• Prosecution is a must.

    It is SHOCKING that people find her actions remotely defensible. If she were a middle-aged man coming forth, she would already be in prison. Further, her reaction of "well, EVERYONE does it" is complete nonsense. At the very LEAST, she needs to have mandatory psychiatric counseling. She was a sexual predator, at an age that yes, she DID know better. Just. Gross.

  • Yes I agree to prosecute Lena Dunham

    Yes I agree with the prosecution. it is normal for children to be curious about genitals and it’s normal for children to do the whole, I will show you mine if you show me yours” thing, but those should be remain secret and should not be made public. What Lena did is to write it in a book is disturbing and made it public.

  • No, Lena Dunham Should not be Prosecuted

    I do not think this is a case where Lena Dunham should be prosecuted based on the evidence that i have seen. She seems to be more of a curious kid than some predator. Do not get me wrong, children can be molesters but this does not seem like one of those cases.

  • Not Sexual Abuse

    None of the arguments posed at Lena Dunham as a child molestor have any validity. Kids do things that they shouldn't do, but at the ages that the stories took place at are not of any consequence or concern. There should not be any charges, and the gossip horde should put the story away.

  • Just a Misunderstanding

    The scandalous citations from Lena Dunham`s book should not be used against her. Every sentence outside of a paragraph or lines of thought can lead to a huge misunderstanding. I, personally, believe the sexual abuse story is a made-up one and a misunderstand. I find insufficient fictional books excerpts to be used in prosecution or trial against anyone. If strong evidence support abuse convictions the prosecution should dig deeper in the case, otherwise it`s just black pr.

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