• Yes, the blood banks charge their patients so the donor should get some money.

    The blood banks charge their patients for the blood they provide. And they don't just charge an amount to cover their expenses, they make profit. I think it is not fair that you donate blood and that the blood banks make profit from your donation and give you nothing in return.You should get some cash.

  • The Econonomy of Blood

    I believe that giving blood should be incentivized. Many people give blood, but I think that since it takes time it should essentially be paid like labor. Hundreds of people in my city of Spokane donate Plasma twice a week because they are paid to do so. I think paying people for donating blood would greatly increase the number of those who do so. I have never donated blood but if I knew I could get paid for it, similar to donating plasma, I would donate blood. I think there are many people who are poor enough that they would do just about anything to supplement their income.

  • Giving blood should be incentivized

    Giving blood should definitely be incentivized because a person is giving an important part of their person for the help and health of someone else. In addition, all kinds of medical staff will be making money off of the person's blood use -- nurses, blood workers, and surgeons for example.

  • Giving blood should be incentivized

    I think that giving blood should be incentivized, because sometimes people need someone to push them to do things because they are lazy. Also people don't really think about giving blood. It's an easy thing to do and they could help a sick person that way, but someone should remind them of doing it.

  • Immoral to give blood

    Surely from a moral standpoint giving blood should be a charitable donation. Has anyone considered though making it compulsory for certain groups of people? It would be useful to have say prisoners have blood taken as part of a punishment which then can be usefully used in society. ! !

  • Get Cash for Your Blood, at Whose Cost?

    Paying people to give blood is not the best idea I have heard of. If people are paid to give blood, then who will be paying for the blood? The government isn't going to give it up as a freebie. The cost will hit the insurance companies, and then to the patient needing the blood. Medical costs are already sky high, let's add another cost on there. There are already a lot of people who do not have health insurance or do not go to the doctor when they need to because of the cost. Granted, I am sure more people would give blood if they had some sort of monetary incentive. I feel that there are on;y cons that will come with this implementation

  • I do not think that giving blood should be incentivized.

    No one should be given prizes or money or what ever for being a human being and trying to help others. Blood should be given of your own free will because you feel you are doing something to help someone else, and you shouldn't be compensated for it. If you are too lazy to give blood or anything else than you don't deserve to get props for helping others.

  • No, it should be done free of will.

    Giving blood should be done like a donation but not to be taken as an act of receiving monetary benefit in return. Saving life of a person is very important and it is better if done free of cost. If it is incentivized then people take chances to give blood only to receive benefit even if blood is not required to be given

  • Too much blood is terrible

    I have seen several articles about how most of the time blood banks actually have to dispose of blood that has gone bad because they had too much. If you pay people to donate more blood will go to waste, it's just pointless to cause something like that. Leave the system the way it is

  • Should giving blood be incentivized? No.

    Blood donation should be voluntary and for this action there should not be any incentives per se. However, the people should be educated and made aware about the benefits that occur by voluntary blood donation. It has been found that after a while the attraction of the incentives tend to lose their attraction and they no longer serve the same purpose. For this reason sensitization about this matter to the citizens is more effective rather than temporary incentives.

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