Should GM executives face criminal charges for faulty ignition switches?

  • Wreckless Indifference is a Criminal Matter

    GM executives should face criminal charges for faulty ignition switches if it can be conclusively shown that they possessed prior knowledge of the ignition switch defects and did nothing to correct the problem. This would amount to reckless indifference and should carry legal penalties, especially if serious injuries or deaths can be attributed to this behavior.

  • GM Executives should take personal responsibility for their criminal actions.

    The negligence and downright intentionality of their actions, hiding the flaws in the ignition switches was unconscionable. Everyone who authorized use of the switches and the coverup of problems that followed, should serve prison time. It's high time that greed, which results in injury to others should be extremely punishable.

  • GM Management Was Responsible For Covering Up Faulty Manufacturing.

    GM executives should face criminal charges for covering up faulty ignition switches. If someone robbed and murdered someone in their home, wouldn't they go to jail? That is basically what these executives did by covering up a major flaw in the functioning of their product. Their greed caused the loss of 124 lives.

  • Don't have all the evidence

    Only if there is evidence that the executives had information that a dangerous product was on the market. More than likely the relevant information was lost in the system; the executives are likely not to blame. Someone in the chain of command fearing retribution or a lost job probably has the responsibility.

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