• Imagine if it were you.

    You are 7 years old when you start playing football. You play football on various teams with the boys for the next few years. You turn 12, and go to sign up for the 12-14 year league, but someone stops you as you pick up the pen to write your name.
    "You can't sign up for this, this is a boys' sport." He says.
    "But I've played football with the boys before." You reply.
    "Girls can't play on boys' teams." He explains.
    "I score a lot of points for my team though! Why shouldn't I be able to play?" You ask
    "Because you're a girl. Bye now."
    So which do you think you would be:
    #1 "Yay I can't play the sport I love just because of my gender and I will never be allowed to do what I love most!!"
    #2 "That is stupid! I am very good at it, better than a lot of the boys on my old teams, yet I am being denied the equal opportunity to play just because I am a female."

    Do you think girls should go through this while boys are welcome to do whatever they want? NO!

  • Yes Yes Yes!

    Girls are always considered lower class than boys. If and when girls begin to play with boys on sports teams, then that gives them a chance to show off how good they can be, after all, no matter what, you will get hurt. So do boys. But that's why there is such thing as protective gear and helmets and padding. Don't question, girls will someday be equal to boys. Starting with sports.

  • Girls can do everything.

    We are tougher. They think we are week, but we are not, so ha ha ha boys, take that! That is right, we can do almost everything that you can. We can mow, we can wrestle, we can do everything. So we will fight and change things so that we are treated equally.

  • Well of course they should be able to.

    Women may be different for obvious reasons, but is that really stopping them from getting down and dirty on the turf? If men are the only athletes, then who would women be able to cheer on, and let inspire them? No one but the hot guy with abs. There are quite a few women who could beat men in certain sports because women are more flexible than most men, and some women don't mind knocking each other over. So in all, women and men have the same sporty genes, and women have the right to play "male" sports.

  • Girls have the rights to play sports too.

    Girls have their rights and can choose if they want to play sports with boys or not. Boys should not complain about this fact. Girls could have their own sports and not include boys to make them see how it feels to be rejected. Difference in gender is not a reason for this type of discrimination.

  • Yes, it is only lawful.

    I'm short on time so I am going to make this short. Title IX gives us the right to play on men's teams. The 19th amendment approved a woman's right to vote and other rights. The Declaration of independence says we were all created equal. If you look at it from a perspective of law, you can see why we should.

  • Gender equality is good for self-esteem

    Girls are prone to be stereotyped by people as fragile delicate people but this doesn't mean they do not have feelings. They will feel as if they are weaker and unable to keep up with all the boys. Being a boy, I think gender equality should be put into PE lessons not actual mainstream sports, yet.

  • Girls should play on boys sports teams, they are just as athletic.

    They should play, because girls can be just as athletic as boys if they choose to be. The top women athletes said they played with boys when they were in high school so that they can improve their play. Girls should be allowed to play with boys in high school.

  • Girls should be allowed to play boy sports.

    Girls barely have sports to play. They would know more things about these sports if they could play them. Girls would beat the boys at their own games. The girls might win first places for the boys' team. They would have more experience on how to play this kind of sports.

  • Girls and boys should be treated as equals

    Girls and boys should be treated as equals. I absolutely HATE the idea of ‘girl things’ and ‘boy things’. As I’ve grown up, I have LOVED dragons, although dragons were considered ‘a boy thing’. My sister was the most annoying with that. She even believed that I was a tomboy, although my dad explained that tomboys don’t like wearing dresses or skirts, etc.
    And even now, I STILL think that she believes that I’m a tomboy.
    Pink is considered a ‘girl color’ and blue is considered a ‘boy color’. BUT, a while back, it was the opposite. Pink was a ‘boy color’ and blue was a ‘girl color’.
    Boys can have their favorite color be pink and vise versa with girls and blue.
    I am SO tired of that STUPID separation in things.
    So YES. Girls should be able to play sports with boys. WHY NOT? There is no such thing as a ‘boy sport’ because girls can play any sport. And there is no ‘girl sport’ because boys can play whatever sport they want.

  • Why girls should not play on boy teams?

    Girls are more fragile, they can't take a 300 pound hit by a guy in football as well as another guy.
    Boys can't play on girls' teams, so it would not be fair for girls to play on boys' teams.
    That is why girls should not play on sport teams with boys.

  • No, because it is just not fair.

