• An African proverb says that....

    If You Educate A Boy Child, You Educate One Person Rather If You Educate A Girl Child, You Educate A Family And A Whole Nation....
    But As Of My Concern, I Don't Know Still Some Communities Discriminate Against The Education Of A Girl child...But The Future Is In-the Hands Of A Girl Child's Education...Girl Child Must be Treated With Care and Equal Rights...

  • Girls should surely be educated...

    Many people consider girls to be a burden and so, often tend to step back from providing them with proper education. But after all, if a woman is educated, she will be able to make sure that her children too are educated...Which would eventually lead to prosperity of the country.

  • Yeeees they should be educated

    Because without women how would YOU be where u r right now . My mother wouldn't be where she is now without her mother and I wouldn't be here without my mother who has taught and brought me up to be a strong INDEPENDANT woman . Y'all have to think before you speak

  • Women are the backbone of their family and nations

    By educating a women, societies are ensuring that the future of the nation is strong, nurturing and just. Women tend to be the first teachers in a child's life. They provide the tools for that child to be ready to be a participative and inquisitive member of society. Women provide the foundation for their children to fully live to their potential. They are the source of wisdom and endless love.

  • There is no reason not to.

    The absence of women in a work force, school yard or politics as well as world history is completely constructed by the men who have chosen to oppress them. To say that women will most likely end up staying at home birthing children so education is irrelevant is like telling saying you don't need to give an animal food because it will just take a dump anyway. A woman's right to have a child should not impede her ability to work nor should it be considered her only aspiration in life. If that were the case then women would just stop having children. Studies done by the US government and the UK and many other sources have all concluded that women tend to have a larger dedication to a case and therefore would increase productivity in companies, corporations and the workplace in general the same way they keep a household running. The only people against knowledge for women are the men who believe that they will do their own job better than them.

  • Believe it or not

    We are human too. I think we deserve the right to learn. Why, may I ask, should we not be educated? Are we second rate human beings? Are we property that gets passed along and doesn't need o have a opinion? Should we not be able to think for ourselves?

  • Girl's education is a family 's education

    No family will be successful in society if the girl in the family is not educated .Girls are like lamps which lead to success . So girls should be educated to make the society ,family and herself proud .
    Girls are eyes of family and their members also society.
    Save girls

  • Of course they should

    While we have some countries still in the stone age regarding this and really everything else that treats women as human beings, the civilized world understands girls need educations too. There's really no way you can argue otherwise without looking like a sexist caveman, saying women don't need to be educated is saying they are lesser.

  • Yes....Girls should be educated...

    If a girl is educated, she will no longer be dependent on anyone and they can do a lot for their uplift..
    And if they are educated, they can even support their family financially if there is a need...
    Only an educated women can take proper care of her child...

  • Education of girl child

    Girl should be educated after,marriage they want education to help the next generation of the family.
    When they are not possible to go to the college they want to study home itself . Education is very very important for a girl child . In India literary girls are on 65.46%.In my views girl should be educated

  • Girls should not be educated

    I`d strongly say that girls should not be educated because :
    They are considered to be ‘temporary property’ as they have to move to their husband’s home after marriage, so it is not thought to be economically viable to spend on their education.
    At the rate with which inflation rate is increasing leading to a decrease in the money value, it is very difficult for parents to afford quality education and a high standard of living. The competition has also become very tough. In such a difficult scenario, it seems just a huge wastage of resource to educate a girl when it is known that the ultimate result would be her staying back at home.
    Most of the professional courses show a cut-throat competition and have very limited seats. Here, majority of the seats are occupied by girls who are supposedly more intelligent and hard working than boys. However, the scope for further education reaches a bottleneck where they quit their education or their job after their marriage.

  • Girls are mothers

    Educated mothers don't get time look after their child.A child wants to share her or his day with mothers as they are more attached to mothers.Working women do not get time to look after them as they are exhausted from work.In these cases parents dump their parents at old age homes as they are not attached to them

  • Women need their rights

    I say yes as they deserve it just as much as boys because we're all human. Everyone has potential whether boy of girl anyone can be educated. It is crucial that everyone boy or girl to be educated as education is one of the most important rights. Everyone should have their rights as it is illegal to take away someone's important rights away!

  • Education leads to more career opportunities for women and women are taking advantage of them and are waiting longer

    Education leads to more career opportunities for women and women are taking advantage of them and are waiting longer to have children - the birth rate is going down at the same time as our population is living longer - the concern is that there will not be enough people working in 50 years to support the retired people. Also more children are being born with physical and mental disabilities because of the older mothers which is an additional strain. You can look up birth rate statistics to support this and search for decreasing birth rate concerns.

  • Should not be educated

    Most of the professional courses show a cut-throat competition and have very limited seats. Here, majority of the seats are occupied by girls who are supposedly more intelligent and hard working than boys. However, the scope for further education reaches a bottleneck where they quit their education or their job after their marriage.

  • Its very important that women knows how to read and write, but it must be done in home,

    I dont support Feminism, because its not rights, its taking advantage as a society, and many female teachers takes advantage as well, as they give higher grades to women, and they later take advantage, all because we a left Liberal Educational system. We need an educational traditional values. Feminism is not love its Man Hating. They cause violence, there no more Male schools because there getting sued for Discrimination, its suspicious, because why then Women Schools dont get sued as en School. Anyway, they take too much space and Smart Men arent even eligible. Thats not equal, only more authority and benefits and attention for women. Anyway I belive in a society where, Women should be respected with no rape or sexual violence, but that doesnt mean that I believe that Women is the same as a Man. But any how, Sexism and Feminism is more authority and power than Men, Thats not a Christian.

  • We have rights.

    I disagree completely women also are considered a human species... As well what can you do without an education. Unless you plan to grow up and be a homeless hobo or a sociopath, I recommend thinking of having an education. You need to learn how to be a house wife with? School, aka home ec. So do you mind explaining to me how your going to help your child with homework if you don’t have an education. Math! Seriously women need it to be a lady.. Or else your going to either be a horrible house wife, or have absolutely no job to support yourself, women deserve it they do as much as men in a life time and sometimes better. If women do have education no one should have it, and we will be back into the stone ages where we are stuck in hard living, if that what you want go argue to me as much as you want, but we deserve our life to be as well as men.

  • Girls with education think that they're on top of the world

    Nowadays, if the girl is really educated, she wouldn't be willing to marry other men cause they have a lower standard of education. For instance, if the woman is a doctor and the man is just a mechanic, do you think that she'd be willing to marry that mechanic? And this is really happening in today's world. Marriage rate is decreasing primarily because of women thinking that they are on top of the world and superior to men.

  • They are above it

    Girls should not be educated because their brain capacity is too big for mere schooling. They require more advanced education, as they are clearly above men. We should be putting them on Olympus with the gods immediately after their birth as they need to learn from the best. Artemis should be everyone's role model.

  • Should not be educated.

    I don't think so that the girls should be educated because now a days we can see that the girls who are educated they are not caring about their parents they just want whatever I think is correct I have to do that they just leave their home either their parents are in any situation. They just go with their bf after their school. They cheat their parents and their parents just waste money on them. So it's better they won't be educated and I don't think so that they would be educated. AKANKSHA

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