• Seriously? I mean really?

    Can anyone really present a valid argument on when child pornography should NOT be prosecuted? Does it really matter who the offender is? So what good and noble things has Mark Salling done for society to warrant a possible "let's look the other way" in a situation that would normally condemn a person for their foreseeable future? Aside from starring in the most obnoxious teen comedy drama ever, in which he gets his best friend's girlfriend pregnant, what's the premise for this question. Of course he should absolutely be prosecuted.

  • Equality Among Men and Stars

    The only reason this is even a question is because Mark Salling is a well known guy. Any random man who has sexual pictures of 10 year old children found on their computer is going to prison for a minimum of five years. Stars should not be held to different standards than everybody else.

  • From what the police suspects, he should be

    While this is still fresh news and we all know how the press likes to "spice thing up", if the accusations are true and he does have child exploitation photos that he acquired himself, then hell yeah he should stand trial and be jailed, no discussion about it. However, since I see an ex-girlfriend is involved and she "tipped off the police" and added a lawsuit of her own on grounds of some sexual mistreatment and such... I say we wait for police to make sure she didn't plant those on him for revenge. Wouldn't be the first nor the last time people do that.

  • If the crime fits!

    Being a celebrity or famous doesn't negate the consequences of stupidity or even of criminal acts. If the average Joe would be brought to court and charged then the same should be done for the record setting box office actor and the chart topping musician. So in the case of Glee Star Mark Salling who was allegedly in possession of child pornography, charges should be filed and a court date set. His stardom does not and should not allow him to skate under the law.

  • Yes, He has a right to a trial but we cannot be soft on punishment for such crimes.

    Yes, he should be prosecuted for child pornography. Obviously he has a right to a trial, where if he is truly innocent the evidence will speak for itself. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity, a police officer, mechanic, or teacher; we cannot tolerate crimes like these against our children. He should be prosecuted like anyone else and if guilty charged to the fullest extent of the law.

  • His career and reputation has already been ruined.

    I certainly do not support any kind of abuse, however in response to all the hatred and negativity towards Mark Salling I would like to write a more measured opinion on what he has done. This subject matter seems to bring out a very disturbing 'witch-hunt' and 'pitch-fork' condemnation from people who love to feel morally superior (ego at it's best). There is a hideous hypercritical ugliness about all of this. If he had been witnessing on his computer images of animal abuse such as 'animal rights' footage most people in this world would not give a damn. He could have had hundreds or thousands of videos of under-cover, despicable images of what happens to innocent animals everyday in the name of science, fast food, sport etc. Now to put this into perspective a vast majority of ethical vegans who would NEVER act on what they see in animal abuse videos see these things a lot. So what I'm trying to say is just because you have looked at images doesn't necessarily make you out to be someone who would act on them. Take footage on the holocaust – because you have seen the very unpleasant things that went on there (you could have spent hours watching and researching) and would be horrified and certainly wouldn't want to round up Jewish people and put them into a concentration camp. And before all the self-righteous out there say ' but those that watch these thing are helping fund it' then I guess you could say the same for those that eat meat are by proxy funding another despicable industry. Abuse is everywhere in this world and most people help fund it in one way or another - child abuse in sweat shops for example No one knows in what context he felt compelled to see this stuff - depression, morbid curiosity? Why do a vast majority of people feel compulsed to go to the cinema and watch violent, horrific films? If we really want to stop child abuse, common sense would tell you to go after the people who actually make these images. Targeting the people who view them is an easy conviction for the police. We need to stop judging and look in the mirror because I can guarantee all those calling for his head have their own darkness within and are not without flaws otherwise they would have spiritually evolved beyond this earthly realm! I hope he gets the compassion and support from his friends and family to help him heal inside. And if we all want this world to be a better more loving place, lets all stop finger-pointing and grow up!

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