• Equality is great but....

    This is a stupid question. I don't understand this, obviously men are much more physically capable than women. Maybe at lower levels girls can play, but at elite levels even at freshman year HS guys are throwing mid to high 80's. Equality is great but let's not be ignorant here.

  • Baseball is boy sport ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    We would have to change the game of baseball for a girl because girls are used to underhand not overhand pitches and girls are not as strong as boys and the distaste between home plate in softball is 230 feet away and in baseball 330 feet away from home plate.

  • Girls should play softball instead of baseball.

    Yes, because softball was made for girls to play. For example in our high school we have our own girls softball team and our own boys baseball team. Baseball is for boys. What if at a baseball game a boy was pitching and threw really fast, and a girl came up to bat, and he threw an inside pitch and hit her. WOuld he be accused of hitting girl? Boys baseball pitch different than softball pitchers it's a completely different motion.

  • Yes they should

    If a girl is good enough, then yes I think she should be able to play both baseball and softball.
    If the girl isn't very good, then I disagree and don't think she should. If someone wants to play a sport, then they should be allowed to play the sport of their choice.

  • Yes, girls should play softball, at least at older ages

    I believe that girls are able to play little league baseball if they want to. I remember playing with a few back in little league. But, by the time they get to high school, I think they should transition over to softball simply because the boys tend to get much bigger and stronger and it is really easy for a girl to get injured at that level of play.

  • If they can do it, then we can do it.

    I'm a girl that's about to enter high school. Same age as Mo'ne and I never actually played on team before (lol), but I want to play. We're still limited on what female want to do in the athletic world. A lot of us fight and try our hardest. But we never succeed until one day we make a move. Baseball is long going debate but one day one will play.

  • Yes they should!

    I have never played it but I have been looking at the reviews for it; it was amazing! It seems kinda sexist but softball is actually harder! I am out of shape and never played a sport but I'm going to try softball out. However, some girls prefer baseball and I respect that! It should be their choice though!

  • Yes, girls should not play baseball with men.

    Men and Women usually have different athletic ability and skills, especially when it comes down to the same sport. Women may excel in flexibility and quickness in some cases, but at the plate you need great upper and lower body strength. Men also have stronger arms, which lead to stronger throws, than women do. Although some women are pitchers, if you look at their seasonal record, such as Eri Yoshida, it usually has more losses than wins including a very high ERA. Overall, the women that play(ed) baseball have not excelled at the game, and don't compare to the men playing in the MLB.

  • Yes they should

    I played baseball for over 10 years of my life and I even tried out for my high school baseball team. There is plenty of women who play baseball and have every right to do so. If men can play softball then why can't women play baseball. Its silly to say women dont have a right to play.

  • Yes we should

    Girls should play softball instead of baseball for several reasons. There are issues such as safety, individuality, and tradition.
    Girls are obviously slimmer than most males. How can guys expect every girl to be able to take them on? I realize many females have the capability to do so, but not all do. Not as many girls would join softball if she knew she'd have to take a swing from a 200 pound professional pitcher. It's common sense for a girl to stray away from that.
    Also, I think of softball as a lively girly sport. The bright yellow ball has much more life than a dull, white, small ball.
    We did not simply come up with softball a week ago, it has been around and will continue to be around. I do not see why this even an issue, girls love softball and should play it unless they want to play baseball they can do so too.

  • Girls are just as strong as boys

    I know hoys are built with more upper body strength, but a lot of us girls have just as much strength and have no problem running longer distances between bases or throwing overhead. Softball is a watered down version and therefore is sexist if people think girls should play softball not baseball because it's "more suitable" for girls and womens, there needs to be gender equality and in almost every sport there is. Baseball is one of the unchanged ones. MLB claims that girls are open to tryout but you notice no girls are on any teams. Most high schools and middle schools dont have girl baseball teams, and claim softball is a suitable subsitute. It is NOT. We girls want to play baseball and mean and even some women who are stuck on the mindset that men are always stronger and therefore should have rougher or more contact sports and woman should not. This is not true and will never be. If you like playing softball go for it, but if you like baseball nothing should stop you.

