Should girls wear what they want to wear in school?

  • Yes we should wear shorts

    Do you know how hot it gets here in Texas? Pretty hot. Sometimes even gets to 103 degrees. It's sexist because boys wear shorts, tank tops, joggers, whatever they want. But we can't get past teachers without getting a call home. If boys can wear that stuff, why can't we? They underestimate us, but we can do the same thing they can do, most times even better!

  • It is Flawed Logic

    I do not understand why girls can not where shorts above their fingertips at school. Unless the girl is saying to boys to touch her or something very inappropriate like that girls should be able to where whatever they like. If boys look at them then they need to control the boys not what a girl want to wear. Now if a guy wore shorts above their fingertips I am sure it would not be a big problem. That is ridiculous.

  • Double Standards Much?

    The fact that there is no discussion on here about whether "boys should be allowed to wear what they want to wear in school" says it all. If it's just implied that boys should be able to wear whatever they want to school, why do we have to stop and think about it for girls? The main reason I've heard is because it distracts boys. If a boy gets distracted in school due to what a girl chose to wear that day, the boy is at fault. The "boys will be boys" excuse is pathetic. If a boy is distracted because, low and behold, a girl chose to wear shorts one day, he's sexualizing the girl. Same goes with bra straps and tight pants. There is nothing sexual about a bra strap or yoga pants. It's idiotic to think the girl is at fault when the boy is having sexual thoughts over what a girl is wearing. It's not a girl's job to decide what to wear each day, based on if it will distract boys or not. Rather than teaching girls to cover up, we need to teach boys not to sexualize girls and think of them as nothing but their bodies. At the end of the day, if boys can wear whatever they want, girls should be able to as well. Thinking differently is having double standards and practicing sexism. I hope one day, my future daughter will be able to wear shorts to school along with the boys, since right now, in 2016, I cannot.

  • Well why not?

    Instead of teaching girls to suffer from heat, teachers and schools need to teach boys how to respect women and be less provocative. I think that if its hot outside anyone should be able to wear whatever they want as long as they are dressed and ready to listen and learn.

  • Yes yes yes

    Girls should be able to choose there clothing for the summer and not have to worrie about the consequences of teachers or boys not being able to control themselves and if the teachers at the school are that worried it shows that they value boys education more. Thats what I think! :-)

  • Yes we should

    For the perplexed who don't agree I do agree because first off how come boys don't have a policy for clothing but girls do! I think women and men should have the equal amount of freedom second it's not our fault that we can't find shorts up to our needs like most girls are 4'9 - 5'7 and even if ur short there still short and also we shouldn't try to wear a nice outfit for school so we can show off that's not why we do it some girls would get bullied for wearing an ugly outfit but most wear nice outfits so they can fit in third yes I do agree about the spaghetti straps cus they do show ur bra strap but again I don't agree cus a lot of shits have a t back and u still see the bra straps last of all how come boys don't get scold for wearing what they are like if a boy shows lots of skin it's okay!?! And if a girl shows lots of skin she's a slut!?! I think that women and men should have all equal rights and even if it's distracting staff and boys it's not like there going to fuck us!?! Boys no matter what they would look anywhere like skin or no skin it's the same jeans would show ur figure, leggings would too, sweat pants not really but would show the figure of ur waist and also it should distract staff because most of the men are married and if they are distracted well then u should fire them cus they hired a pedofile

  • Yes yes yes

    A young lady should be able to choose what to wear to school. Same with boys. Clothes are an expression of someone, it makes someone stand out and be themselves. Those boring school uniforms can't make a little girl happy, they're lame. πŸ‘š πŸ‘— πŸ‘– πŸ‘’ πŸŽ€ πŸ‘› πŸ‘Ÿ πŸŽ’ πŸ‘•

  • Not our problem if guys get "distracted"

    When a girl is told that she can't wear comfortable clothes such as leggings in the winter or shorts in the spring/early fall, because the boys will get distracted or won't be able to control themselves, it tells us that they value the boy's education over ours. Honetsly if the boys get distracted that's not our problem. They need to control themselves.

  • All girls deserve the right to wear what they want not just adults.

