Should girls be aloud to were the same swimsuit as a boy when swimming

  • They should be

    If a girl wants to only were swim trunks that's fine. If they want to show there b😁😁bs they can it's there disition. It's just part of life for a boy to see girls b😁😁bs so they should be aloud to do it if they want to its there disition

  • Yes they should

    Yes I think that we should have to allow girls to wear the same swimsuit as boys are because girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want to wear at school ok ok ok so yeah we should have to allow girls to wear the same swim suit as boys

  • don't see the probloem

    Eno one cares its not inappropriate only pedos look and pervs look at the chest. Plus its there choice. If you are struggling with your identity and are born a female and believe you are male and feel better in just trunks, F**k yeah wear the damn swimming trunks. Also its much easier to take off shorts then the things girls wear swimming when they have to pee or poop. This is my opinion

  • They should be.

    You should be allowed to wear what you want whenever. It does NOT hurt anyone. If you are struggling with your identity and are born a female and believe you are male and feel better in just trunks, F**k yeah wear the damn swimming trunks. The more power to you if you are confident in what MAKES YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. The question right next to it should be can males wear a bikini? I feel that those are one in the same.

  • Gender dimorphism is a thing

    It might work for a little while but eventually those breasts will start developing. At which point it doesn't matter what you identify as everyone is going to notice your great honking tits.

    Also if we allow this to slide then next thing you know boys will be saying if they get to show off their breasts during swimming then we should be allowed to let are dicks hang out.

  • Why on earth

    Ok, Boobs are considered sexual. When you change that then say its fine. It isn't ok for guys to be seeing girls boobs so casually. No not all guys are sexual and want to see it. I don't care if it makes you comfortable it makes us uncomfortable and some people could get some bad memories. There are innocent guys who don't even have interest in sex at all and hate having to deal with girls serving on them. Guys don't have to wear a shirt because they're nipples aren't sexualized. I don't like it when anyone doesn't wear a shirt whether they be guy or girl but I don't want to have my girlfriend stabbing me in the leg because every where I look I'm getting flashed.

  • Of course not

    This clearly being a school uniform problem all I have to say is that, Women should wear something to cover their chest. Think about their dignity and self worth. All the boys would just be staring at them the whole time and it will be very unconformable for the female students. As for if this is a public beach, What we have now with some beaches allowing nudity but a age requirement is fine.

  • I will either have an uncontrollable boner or I will have erectile dysfunction for the rest of my life.

    My freestyle time will go down due to a lower aerodynamic profile. As described by fluid dynamics, Drag is proportional to a multiple of 1/2 * coefficient of fluid drag * density of object of interest * velocity^2 * Surface area perpendicular to the direction of interest. With that in mind, Olympic freestyle swimmers will be greatly impacted and with a new factor presented in their environment, The economy of the male sports-competition field will be greatly affected. Given that the entertainment sector accounts for 6% of the annual gross domestic profit, The setback in national support caused by the male Olympic swimmers will cause viewers to lose interest in the competing event. The estimated linear positive relationship implies that, On average, Each 1, 000 billion of GDP is proportional to about 16 medal points in the Olympic competitions. The change in the playing field of male aquatic sports will cause uncertain disruptions in our yearly economic yield.

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