d d d d d d d d d d d d dd d d d dd d ddd dd d d dd d d d d

  • Do you want them to die? Then no.

    The nfl has 300 pound guys made of only muscle springing around trying to kill you. Average women are 5'4 and 140 pounds. Do the math pal. Hell fuck the math use common sense! Women have different leagues then men do for a reason. Do you know what it is? Are you ready for the answer? It's going to be shocking....... THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

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