    Its not just teenagers it's also kids. My school dres code bans me from wearing "boy" clothes and makes it so I have to wear dresses that cover shoulders fully with long sleeves and dress t shirts in the summer weather. Field day is coming up and I don't care if they call my parents or send me home I'm wearing what I want deal with it world!!

  • Teach guys how to respect a girl rather than humiliate her for her body

    I'm a 15 year old girl from Johnston county North Carolina. I go to a high school and they have been trying to ban Norts (Nike shorts). What I don't understand is what guy gets distracted by a girls knee or lower thigh? Students in my county are trying to stop this with the hashtag The Movement by all girls wearing Norts to school a day. They have been getting sent home every time. So they are telling us to stand up humiliated from wearing long baggy shorts and go home and not go to school. Men don't understand this because they aren't one of us, is if you're a guy don't try to tell me what it's like to be told what to wear because you will be looked at sexually. Honestly it's sad how we have to grow up like this, we have to grow up being shamed by our bodies THAT GUYS HAVE (thighs, knees, collar bones, shoulders). Also 15 16 17 and 18 year old girls are standing up for themselves which I think is great. So let us wear what we want. Don't teach us that our bodies are shameful.

  • Girls Should NOT be allowed to wear whatever they want!

    Being a girl myself I think that short shorts are to short and distracting for school. Spaghetti straps and visible bra straps should also be banned because they expose to much skin. Tight legging should also be banned to because the the tightness can show off some distracting things too.

  • Definitely not!!! No no no

    Girls have to be disciplined. Otherwise they get distracted and too concerned about what they are wearing!!! Furthermore it is traditional and old fashioned. It has been around for many years so why change it now?
    Seriously!!! School is not a fashion contest so it shouldn't matter if girls wore uniform!!!!
    Thats what i say and i think right!!!

  • They shouldn't it's dangerous

    OK, I know that every girl will hate me but I have to say it. I'm a guy and I know trust me from a young age guys get very interested in sex and look at girls and want to have sex with them. I know that girls might want to wear what they want, but they should not especially with some NOT MOST older men will sometimes try to hurt them physically. Now with guys, guys don't really care if a girl thinks they're a sex symbol, (Usually) guys will like it if they know a girl thinks that and it doesn't matter if you have short clothes as a guy because it won't expose much. But I still think that girls should have a choice of what they want to wear but would not recommend it because of some nasty people, since guys usually aren't targeted as much as girls.

  • Give them something!!!

    Yes, just not innapropriate outfits but let them choose let them have one thing thats thiers because you parents out there take everything away, give them something, give them creativity!!!! These girls deserve something, I mean there important to you so let them have something thats important to them, creativity!!!

  • Have you seen some of these clothes?

    I spend a lot of time at my local high schools. I wish they wore uniforms because girls are wearing tights for pants, skirts too short, and clothes with pictures of drugs on them. Some clothes are inappropriate. If we are talking about girls, they are minors. They need boundaries and instructions.

  • They aren't responsible

    I believe that girls shouldn't be able to wear what ever they want because lots of them are irresponsible. It teaches girls in college even though on tight budget to not wear out the shirts and other clothes they have. Also in time they will get to wear what ever they want anyway. Lastly it helps to build character and responsibility to become a parent who care about what they own.

  • They aren't responsible

    I believe that girls shouldn't be able to wear what ever they want because lots of them are irresponsible. It teaches girls in college even though on tight budget to not wear out the shirts and other clothes they have. Also in time they will get to wear what ever they want anyway. Lastly it helps to build character and responsibility to become a parent who care about what they own.

  • Students need to have boundaries on what can be worn

    No, I do not believe girls or students in general should be allowed to wear what they want to school. Schools should have some type of dress code that mandates the items that are prohibited. If they were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, some of them may arrive naked.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not think that girls should be able to wear anything they want to wear in school. With the popularity of Miley Cyrus, girls would be wearing skinny crotch bathing suits to school. They also would be wearing very shirt skirts and shorts. This is going too far and shouldn't be allowed.

  • Girls should not necesarily wear what they want to wear in school.

    Girls should not be able to wear what they want to in school.The best solution to teenage girls wardrobe issues is to require them to wear uniforms.This way the girls and boys will not be distracted with inappropriate choices and all students will be able to concentrate on their schoolwork.

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