• Football helps strength, metally and physically

    Sure chances of being injured are high but so are guy's chances. Maybe they hide it to act cool but a girl has no less strength. We can pick ourselves up if we fall but I personally think injuries will bring girls to reality. Life isn't all about makeup and hair for us and this is one way to prove too. Who ever thinks ladies can't be rough enough is sexist and stupid. Have you ever seen girls in a fight? I think girls should be able to. This gets personal for me because of the rights we need and deserve. Women aren't strong enough, huh? Girls are agressive and most of the girls I know are way more agressive than some of the guys I know. And guys being against this makes it even worse.

  • If Girls Can Handle the Physicality, Go For It

    If girls can handle the physicality of football, they should be allowed to play the sport at any age. One female athlete tried out to be a placekicker on a college team in the summer of 2013. There are no barriers for women to play men's sports as long as they expect to be held to the same standards as everyone else.

  • Girls over 12 should play football if they so desire.

    Football should not be an age or gender specific sport. Rather, teams and leagues should be available as demand promotes. Whenever possible, 12 year old girls should play on girls teams because football is a contact sport and boys and girls tend to vary significantly in size by the time they are teenagers. But if an all girls team, then girls should not be denied the right to play.

  • Yes if they want to.

    I think that it is perfectly fine for a girl over 12 to play football. As long as they fully understand the risk involved. This goes for boys too. They need to have full understanding of what injuries are possible, and that some of them can cause long-term damage. However, either sex should be able to play.

  • If They Choose To

    I do not see any reason why girls over the age of 12 should not be allowed to play football. I think it is fine for a girl to participate in sports and if she chooses football, then she should be allowed to play. I think girls should be held to the same standard as the boys.

  • If they wany to they should be able to play

    Yes, if a girl wants to play football, then she should be allowed to do so. As long as it is sanctioned the same as male football then there should be no issues. Girls of a certain age should not be penalized for who and what they are. Stooping them from playing is sexist.

  • Yes they should!!!

    Im a girl who is on a boys travel ice hockey team and i do perfectly fine. Girls should have the same oppurtunities as guys, even in sports. Yes football is dangerous but that shouldn't be a reason why half the population isn't allowed to play it. Isnt this what title nine was for anyways?

  • Yes of course they should

    Yes and it's not to even out the playing field. There are many women athletes that are more than capable of playing on the same field as men in any sport. Team sports might seem different, but really they are not. Team members will have as many differences between each other, gender is no different and is only in someones mind. There should be no law splitting the genders apart for sports but I will say that any woman that wants to play on a team of men, must play the sport as a man and not have special privileges. Most women athletes understand this concept already and do not expect special treatment (with the exception of having separate showers).

    On the flip side, no woman's sports team should not segregate men out of their sport if there is not a male equivalent.

    At some point in human history, physical differences between the genders will become invisible. Today it is accurate to say that most men are physically stronger than women, but not all men are stronger than all women and many women are stronger than many men and not all women are weaker than the weakest man. It is relative and there is no definitive line. Why make the rules and laws so definitive if nature isn't.

  • Football Period is Unwise

    It is not wise for anyone to play football regardless of age. The chances of severe injury are too high and the least of these injuries would simply be broken bones or sprained ankles. The worst being a head or neck injury which can permanently prevent someone from succeeding in other areas in the future. Sure people may find it entertaining, but a few moments of entertainment playing football can result in a lifetime of suffering.

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