• Of course we can play!...

    Hey why cant we play we did not shut you out of any activities so stop being a sexist and let us play with you! Just because we have longer hair and wear lipstick does not mean we cant play! C'mon lets play together
    ~we don't bite~
    by : a fifth grade student

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  • I absolutely think so

    Girls should have the chance to get involved with a lot of different types of sports and that usually means playing with a bunch of boys. I'm 14 and at my high school a lot of the sports that I AM interested is restricted to 'boys only' and it just frustrates me that I cant partake in rugby with the boys just because I have longer hair and because I wear a skirt and it closes a LOT of doors for me.

  • Because girls may be better than boys

    Some boys stink at sorts and girls are really OP!Like for instance if a girl's team and 1 girl acts like a boy and she was the best girl player on their team and she played up on the boys team. She could be applasued or not and be really good or bad.

  • I'm saying yes like I'm saying yes too llamas

    I have never lost too a boy in my life not once and I played foot ball with boys my friend colleen played foot ball on a all boy team and she kicked but they won almost every game she played did you know that ballet is harder then foot ball like way harder!

  • Why can't we play

    Well, I'm a girl and I want to play boys lacrosse. People are always crushing my dreams and telling me I'm not strong enough or I can't play with the guys. The guys want me to play with them and I am just as good as any player on that team. Girls lacrosse and guys lacrosse are two completely different sports. Why can't girls play on guys teams. We are just as good as guys. So we should be allowed to play.

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  • They can be a advantage because...

    1. They can be taller then people and you can use them for basketball football soccer becauses they can stop the object to help out the team.

    2. They are very flexible and so are boys but a lot of girls have a faster metabolism then some people.

    3. Girls are humans they are the same to us sometimes you need to marry or vs a girl so would you rather be cocky and think your always better then boys ?

  • They should have the same right

    Its good for girls to be on boys team if they want they should have the choice to play on a boys team or not. So i think yes they should have the same privileges as the boys have. Who knows they could be better than the boys are on that team

  • Girls, would be great to play on boy sports teams

    Because they would be able to learn more about different types of sports and it would build there popularity with the other crowd, and it would also be fair to the girls that have something that there looking up to. That's why think that girls should have the opportunity to play on boy sports team.

  • No, girls should not be allowed to play sports with boys

    Not only is it dangerous for girls and boys to play together, it isn't fair. Girls naturally aren't as strong as boys which gives boys the advantage. I'm not saying girls are weak, but the average untrained female has less protection around her brain because her skull isn't as thick and her heart is slightly smaller. Scientists think boys have slightly larger hearts then girls. A larger heart would be a more efficient pump thus giving the boy's cells more nutrients and strengthening his muscles. Also boys have better peripheral vision. This allows them to avoid running into each other. If a girl played against a guy, the guy would naturally be slightly stronger and better at avoiding collision.

  • we are equal but...

    We are equal, girls are just as good as men in everything and should be able to play any sport men can but not with men it would be unfair to a guy who was taught his whole life never to try to do any harm to a girl no matter what to be forced to tackle a girl and it would make other boys reluctant to join the team themselves

    the point is girls should have there own NFL or NHL but none of this co- gender stuff

  • No, girls should not play on boys sports teams.

    While I believe in equal rights, sports can be very dangerous. That is why there is boys baseball, and girls softball. I wouldn't want my 90 pound daughter being tackled, or pinned down by a 200 pound boy. It has nothing to do with the mentality of the persons, but the physical aspect of those partaking. It is too dangerous.

  • No girls should not play on boys sports teams.

    I think that girls on boys team is a bad idea, guys will feel like they would have to take it easier on the girls. It is better for women to create their own leagues and play among each other, I am not being sexist I just do not think that would work.

  • No They Should Not

    I do not think that girls should play on boys sports teams. I would like to think that girls have sports leagues for their gender and would not have to do this. If there are in fact girls leagues, then girls should play in those instead of competing with boys.

  • No not at all

    I believe that at young a young age it's fine but as growing into teenagers, we have different body parts and becomes slightly more awkward . Don't get me wrong, girls should still be. Encouraged to play team sports like rugby. I am 15 year old who plays rugby and do not agree with mixing with the lads in game situations.

  • Could be too risky

    This is a very arguable question. But, I stand by my opinion, and that is no. Girls should not be allowed to play on sports teams with boys. Boys are much more competitive then girls, and it could lead more risk of injury towards the girl. While times are different, I still think this is not necessary.

  • There's 'Girls only' teams

    At many middle schools and high schools, there are 'boys only' and 'girls only' sports teams. Boys can't play on the girls teams, and girls shouldn't be able to play on the girls teams, but they do. It's not fair that girls can play on boys teams and boys can't play on girls teams. I still say NO!

  • Yes they can but not in high contact sports

    Like rugby,american football and other sports that might give you a huge concussion. Because i mean as a boy if you tackle a girl in rugby are you seen as a woman beater a monster who hates woman or a real man idk? But I believe girls and boys can play in the same sport teams in sports that aren't all about tackling or physical hurt. And that also begs the question what if they were up against boys who don't care if they hurt a girl out on the field, boys who are extremely competitive. Any ways i say yes to only sports that don't require the player to basically use there body to trample over someone else. But girls can play rugby but only against eachother or in u12 teams in rugby if they really want to

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