• I do play rugby.

    There are countless high school and collegiate level women's rugby teams across the United States. Admittedly, yes, it is a lot less intense than the men's counterpart, but it's still fairly rough. The girls who I've seen play and played with are tough enough to handle everything the sport threw at them. No girls left the pitch crying, complained of being hit, or couldn't take the physical stress. I also think it's a wonderful opportunity, because in a country so overwhelmingly dedicated to football, there are very few girls' football teams.

  • I believe that it shouldn't be a problem if the girls play rugby.

    I believe that it shouldn't be a problem if the girls play rugby. Girls can do anything boys can do. It's the year 2014 and we shouldn't discriminate against any gender. Most likely there's a girl somewhere who plays rugby much better than the boys. But we'll never know unless we give all of the girls the same chance the boys have.

  • True power making

    Yes, a girl should play rugby this defines their potential and strong capability, as they can do much better then men. In many countries they are free to to do anything so why not rugby if we r giving chance to go in space why not this rugby and i will say that if we will give them chance in rugby they will be better then men...

  • Everyone should be treated eaqual

    There is no reason why girls can't play, its just peoples opions that stop grils from playing. Both sexes can do exactly the same as the opposite sex. Girls who have a passion for such a rough sport should be able to play the game without being discriminated agaist. The sport isn't just for rough lads, its for everyone who wants to play, there is no law on girls not playing rugby. The game should be as big as boys rugby. Everyone can play if they put thier heart to it.

  • They should play rugby

    Why is it just for boys girls are people just like everyone else so that means they can play what they want video games are apparently only for boys but there are lots of female gamers out there so what the difference for sports like rugby #Girlscanplayrugby #Notjustforbois #Breakthissteryotype #YAY

  • Should girls play rugby

    Yes they should be allowed most schools are sexist about girls play rugby contact. I find that playing tag is boring and that we should be allowed to do same thing as boys even the RFU would agree with this on my opinion of girls being allowed to play rugby

  • It doesn’t matter.

    If girls want to play rugby it doesn’t affect boys. All it means is that girls can have as much fun as boys and there is a chance that the next amazing rugby player happens to be female. Men don’t have to play in women’s leagues and men’s leagues don’t have to accept women (unless the woman is better than the men).

  • They should play because may and charlotte thinnk so

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  • Girls have the rights to play rugby

    Girls have dreams too. The reason why girls have dreams because when they go to a rugby team and watch the game they start to think that they have the same power and mind and rights to do the same. Girls are the same as boys mentally and power. There is no difference except for gender. Like I said, girls have the same rights as boys. Vote for girls!!!

  • Schools are unfair

    At my school we were mean to be doing rugby lessons in pe. Instead we had to throw a netball behind us, then for the rest of the term we did trampolining or just dance. It is not fair as the boys are allowed to play rugby. This is sexism

  • I don't think so

    Rugby is rough. Do girls play tackle football? No. So why play rugby? In my opinion rugby is rougher than football. If girls don't want to play football why play rugby? Honestly it just doesn't make sense. If girls want to play rugby they should take about it but in my opinion I don't think they should.

  • Rugby is for men

    Women are too weak so they cant play rugby because they are too weak so they cant play rugby because they are too weak because they are too weak they shouldn't play rugby. I APOLOGISE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO SORRY BROSKIS BUT IM BORED VERY BORED AGAIN BORED

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