• According to God, Yes!

    God said, Live long and reproduce with sexy girls baby! So morally not only, should they, they are required to! By god! We need many people on the earth, the more people, the more people to have sex with= even more morality! So in the end, sex is morality according to god and thus women should wear sexy cloths...Including fat girls

  • Def wear sexy sht

    Why not. They should show their body and every part of them that they can. The more they show the better, as long as they arent fat then she should def cover up. No one wants to see rolls, but if you got a body show it off because everyone likes it

  • Whatever they want

    1)A girl or woman wants to dress modestly thats fine. If ahe doesnt thats fine too and she shouldnt have people judging her for it, not respecting her, or trying to control her choices and behaiviors.
    2) Just having this conversation is incredibly sexist. You would never ever see this question asked about a guy its just ridiculous
    3) its been shown that clothing houce has no effect on sexual assault

  • Yes. They. Should.

    Girls should wear sexy clothing because it would be hot. If it were up to me, clothing would be entirely optional, and I would strongly encourage them to go naked all the time cause that would be really hot. So in conclusion get naked, it's good for environment. By the way, I'm single.

  • They should wear what they want to wear God Dammit! ESPECIALLY when It's sexy.

    Everyone likes to look at a sexy female. So if she likes to dress in a sexy way, and everyone enjoys her foxiness, whats the problem??? Isn't this the land of the free? In a free country women can dress as they please. In most first world countries, we are granted with the freedom of expression. Freedom of expression encompasses freedom to choose what clothes to wear.

  • Body-Positive Expression of Self

    You should have the choice to wear whatever makes you feel good. If sexy clothes makes you feel great about your body then you shouldn't be limited from wearing it. Sexy clothing can be a legitimate expression of fashion or personality. And clothing can sometimes be a way of experimenting and discovering personal preferences, new identity etc

  • It's freaking 2016 people, so of COURSE women and girls are going to wear what they want.

    Banning women and girls from wearing overly revealing clothing would be, without any doubt or contradiction, an absolute and utter affront to the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom and right of expression. People need to stop judging books by their covers and grow up. Not every girl is going to be a baby forever, and no matter how "holier-than-thou" a parent you tout yourself to be, whatever daughters you have will eventually be fed up with you picking out their outfits for them and decide to pick out outfits for themselves, which very often includes revealing clothing that shows shoulders and midriffs.

    My point is simple: If you're a woman and you want to wear revealing clothing, then wear revealing clothing. If you don't, then don't. It's not in my power or position to make that decision for you, so go wild!

  • Well why not

    If I was a girl id wear whatever I feel like. If you feel sexy and prou of your body, by all means go for it. Maybe in schools clothes that are too racy shouldn't be aloud. But let them go for it and in sure no guy will object

  • Damned if you do, damned if you don't

    I voted yes here, but the question is really flawed. Should women wear sexy clothing? No. Should women NOT wear sexy clothing? Also no. The question implies that clothing choice is a moral decision, when it is a completely arbitrary one. Women should wear whatever makes them happy. Saying a woman should wear sexy clothes implies that a woman who chooses not to is somehow in the wrong, and that itself is wrong. Bottom line: clothing choice is not a moral one, and people should wear whatever makes them happy.

  • Why should they?

    Girls should wear modest clothing, not necessary 'sexy' clothing. They should definitely cover their chest, arms, and legs. Sexy, by the definition, means that those clothes are seductive and making men and boys feel sexually aroused. That's against the Bible and the Qur'an! Furthermore, clothes have to cover hair as well, by those books. If girls want to look groovy, they can always buy some groovy clothes!

  • Nobody "should" wear anything.

    "Should" implies an obligation. If the question was "may" as in girls have the right to, then the answer would be yes, but it's not, so the answer is no. I guess some people confuse obligations with rights. Shoulds and mays are different things, but people don't always realize that just because you may do something doesn't mean you should.

  • Depends on the circumstance.

    Could they wear sexy clothes: Yes
    May they wear sexy clothes: Yes
    Can they wear sexy clothes: Yes
    Should they wear sexy clothes: No, they have the right to choose it, not be forced to.

    They have the right to wear what clothing they desire. Some want to flaunt their figure and others are modest and will hide more of it.

  • Everyone can wear what they want

    The title seems to imply that they "should" wear sexy clothing; while I'm not against it, I think everyone is entitled to wear what they want. Girls shouldn't feel pressured to wear sexy clothing for any reason, but - like I said - I don't mind it if that's what they want.

  • Girls should be able to wear anything they want.

    Girls should not be made to wear sexy clothing as this title implies but they should be given the choice to wear sexy clothing or not. If they don't want to then they do not have to but if they do want to then nobody should have a right to stop them.

  • Yes, they have the right to, but shouldn't.

    Before you shout 'double standard', neither men nor women should wear 'sexy clothing'. 'Sexy clothing' (like miniskirts and hotpants) are aimed at arousing sexual desire, which is inherently immoral. Sexy clothing is not to be confused with revealing clothing: if someone reveals skin without the intention of being sexy, there's nothing wrong with it; maybe the weather's just hot or (s)he's going swimming or something. However, if that person, man or woman, intends to enhance sexual appeal by wearing revealing clothing, that is immoral and must be condemned. I'm not victim-blaming in any way; I think rapists are evil and should be condemned to decades in prison, but that does not justify dressing sexily in any way.

  • Body-Positive Expression of Self

    You should have the choice to wear whatever makes you feel good. If sexy clothes makes you feel great about your body then you shouldn't be limited from wearing it. Sexy clothing can be a legitimate expression of fashion or personality. And clothing can sometimes be a way of experimenting and discovering personal preferences, new identity etc

  • Bad idea for society

    Doing so further perpetuates the idea that women's only purpose is to serve men, which is a plain lie. That being said, men need to better control their sexual impulses. It's a two-way street. Both of the sexes need to work together to create a positive, not-sexed-up society for our future generations.

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TheINFJNala says2015-04-10T19:32:43.017
Of course they should! We should wear whatever, as long it's not offensive. You don't know why the people wear these clothes what they're wearing unless they're actions show it or they tell you. Maybe they're a prostitute, maybe they aren't. You don't know. So don't judge a book by its cover. You have to read parts of it first.
SamStevens says2015-04-10T21:55:33.853
If women do choose to wear 'sexy' clothing, they should not complain that people look at them. After all, by wearing 'sexy' clothing, the person is essentially putting their body on display.
Episteme says2015-04-12T00:42:20.260
SamStevens - A woman isn't necessarily putting her body on display by wearing 'sexy' clothing - it's whoever's looking at them that's objectifying them and dehumanizing them because of what they're wearing. Men (and women) shouldn't be allowed to objectify other women (or men) no matter what they are wearing.
TheINFJNala says2015-04-14T21:00:27.580
I apologize. I guess I should have asked, "Should girls be ALLOWED to wear sexy clothing?" That would have been better wording.

Now don't call me sexist. Why would I be sexist against my own gender? I don't like seeing guys walking around looking sexy to be promiscuous either. Just as much.