• I think girls should be able to play boy sports

    I think it is a good thing to have girls play boy sports because it would give girls an opportunity to show how good they really are as they are playing boy sports... Like I want to play football and I am a girl but I cant because I'm a girl.

  • Girls should play sports with boys.

    Girls should be allowed to play sports with boys because everyone was made equal. I know of many girls/ women that are better than boys at baseball, soccer, rugby, basketball,etc. I am very good at baseball and my dad is the one who trained med. Also, in gym class when we play baseball, most of the boys come up to me and say something like, "You did a good job." It shouldn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, every one can be great at a sport.

  • Yes, at certain ages.

    When boys and girls are small, perhaps under the age of ten or so, it is fine that they play some sports like Little League baseball together. However, as puberty looms, it is unlikely that the play is going to be fair if boys and girls compete because their bodies have different sorts of strengths and boys should be being taught to not use physical strength against girls.

  • Girls Should Play With Boys

    In the United States, sports are broken up between the genders, and men and women don't tend to play together. Girls should be allowed to play with boys at every level from elementary school to high school to professional sports in many cases. There are women that can play just as good or even better than men.

  • Yes, if they want to

    Girls shouldn't be *forced* to play sports with boys, but if they want to do it and feel up to it, why not. Boys are not always stronger, believe me. I've seen a girl beat up a boy. I also know of a girl beating a boy (young man, actually) in an arm-wrestling contest.

  • Girls should play sports with boys.

    Girls should play sports with boys. Our patriarchal society has inadvertently denounced the status of the female, and allowing girls the opportunity to perform at an equal level will be beneficial. Of course, there are always risks when engaging in any sport, and the increased risk of coed sports should be significantly promoted. This shouldn't scare any girls from coed sports, but should just inform them of the present risks.

  • Girls should play!

    Give girls a fair chance to play! Girls should be able to try out. A girl has just as much potential as a boy. Many girls have an athletic ability and those girls should have a chance to play cool games like football and baseball. On a further note, stadiums would get more money from people who want to support women playing. If anyone disagrees, try to beat that!!!!

  • Girls should play sports whit boys

    Because boys think that they are better but really they are not, in some cases boys are better but in most girls are better. I like playing with boys because most of them are not good, but in school most of them are butt heads and don't pass! But if you want to play with boys you should

  • God made us all equal

    We were all made the same. Just because we look different we all have feelings. Some girls can throw a football or punt a soccer ball better than a boy. At first you may feel unwanted but the boys will be nicer . I think everyone deserves to do what they chose to do for fun.

  • I think girls should be able to play boy sports

    I think it is a good thing to have girls play boy sports because it would give girls an opportunity to show how good they really are as they are playing boy sports... Like I want to play football and I am a girl but I cant because I'm a girl.

  • No girls should play sports with other girls

    Girls should jus play sports with all the other maids. They have many sports such as cooking and cleaning to play. But seriously if there is a girls sports team then girls should do that and if not create your own if you want to play so bad. Or just have a contest to see who can make a sandwhich the fastest

  • Cause more injuries

    I think girls should not play boys sports, because it would cause to more injuries such as broken arm. Leg, neck. etc. no one wants crippled people that cant do nothing and also they can ruin their bodies and faces and as well boys with dirty minds can touch them and sexual harass them

  • It WILL lead to problems.

    I have never been a supporter of the idea of girls playing sports with the boys. It will most likely lead to very serious issues, not to mention sexism from within the sport. I feel boys are also a lot more competitive with sports then girls and this could also cause problems.

  • Girls and boys should be seperated in sports.

    While I think girls should be able to participate in sports, I do not tink that they should play on the same teams as boys simply because it is really dangerous for those who are participating. Boys are more aggressive than girls are and could easily get hurt while playing.

  • NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! They should not

    They should not because they arent built for it boys are more powerful than girls so they need to stop playing boy sports before they get hurt they need to stick to playing girl sports like softball volleyball and garbage basketball they play so they need to stick to being a girl

  • Yes and no

    I am a girl that is 19 and when I was 13 and under I used to be the fastest the strongest and really good at soccer and football but then once puberty hit for me and the boys everything changed they were faster and stronger I searched it up and boys just have naturally strebths but I think girls are as good

  • Yes and No

    The reason I agree with both sides is because girls can be better than boys at times. I am a male myself and have no problem admitting i am slower than quite a few girls. But the main reason i say no is because the girls can get seriously injured in contact sports such as football. In football, guys have Cups to protect their downstairs business, but females wouldn't have anything to protect THEIR sensitive parts. I'm not trying to be sexist at all here. I hope anyone and everyone who reads this will not call me out for discriminating against women. Had they created (football) pads FOR girls, that were able to protect them sufficiently,i wouldn't be so opposed as to agree with people who say yes. But i do agree with letting girls play non-contact sports, such as basketball, with boys.
    Thank You

  • Girls cant keep up.

    I recently watched a pickup wiffleball game at a park. It was mostly boys (no surprise) but there were a few girls involved and they were terrible, even though a couple of them were bigger than the boys. Their ineptitude bogged the game down, just as it would with any sport. I'm not against girls playing sports entirely, but they should have their own teams.

  • Girls are too soft

    Girls will make the sport boring for the boys because they aren't as good as the boys and they are too soft. That's why they call softball softball. Because they're soft. I hate when girls think they are so cool because they can play with boys when they will just sit the bench and then the parents will be pissed.

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