  • Say yes to BASEBALL

    Girls should play baseball as much as anyone. Guys play softball so why can't women play baseball? Ia it the gender? Is it because the ball is harder to see? Or is it perhaps that girls simply can't catch or hit the ball? Well, I'm a high school Softball player. I have played softball for 8 years and this is my 9th year. My brother was a baseball player. Instead of throwing a softball when we both practiced, we used a baseball. Yes, I can catch the ball. Yes, I can throw the ball. In the past 2 years in high school softball I haven't got to have fun with softball. 1.) Our coach doesn't train as well. 2.) She has no background knowledge. 3.) In my opinion, men coach better than women. In fact, I made a bet with people at my school if I don't get the chance to play softball this year because my coach favors other students that have parents like her, I will play baseball next year. In fact, girls playing baseball has more of a chance winning because the girls can intimidate the other teams. So I'll see y'all next year when I'm on the BASEBALL field!

  • Why does gender Matter

    Can guys cheer? Absolutely so girls should be able to play baseball, maybe they think baseball is more fun softball? Baseball is a sport for boys and girls manly for boys but I personally think it shouldn't matter if your a boy or girl, maybe she's really good at baseball

  • Girls play baseball. Guys play baseball. Girls play softball. Guys play softball.

    Sure baseball is a majority male sport but females can be just as involved if they want to play! There is no difference between a male wanting to play softball than a girl wanting to play baseball. But for some reason it is more acceptable for a male to play softball than it is for a female to play baseball.
    I have played with the boys since I was 5, I am now nearly 15. Baseball is my home away from home. It's where I go to escape the realities of this world. If someone tells me I can't play baseball or says that I should be playing softball I begin some form of rant like this one right now.
    It doesn't matter if boys have more strength. She doesn't have to be the first female Major League player. If a girl wants to play baseball and loves the game there is no reason why she should be discriminated against and told that she should be playing softball.

  • They are not the same sport

    Because they are not the same sport girls should be able to play baseball just like guys should be able to play softball. Females can run fast, hit hard, throw over hand, steal bases, slide and learn the rules the same as guys can learn all the rules for softball. Soccer is the same for boys and girls. Marathons are the same length. Basketball has the same rules. What's the problem? If a girl would rather play on the baseball team than the softball team, then they should be able to try out. Period.

  • Why girls should get to play baseball

    Sure some people can pitch but a lot can. Baseball is harder yes but that doesn't mean that girls can't do it. A lot of girls have a LOT of power. Girls are treated like they can't do any sport without hurting themselves. Girls should be givin the right to play baseball just as much as guys.

  • Girls can play whatever they want too

    They don't have to be in a coed team when they get older. Girls can do what they want to. I personally think it is easier to pitch over hand rather than under hand. If you have a passion or intrest for baseball you should just go for it. Have fun!

  • Girls can do whatever we want...

    My daughter plays little league and constantly strikes the boys out. She plays better, listens better and constantly wants to get better. Her drive and determination is amazing. She wants to play for the New York Yankees. I will do whatever it takes to help her do this.
    Anyone that says girls can not play baseball, must have been beaten by a girl.

  • They can do what they want

    It is completely unreasonable that girls cant play on a baseball team. They can be just as strong and successful as boys. If i were a girl, i would not want to be told that i couldnt play because of my gender. Honestly it doesnt effect the team unless they are bad. And if they were terrible they should have judged the tryouts better

  • Same game but...

    Softball is simply a softer version of playing baseball. Underhand pitch, larger ball, smaller field-- and so naturally society designates it to be a girl sport. (I'm a girl so I'm not trying to sexist or anything.) However, I know many girls who can throw very hard overhand, and can hit the ball as far as the guys can. Many prefer baseball as opposed to softball, which is just their opinion. Why can't girls have a baseball league? Why do we have to play the softer game, if we have the ability to play a "guy" sport?

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