• Yes boy's balls are overrated and they should all be turned into paste by women's high heels

    f**k men they are only pretending that it hurts when their balls are kicked in reality it feels like cutting hair because there are no nerves in their balls. Also kicking them in the balls is super fun and kawaii so you should definitely do it especially if they whimper and try to limp away like wtf dude get over it it's just you are balls lmao

  • Fracture those balls

    Balls are weak and we can kick them all we want, The are put in the right place, Directly at kick level and easily crush-able, Boys are dicks and should get pasted all the time, Boys are stupid, Large and oafish and wander around with their balls dangling around. I mean, Why would we not kick them? Its only natural

  • It empowers girl, Especially from a young age.

    I popped testicles for the first time at age six. The boy was hospitalized. It was so f***ing hilarious. He cried until they sent him to the hospital. I recently got a tinder date. I invited him to the bedroom, And when he got excited I tased him. Then I stood on his balls until one ruptured. I went to jail for 2 years but it was worth it

  • Pop their balls

    Girls should learn to kick, Knee, And squeeze boys testicles at an early age and go hard enough that the balls pop/explode and they never reproduce. Balls are weak especially at a young age and girls should always aim to pop them even if the boy is only 5 years old

  • It makes girls stronger than boys.

    When girls kick boys in the balls they become the stronger sex. There is nothing a boy can do to prevent a trained girl from kicking him there. The excruciating pain and the easyness with which a girl can out a boy in such agony shows both boys and girls who is stronger. Girls will rule the world and the world will be a better place.

  • Yes, That's what they're for

    God gave men external testicles so that women could discipline them and overcome their natural physical superiority. Think about it, If every boy was brought up being punished by being kicked in the balls, Then we'd have a much more well-behaved generation of men who would be much less likely to instigate all the things we regard evil, Like war, Sexual crime, Violence, Etc.

  • Yes more oft

    Girls should have fun and really enjoy kicking and kneeing guys in the balls. It's great fun for them and they get a really good laugh especially as the guys go down on the floor rolling around in pain. I've had girls do it to loads just for their fun

  • That’s what balls are for.

    Balls make males easy and fun to play with and train. The power exchange is amusing and empowering for females. As long as a female is not using her full force, A male can be hit, Kicked and squeezed daily without risk of injury. The temporary pain will put the female in control

  • Yes they should kick them always

    When ever a boy comes Infront of a girl, The girl should kick them superbly in the nuts.
    They should not only kick in nuts but also kick them in belly.
    And when girls kick them with such a force they might fall on the ground and at that time girls should jump on the body of the boy. And then squeeze their nuts.
    They should do that.
    Girls should kick.
    Girls should stand on the belly of the boys.
    I encourage all girls to kick the boys from their birth so that they get used to it.
    Girls should rule the earth

  • Yes, I kick them every time.

    It is the best way to take a man down, It's their weak spot. I've lost count of how many times I've kicked a boy in the balls, It's so satisfying. I always encourage all my friends to do the same. Girls should use this male weakness to their advantage.

  • Unless if it’s self defense then no way

    What sick human being would want to kick by private parts just for fun? I thought all women would be above that, But apparently, I was wrong. However, If a man is trying to rape you, Kill you, Or harm you then sure you can kick in self defense. But doing it for fun? You must be fine with rape at that point (rape is worse than that, But that was sarcasm for those of you who are going to say “he supports rape. ”)

  • No one should have pain

    It is safe to say that no boy or man should suffer from the pain and trauma of being kicked in their family jewels.
    Women believe they are more superior because they hold power, In reality, They can suffer the same pain, A punch to their head ought a do it.

  • Only for self defense

    If they can do it every time they want, So i can punch her boobs or something like this? Well, It's not fun, It's not cool, Just no, Let's all be friend with everyone,

    what the f**k is it the head of someone who likes to hurt someone, We are all humans

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  • Only for self defense

    You should never kick a boy in the balls ever unless it's for self defense. Kicking a guy in the testicles is damaging and I see lots of assholes thinking it's funny and ok to do kick someone in the balls RANDOMLY, If you are someone who kicks someone in the balls randomly then just kill your self you stupid f***ing bitch.

  • No not Really

    Think about it like this if the reason men get kicked in the balls is cuz they’re pervy and creepy and agressive explain why the kids in elementary school will never get to have kids in the future they didnt do anything thing and no one stopped it plus if you do it to the wrong person They’ll come for you with a gun and then you aint gonna be able to do shit plus half the stories are fabricated so women can commit sexual assualt and get seen as a hero.

  • Self Defense Only

    Being kick into the DEEZ NUTS is almost painful as childbirth. Also it could be fatal to that guy if he's kicked into his DEEZ NUTS, I would say only to do it for your safety. Sooooo yeeee. The End The End The End The End The End The End

  • No they shouldn't

    I say they shouldn't unless they want a foot to hit their clit then I'd say no, If the man wants them to kick them in the nuts, Fine. But don't go around kicking random dudes in the nuts. That just isn't cool. Again unless you wanna get kicked too

  • Why would they

    Why do you do this to me and I don't want to be able to get a good feel for the 73 that you want me and how what I you I will never be able je you in the world 🗺 I know you want me to go do you want us to

  • It is not ok for a woman to hit a guy in the balls

    Only if it is in self defence it is ok. Catching him cheat is an invalid reason. Let’s say the roles were reversed and the guy caught the girl cheat, Would it be ok for him to hit her? No. However it’s almost expected that a woman will hit a guy if she catches him cheat.

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