    Girls shouldn't be able to play on boys sports teams because it wouldn't be fair to the girls because the boys are stronger and physically tougher. If girls and boys competed with or against each other the boys' team or the team with more boys would win. That is why girls should NOT play on boys sports teams.

  • No, girls should not play boys' sports.

    Girls should not be on the boys team. I know that athletic girls are very tough and talented but I think when you put a girl on a boys team it changes the dynamic. I think deep down in all of us there is still a little traditional thinking that men are stronger and that women should be treated delicately. If a girl were to be in a football game I would worry that the male players might take it easy on her whether they realized it or not, and that is not fair for them to have to change the way they play, even subconsciously. I also worry that if the opposite happened and the boys did not take it easy on her they might be viewed as being too rough. This could lead to anger and players and spectators feeling uncomfortable. Sports are mental as well as physical so that aspect of it really needs to be taken into consideration.

  • NO, they have their own.

    I think this, because their bodies are not as strong as ours. So they can stop whining about that equal rights stuff and stick to their own sports. But it's not my fault that the major leagues don't want girls. Don't blame me. All right? I'm truly sorry. But it's not my fault.

  • Safety is first.

    Girls can get hurt. What if a mixed team is playing soccer? The girl can get hurt by a guy. Boys do to many horrible penalties. Once Mexico and some other team was playing and the guy from the other team cut the lip from a guy in Mexico in half.

  • Girls have their own versions of various sports.

    Girls have their own versions of different sports.. This is true because boys have baseball and girls have softball. Boys have football and girls have frisbee. it is unfair to the boys. Boys aren't allowed on girls teams, but girls will be allowed on boys teams? I believe this is very unfair.

  • Not fair for the boys to be put in a position where they have to change their style of play.

    I am a woman & I am all for equal rights, but having seen firsthand the uncomfortable position my son has been put in during wrestling & now rocket football , I think it's totally unfair for the boys. Boys are taught not to hit or hurt girls & if they were to hit a girl, they're looked at as a future woman beater. Then when they're faced with having to wrestle or tackle a girl, they have that in their minds, they can't win. If they treat them like they would another boy, they're purposely being too rough. If they take it easy on her & lose or get tackled by a girl, they never live it down. They shouldn't be put in that position. They don't have the maturity, nor should they have to deal with adult issues, which 9 times out of 10, that's what it all boils down to, proving some sort of point. B

  • Girls are girls, boys are boys

    This is not good because girls can play on boys teams and us boys cant play on girls teams? I mean this is so mixed up. Explain why girls are allowed on boys teams and boys are not allowed on girls teams. Why do we have to deal with this problem anyways?

  • Girls shouldn`t play on guys sports teams because guys are more likely to get really mad

    Girls shouldn`t play on guys' sports teams because guys' are more likely to get really mad and spaz out and the girls will end hurt and the guys' end up in trouble. The girls will be likely to lie about it and you end up in more trouble than you should.

  • No, girls should not play boys' sports.

    Girls should play on all-girl teams and boys should play on all-boy teams for many sports. Males are stronger and more aggressive in general, meaning females are more likely to be injured when playing on all-male teams. A girl may strongly desire the opportunity to play on an all-boys team, but as the song goes, "You can't always get what you want."

