Should girls be given education (yes) or dowry (no)?

  • Every girl should be educated to make their life easy and bright😇

    If a daughter is educated then she could know what is right and what is worng. She could know the social rules and regulation. And if a woman is educated then she could make better dicision about the proper foods for her family, Facilities, As well as she could do a job to handle her whole family. She could know the population of the world and could give birth to less children. And it can develop our country also. So as we get many advantages, We should give education to every girl💓

  • Girls should get education

    If the girls get education instead of dowry they can make their future bright.Dowry will finished in some days but education never finished education will increase if we distibute to it with others but dowry will finished if we distribute ohers so it is necessary to give education to girls instead of dowry

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  • Females should always be educated.

    Females aren't property, and shouldn't be treated as such. I am grateful that I live in a modern nation that has progressed so far in how it views women that this question would instantly result in social ostracization of the person asking it. Education is the only way to go to teach everyone, especially girls, to be independent and self sufficient.

  • Girls should be given an education.

    Girls should be given an education. Not every girl out there wants to be married, and an education will provide her with more opportunities to succeed than a marriage will. An education will be he key to allowing her to make a life on her own, and perhaps meet a husband along the way.

  • Yes, girls are equal to boys and should be treated as such.

    Girls should always be treated fairly and equally, and all girls deserve a quality education. In fact, educating girls is the best way to eliminate poverty, since educated girls have fewer children, make better economic decisions, can support their families and are more likely to wait to have families until they are financially secure.

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