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T18:37:42.783
right r reserved for every one to use girls shouldn't be denied the right they deserve
Anonymous says2013-03-22T17:43:32.020
I don't think it's so much that girls are not allowed to play "boy's sports" as a large majority of girls are not interested in doing so.
Anonymous says2013-04-10T23:46:18.607
I think that girls should because i love wrestiling and football but if people dont let us girls play with boys then we cant do what us girls eant to do. Then we would have to create a girls football and wrestiling team and not have the boys to help us because they are experianced players and some of us aren't good at it.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T14:01:40.320
Thats just is worng to not have grils play boy sports
Anonymous says2013-04-12T22:42:00.053
We should all ways be able to
Anonymous says2013-04-18T03:32:29.720
I like how all the posts that said that girls shouldn't play with boys pretty much said the same thing. That girls aren't strong or tough enough or that they would get hurt by extremely aggressive males. But honestly, if a guy is so easily angered as to hurt someone, then it's their problem and they should have to learn how to control their anger issues. I personally have played on boys sports teams before, and seeing as some people said that the girls would not be as good as the boys, I know that I was better than at least some of them. Yes the girls may get injured, but so do guys. If a guy treats someone differently in a game based on their sex, then it's his problem and not the girls. He's the one who's going to lose.
Also I would like to point out that girls can injure guys too, I know several girls who have accidentally broken arms or legs of a grown man. Girls and guys should be allowed to play sports together.
Anonymous says2013-04-28T19:52:47.543
I think girls should be able to play on boys sports because God made us to be equal not some better than others
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:54:23.393
Yes I think girls should be on boys teams
Anonymous says2013-04-30T18:16:30.273
Girls and boys are the same
Anonymous says2013-05-07T13:23:26.390
Females and males have the same right
Anonymous says2013-05-07T15:07:37.417
Girls can be just as strong ans fast as boys so why cant they play the same sport!
Anonymous says2013-05-10T14:25:11.200
Girls could get hurt more easily, but they have rights
Anonymous says2013-05-14T13:58:26.467
I think they should because girls are no different then boys. Also it is a free country and people should be able to do what ever they want.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T15:57:19.907
So what girls can deal with it if you would just let them try
Anonymous says2013-05-23T08:45:25.983
Ok look girls aren't just here to cheer on the sidelines and why are boys always complaining about girls being
Sooks who can't throw a punch or tackle when we don't have a chance to prove that we may be smaller and
Skinnier than them but that's what makes us good they might be bigger and stronger but we're faster and
More flexible
Anonymous says2013-06-26T14:23:43.350
How can a college scout take an athlete serious if his stats are from sacking girls
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-10-19T01:31:02.210
I think it should be the persons choice. If you dont like it to bad for you. You shouldn't tell girls what to do anyways. I play ice hockey with guys. Im fine and get along with all them. Some girls, me included, get along with guys better. I have tried girls teams and haven't gotten along with the team members or liked the girls coaching styles. The guys team works better for me and i dont want people telling me i cant play hockey with the guys ive been doing it with for years because of my gender.
CommonsenseJO says2013-11-22T19:40:49.907
NO. I only say this as currently boys are not able to or either encouraged to play what are traditionally girls' sports. This genderisation affects boys and is not shared between the sexes. Only until boys are allowed to play, and are encouraged to play girls sports then we should not accept the unfairness of letting girls play the traditional boys/mens sports. Fairness is the key.
WrittenExelence says2014-04-08T23:29:07.383
How is there a such thing as a "boys sport", a woman can do anything she wants. As long as you put your mind to it you can do anything.
Pfalcon1318 says2014-04-20T20:39:49.987
I feel like most of these opinions are written down by middle school/early high school girls. None of these arguments revolve around anything other than "so because she's a girl, she can't play?" thought processing. The way i see it, there is reason to keep boys and girls separate, as ON AVERAGE boys are faster and stronger than girls. Heck, even in the Olympics, that fastest female track runner is SLOWER than the slowest, qualified male track runner. Males and Females are separated for a reason, however, if a unisex league sprouted up, that would garner a lot of support, especially from the guys and girls who don't fit in with the average, whether the male is not fast or strong for his age, or the girl is abnormally fast and strong for her age. There are girls' leagues and boys' leagues. There isn't a such thing as a "boys's sport" or "girls' sport". Girls play golf, soccer, basketball, hockey, and a number of other sports. Football has yet to make an appearance outside of Lingerie football because there are different requirements for them than for NFL players.
Pfalcon1318 says2014-04-21T15:42:38.437
I love how all the yes votes, and even most of these comments, are directed at males allowing females to play with them. I get so tired of this "let her play! But she doesn't have to let you play!" mentality. It's freaking sexist, but of course no one sees it that way. Both genders should be encouraged to break gender roles and do whatever they want, not just girls doing "boys things". People are so biased it's laughable.
Tannerdonisontibbetts says2014-05-12T17:53:52.877
I think that if girls play on boys sports they would get hurt a lot.
Tannerdonisontibbetts says2014-05-14T18:16:39.187
So if girls want to play boys sports then boys can play girls sports.
Bruinshockeyfan says2014-11-17T04:00:20.057
Take this into consideration, the nearest girls hockey team is an hour from me and costs a ton to play on. A guys team is 20 minutes, less expensive, and my school buddies are on it. Which seems more logical for me to play on? (i ended up on the guys team and had a great season)